Traditional Turkish Musical Instruments You Should Know

February 1, 2023

Every culture has a distinct tone and beat. This country has a rich range of sounds and traces passed down from generation to generation from many cultures across the two countries. Turkey is one of the places where this diversity in art and music is most apparent.

Numerous new instruments for diverse genres of music have been created or even invented due to the emergence of various sorts of music. You will have the opportunity to hear hundreds of different sounds and incredibly distinctive tones when you travel to Turkey if you already have a turkey visa online. Prepare to meet the musical instruments of traditional Turkey.

Tef (Def) Tambourine

This percussion instrument, which some sources refer to as a tambourine (tef), can also be written as def in Turkish. It is made by wrapping a leather cover over a wooden frame and playing with it with the fingertips. It has ties to numerous cultures and is from ancient history. The tambourine is one of the most frequently used instruments in Turkish Art Music. A recent dig turned up three figurines holding tambourines used as research tools for Mesopotamian cultures. Tambourine might be a pleasant gift for those who wish to get lost in the beat and those who want to take rhythm home.

Bağlama & Saz

The baglama is one of the primary instruments used in Turkish folk music. This stringed musical instrument is played with a plectrum and has an extended grip. It came to Anatolia from Asia and developed from the lute. The Anatolian lands are undoubtedly the best place in the world to listen to this instrument, whose tone may elicit various emotions in listeners.

Kemençe The Black Sea fiddle

A three-string traditional folk instrument is played with a bow, a phenomenal instrument that has virtually become a symbol of the Black Sea region. The instrument is known as the Black Sea fiddle to avoid confusion with the classical violin used in western music. The music is played vigorously and accompanied by dancing, which sets the type of work apart from other cultures.

Kanun – Qanun or Kanoon

With its enticing and alluring sound, kanun holds an essential position in classical Turkish music. Like the violin or piano, this instrument, with Asian and Anatolian traditions, is regarded as one of the most challenging to master. Kanun is played with a plectrum while positioned on the knees. When listening to this lovely instrument, you’ll no doubt hear a tone or music you enjoy.

Kaval – The Shepherd’s Flute

One of the most potent Turkish wind instruments, the Shepherd’s Flute, comes in two primary variations: with or without a reed. The shepherd’s flute, according to tradition, is used to comfort and calm grazing animals.

The shepherd’s flute is one of the oldest instruments known to humankind, despite several opinions and hypotheses on its history. The Middle East and Central Asia are home to various instrument types. In Anatolian towns, you may always hear this cheerful and soft music.

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