Turkey in November – Best Places & Activities

November 5, 2022

Turkey is typically represented as having a warm, desert-covered landscape. Visiting Turkey in November offers a different aspect that many people might need to be aware of, even though this is true in the summer and the country’s south. This nation is also home to rough mountains and numerous ski resorts, which begin to open in November, in addition to desert landscapes.

November’s cooler temperatures allow tourists to experience this stunning land more closely because fewer people are around. It will help if you are alright if you pack extra layers of clothing and a waterproof jacket. In Turkey, the low season began this month, so travel and accommodation costs will be lower. If you have a budget problem on your turkey trip and want peace, this is the time to apply for a turkey visa online and enjoy your vacation in a chilly atmosphere.


If you want to travel to Turkey in November, be ready for slightly colder average temperatures. Turkey’s daytime highs during this time of year can reach 11°C, while the overnight lows can get -1°C. Antalya, located on the Mediterranean coast of southwest Turkey, has slightly warmer weather. During this time of year, the temperature may reach a high of 15°C and a low of 4°C.

Turkey experiences about 30 and 40 millimetres of rain in November, which varies yearly. So always have an umbrella with you in case it rains. Turkey experiences generally colder and marginally wetter weather in November. If you need more time to visit Turkey and already have a turkey e visa, browse our seasonal overview before making travel arrangements.


There are several benefits to travelling to Turkey in November because it marks the start of the low season. Let’s learn more.

Better rates: Traveling to Turkey in November will save you a lot of money on lodging, tours, and flights. Therefore, you can spend on ritzier accommodations or travel experiences if you want to.

Fewer crowds: November in Turkey is much more relaxed and rainier, with fewer visitors. This means that you can regularly use popular sites completely.

Hike the Love Valley: November is the ideal month to go on foot tours in Turkey because the weather is much more relaxed. In this famous location, the weather is best for hiking around the Love Valley of Cappadocia or taking a hot air balloon ride.

Grab a bargain: November is a fantastic time to visit Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar due to the low tourist volume. There are fewer people around; therefore, you may acquire Turkish souvenirs for a significantly lower price.


Think of yourself as a movie enthusiast. Then make your way to the Ankara International Film Festival, which starts in November. It provides a chance to see films from many countries and up-and-coming directors, network with like-minded cinema fans, discuss various movies and genres, and discover a new favourite.

And if you enjoy sports like running, swimming, or cycling, the renowned Ironman event will be in Belek in November. It is worthwhile to watch the race as a spectator if you feel you need more time to compete in the 113 km triathlon event. It is an actual test of the human body and stamina, with a swim of 1.9 kilometres, a cycle ride of 90 kilometres, and a run of 21 kilometres.

Alternatively, visit the tourist haven in Cappadocia if you want to relax. Given the fewer visitors and cooler weather in November, this archaeological find significant region is ideal for research. Get on a hot air balloon and fly above this prominent location. Due to November’s changing weather, the surroundings may even get a light dusting of snow. Of course, riding in a hot air balloon is the highlight of any vacation to Cappadocia, so make sure you do it while you’re in Turkey in November.

In Turkey, there is always something fresh and lovely to explore, and November is no exception. One benefit is that you can take in its highlights without having to contend with crowds of individuals pushing for the perfect shot.

Turkey’s crowds rise when the temperature drops. Additionally, November provides a little break before the bustle of the ski season. November is the ideal month to apply for a Turkish visa online and book your vacation if you want to travel on a low budget and avoid the crowds of all of Turkey’s ancient attractions. If you plan to travel to Turkey in November, you should pack a water-resistant jacket.