Seven Lakes National Park: Hidden Paradise above the clouds in (Yedigöller) Region

November 14, 2022

One of Türkiye’s top tourist attractions for nature lovers is the Seven Lakes (Yedigöller) region. The lakes are the area’s name and were formed by landslides. The site has a seasonal climate, and several trees surround the lakes. The Seven Lakes region is a well-liked spot for weekend vacations, camping, and nature tourism because of its richness of flora and fauna. Here are some ideas for planning the ideal trip to Seven Lakes if you have a turkey e visa.


Yedigöller, or the Seven Lakes region of Turkey, spans the northern portion of Bolu Province. The distance between Istanbul and the region is under four hours by vehicle, and numerous bus lines connect Istanbul with Bolu daily. Visitors can go to the Seven Lakes region from Bolu’s centre in roughly an hour using reasonably priced ground transportation. The area is well-liked by tourists all year round, but fall is when the diverse forests are most beautiful. Visitors should pack properly because the seasonal environment and the winter months can get pretty chilly. Due to snowfall and ice conditions throughout the winter, the National Park’s access roads may be closed.

Yedigöller National Park

Yedigöller National Park must be the area’s main draw. In 1965, the nearly 1600-acre park was designated as a national park. City people who wish to escape the crowds and commotion and find peace in a beautiful natural setting frequently resort to this park. The peaceful, forested setting of Yedigoller offers more than just views. Several camping and hiking routes. Bungalows and a restaurant are available for individuals who don’t want to camp. Visitors to Kapankaya have a fantastic opportunity to get a complete glimpse of the distinctive terrain from the observation tower. The tremendous variety of flora and wildlife found in the forests and the beauty of the seven lakes at its centre are two things that all visitors can rely on.


Compared to a large part of the rest of Anatolia, the Seven Lakes region is renowned for its diversity of flora and wildlife. Yedigöller National Park is the ideal location for seeing this diversity. Deer, pigs, wolves, foxes, and squirrel populations have increased in this area due to efficient safeguards. The park includes a separate protected area for the three species of deer that live there. Turkey’s first cultured trout farm was established in Yedigöller National Park, and since then, trout fishing has been a well-liked sport.


Given the variety of species it is home to, the Seven Lakes region may be the most excellent site to visit in Turkey for those who enjoy trees. The majority of the area’s trees are beech trees, although other species include oaks, hornbeams, firs, elms, hazelnuts, spruces, alders, lime trees, black pines, and Scotch pines. Additionally, there are endangered yew species in the area. Particularly photography lovers would like to schedule their trip to the Seven Lakes during the autumn when the gorgeous landscape is painted in warm colours of red, orange, and yellow.

Nature sports & outdoor activities

The Seven Lakes region offers many enjoyable outdoor activities and is one of Turkey’s most well-liked natural retreats. Numerous hiking trails travel around the lake, through woodlands, and even more elevated locations, ranging in length and difficulty. The national park offers a bike road and mountain biking trails for visitors with their bicycles. Lastly, there are sections specifically designated for fishing, where guests can fish for a modest price

Kartalkaya Ski Centre

During the colder months, visitors to the Seven Lakes region should attend the nearby Kartalkaya Ski Centre. The ski resort, an hour’s drive from Bolu’s city centre, is typically open from December to March. Those who can try to travel during the weekdays because the weekends can be pretty crowded with tourists from Ankara and Istanbul.

Turkey has many tourist attractions, but the Seven Lakes Region (Yedigöller) should be at the top of any traveller’s list if they enjoy the outdoors and the outdoors in general, especially the peace of a calm forest.

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