Demystifying Turkey E-Visa: Why Travel Documents Are Not Eligible for Application

November 18, 2023

Travelling to Turkey has become increasingly accessible and convenient with the introduction of the Turkey Visa Online system. This online visa application process has simplified the visa acquisition process for citizens of eligible countries, allowing them to obtain their visas swiftly and efficiently. However, it’s essential to understand that not all travel documents are eligible for applying for an e-visa to Turkey. In this blog context, we will explore the reasons behind this restriction and shed light on which travellers can avail themselves of this electronic visa option.

What is Turkey’s E-Visa?

Turkey E-Visa is an electronic travel authorization that allows citizens of eligible countries to enter Turkey for tourism, business, or transit purposes. The e-visa eliminates the need to physically visit a Turkish embassy or consulate, as travellers can apply for the visa online. This hassle-free process has significantly streamlined entry into Turkey for many tourists, saving the time and effort involved in traditional visa applications.

Eligibility for Turkey E-Visa

To be eligible for an E-Visa, travellers must possess certain travel documents. These documents include regular passports issued by specific countries with bilateral agreements with Turkey. While the majority of nations are eligible for the e-visa, there are instances where certain travel documents fall outside the scope of the electronic visa system.

Reasons for Ineligibility

  1. a) Refugee Travel Documents: Travel documents issued to refugees or holders of travel documents issued for humanitarian reasons, also known as 1951 Convention Travel Documents, are generally not eligible for the Turkey E-Visa. These documents are given to individuals who cannot obtain a regular passport from their home country due to persecution, conflict, or other humanitarian situations.
  2. b) Stateless Travel Documents: Travel documents issued to stateless individuals or individuals with undetermined nationality are typically not eligible for the e-visa. These individuals face unique challenges when travelling internationally and often require specialized travel documents.
  3. c) Emergency Travel Documents: Emergency travel documents issued to citizens when their regular passport is lost, stolen, or expired while abroad may not be accepted for an E-Visa. These documents are meant for urgent travel situations and only sometimes meet the requirements for an electronic visa.

Alternative Visa Application Process

Travellers who possess the travel above documents and are ineligible for the Turkish E-Visa must follow the traditional visa application process. This process involves visiting a Turkish embassy or consulate in their home country to apply for a regular visa. While this may require additional time and effort, it ensures that individuals with specific travel documents can still obtain the necessary authorization to visit Turkey.

Seeking Assistance from Turkish Authorities

If travellers are still determining their eligibility for the E-Visa, contacting the Turkish authorities for clarification is recommended. The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website provides comprehensive information regarding visa requirements and eligibility criteria. Travellers can also contact Turkish embassies or consulates in their respective countries for further assistance and guidance.


The Türkiye E-Visa system has undoubtedly simplified the visa application process for most travellers visiting Turkey for tourism, business, or transit purposes. However, not all travel documents are eligible for the e-visa, and travellers must know this restriction before beginning the application process. Travellers holding refugee, stateless, or emergency travel documents should follow the traditional visa application process through Turkish embassies or consulates. By understanding the eligibility criteria and visa requirements, travellers can avoid unnecessary delays and ensure a smooth entry into the beautiful land of Türkiye.