Experience the Timeless Tradition of Turkish Hammams: A Guide to the Ultimate Relaxation

May 16, 2023

Turkey has a rich cultural heritage, and one of the most beloved traditions is the Turkish hammam. Also known as a Turkish bath, these bathhouses are a timeless part of the culture and have been around for centuries. If you plan a voyage to Turkey and want to experience authentic culture, visiting a traditional hammam is necessary. In this context, we will explore the history of Turkish hammams and everything you need to know before your visit.

Obtaining a Turkey Visa Online

Before travelling to Turkey, obtaining a Turkey visa online is important. The process is straightforward and can be completed in a matter of minutes. You only need a valid passport, a credit or debit card, and an internet connection. Fill out the online application form and pay the fee, and your e-visa will be emailed to you within a few hours. With your visa, you can explore all that Turkey offers, including its world-famous hammams.

History of Turkish Hammams

The tradition of hammams in Turkey dates back to the Ottoman Empire, where they were an essential part of daily life. They were used for socializing, relaxation, and hygiene and were often found in every neighbourhood. Over time, They became more than just bathhouses and were considered sacred spaces for spiritual cleansing and relaxation.

Today, traditional baths can still be found in many parts of Turkey and are a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. While they have modernized somewhat, many still retain the original architecture and traditional elements that make them unique.

What to Expect at a Turkish Hammam

A visit to a Turkish hammam is a unique and unforgettable experience. While the specifics can vary depending on your holiday, you can expect a few common elements.

Upon entering the hammam, you will be given a key and a pestemal, a thin cotton cloth covering your body. You will then be led to the main bathing area, where you can relax and unwind in the warm and humid atmosphere

Next, you will be led to a marble slab known as the göbektaşı, where a professional attendant will scrub and massage you. This process, known as the case, is a traditional exfoliating treatment that removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling soft & smooth.

After the case, you can rinse off and move to the next room, relaxing and enjoying a cup of Turkish tea or coffee. Some baths also offer additional services, such as massages, facials, or aromatherapy treatments, for an additional fee.

Tips for Visiting a Turkish Hammam

To make the most of your experience, it’s essential to keep a few tips in mind. First and foremost, making a reservation in advance is recommended, especially if you are visiting during peak season. This will ensure you can get a spot and won’t have to wait in line.

Additionally, bringing your toiletries, such as shampoo and conditioner, is important as these are often not provided at the hammam. You may also want to get a swimsuit or bikini, as some baths require them for mixed-gender sessions.

Lastly, it’s important to note that baths can be pretty hot and humid, so taking breaks and drinking plenty of water is recommended throughout your visit.

In addition to being a unique cultural experience, baths offer many health benefits. The steam and heat can help improve circulation, soothe sore muscles, and clear respiratory passages. The exfoliating kese treatment can also help improve the appearance and texture of your skin.


A visit to a traditional Turkish hammam is a must for anyone looking to experience authentic culture and relaxation. With a rich history and unique atmosphere, baths are a fascinating and unforgettable part of the culture. By following these tips and understanding the history and customs of baths, you can ensure you have the best possible experience during your visit.

If you are looking for a beautiful escape, apply for a turkey visa online and visit Turkish Hammams once in a lifetime.