Visit Alanya Caves: Location, Entrance, and Tips

November 11, 2022

Visit Alanya Caves: Location, Entrance, and Tips

One of the gems of the Turkish Riviera is Alanya. It is simple to reach from everywhere in the world thanks to its locations 145 KM from Antalya and 45 KM from Gazipasa airports. Most visitors to Alanya come to take advantage of the city’s hot climate, stunning beaches, and the Mediterranean Sea’s remarkable clarity. The city offers nearly every lodging to suit any traveller’s budget. Alanya has been a significant city to rulers of the region, including Romans and Turks, due to its location on the Anatolian Mediterranean coast. Numerous pirates made Alanya port their home because it was protected by the rocky cliffs of the Taurus Mountains. The complex history of Alanya makes it a unique place to visit if you have a turkey e visa, and the natural caves with incredible formations are cream on the already delicious Alanya cake.

Damlatas Cave

3 kilometres from the city centre, Damlatas Cave is situated west of Alanya Castle. It is located not far from the cable car that connects Damlatas Beach and Alanya Castle. In 1948, Damlatas Cave was accidentally found. Workers found the entrance to Damlatas Cave, while the Alanya port contractor used explosives to create rubble. The following year, research got underway, and Damlatas Cave became our nation’s first cave open to tourists. Due to its unique characteristics, Damlatas Cave is also known as Asthma Cave. A steady 22 degrees Celsius are present. The air has 10–12 times more carbon dioxide and 70% more nitrogen than the outside air. All of these factors combined result in a very enlightening alternative asthma treatment, and the government offers 14 days of treatment lasting four hours each morning. 2014 saw the treatment of more than 4,000 patients in the cave. Visitors are constantly in awe of the natural formations dating back 15,000 years. Before taking the cable car to Alanya Castle, you can tour the cave.

Dim Cave

The Dim stream gave its name to the valley where Dim Cave is located. The distance to Alanya’s city core is about 14 kilometres. The dim cave is 10 and 15 metres broad and 200 metres deep. The crystallites and rock formations that decorate the entire cave make it one of Turkey’s most beautiful caves. At the end of the cave, there is a 200-square-metre lake that is about two metres deep. It is the second cave that our nation has turned into a museum. It is accessible both by car and after a pleasant hour-long stroll in the lovely Dim Valley and is open to visitors daily.

Little Cave

The centre of Alanya is located 18 kilometres from the dwarf cave, also known as Cuceler Cave, locally. It is a relatively small cave with 155 metres of walking space inside its 6 galleries. Beautiful stalactites and rock formations that naturally grew over thousands of years may be found in the cave. The cave’s entrance only expects payment in cash. In the past, locals used caverns to hide their livestock from officers.

Pirate’s Cave

Underneath the Alanya Castle’s steep rocky peak is where you’ll find The Pirates’ Cave. According to locals, the cave was connected to the castle via the tunnel, which pirates used to steal women and gold they had stolen from cities along the Mediterranean Sea. Small boats approach the cave entrance because it is 78 metres above sea level, and visitors swim inside. Ships patrolling the bays of Alanya usually stop there. Phosphoric Cave

The brilliant colour of the waters inside the cave, which allowed people to swim there at night, inspired the cave’s name. From Alanya harbour, a small boat may take you to Phosphoric cave, where you can swim in the cave’s crystal-clear waters.

Kadinini Cave

Alanya’s city core is located 11 kilometres from Kadinini Cave. The stalactites and stalagmites in the cave are more significant than those in the Damlatas Cave. 2018 saw archaeological digs inside the cave by Suleyman Demirel University. They discovered human remains and up to 20,000-year-old stone implements. These are the earliest signs of civilisation discovered around Alanya city. The official opening of Kadinini Cave to tourists is something we are anxiously awaiting.

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