10 Fantastic Turkish Souvenirs to Bring Home with You from Local Crafts Shops in Türkiye

November 10, 2022

Travelling to Türkiye is an artistic experience in and of itself. You will make unforgettable memories no matter what city you decide to visit or how you spend your time there. But don’t forget to add souvenirs to your trip as a perfect finish! Small, inexpensive gifts will act as souvenirs to help you remember the pleasant experiences you had while travelling. Fortunately, the best souvenirs in Türkiye come in a wide variety, from practical to purely decorative. Before you start shopping, study the top 10 Turkish souvenirs available at Turkish shops!

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1- Gaziantep – Mother of Pearl Inlaid Crafts

Carving and inlay methods are used in mother-of-pearl artistry to create beautiful, attention-grabbing images. Mother-of-pearl is typically favoured for jewellery and decorative items that are highly adored and purchased, as well as combs, backgammon sets, and other things that have a special place in Turkish culture. Today, the region of Gaziantep is home to experienced masters in this profession. Products with mother-of-pearl inlay will be among the most treasured mementoes you can give to your loved ones from Turkey thanks to its alluring beauty!

2- Kütahya – Ceramicware

The greatest spot to purchase ceramic souvenirs with fine creativity and tile art is in the province of Kütahya. Since more than 3000 years ago, ceramic gifts and products have been created in Kütahya. Of course, the “Ciniciler carşisi” is the destination for tourists looking to buy tile and ceramic souvenirs (Ceramist Bazaar).

A close inspection of ceramics may reveal historical traces. To glam up the styling of your home, you may buy plates, glassware, and vases in both conventional and contemporary designs.

3- Kayseri (Soğanlı) – Rag Doll

Rag dolls, also known as Soganli bebekleri or Soganli infants, are expertly crafted by local women in Kayseri’s Soganli village. They rank among the most well-liked and genuine souvenirs from the area. The fabric is artistically adorned with vibrant beads and sequins and is carefully stitched around the wooden sticks. These dolls, which feature hand-knitted Anatolian designs, make beautiful presents for friends, family, and kids in particular!

4- Bursa – Silk Weaving

Bursa’s handmade silk weavings are among Turkey’s most expensive and sought-after souvenirs. The fabric is so soft that once you touch it, you’ll think you’re feeling the clouds. To your surprise, you can choose from various traditional and modern styles.

Products made of silk are readily available in Bursa. Koza Han, often known as “Cocoon Han,” is a well-known hub for silk souvenirs and is home to many gift shops.

5- Aydın (Karacasu) – Pottery 

In the Karacasu district of Aydin, pottery is a traditional craft passed down from father to son. The intense red colour of Karacasu pottery, which results from the region’s unusually red soil, makes it distinctive. Additionally, it is free of any dangerous chemicals. Beautiful trays, pans, glasses, vases, and teapots crafted using traditional techniques are ready for you to give as gifts to your loved ones or even for yourself!

6- Gaziantep – Copperware

Coppersmithing has been done in Gaziantep since ancient times. It can be pretty expensive because it’s a laborious skill that occasionally requires weeks or even months to complete a single piece. You can find a wide variety of eye-catching souvenirs that will spark the curiosity of your neighbours, from various types of souvenirs to cezve to make real Turkish coffee!

7- Eskişehir – Meerschaum Products

An essential element of Eskişehir’s symbology is meerschaum. Despite having a 5000-year history, it hasn’t suffered from its fame. Eskişehir is Meerschaum heaven because it is home to most of the world’s reserves. It is used to create souvenirs for various purposes, including making jewellery, tobacco pipes, and adorable trinkets. For your loved ones, they’ll be gifts they won’t soon forget.

8- Denizli – Yatağan Swords & Knives

The Ottoman army and the Aegean Efe relied heavily on the swords and knives made by Yataan (swashbucklers). Excellently crafted, the Yatagan sword is highly agile due to its sharpness, lightness, and a short length. Its gently curved shape gives it a distinctive look.

Highly trained artisans use an anvil and hammer to forge Yatagan swords and knives, quenched with conventional steel. They might make fascinating gifts for your pals who enjoy collecting and history!

9- İzmir – Hand-made Rugs (Bergama)

Carpet and kilim weaving, one of the most complex handicrafts in the Bergama region, offers a lovely chance to surprise your loved ones. Bergama’s handcrafted rugs go through a lengthy procedure before they get to you. To ensure that Bergama rugs and carpets retain their brilliant colour for many years, woollen threads are dyed using the roots of several plants. They are thick and durable by ladies with little fingers who weave them.

10- Çankırı – Salt Lamp

Because they enhance the look of any place in the home or office, salt lamps make excellent souvenir choices. Its main ingredient is crystal rock salt, which is understood to be entirely natural. It’s also known to offer a wide range of medical treatments due to the negative ions it emits. On special occasions, you could give them as gifts to your loved ones. They instantly lift one’s spirits and are visually appealing!

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