A Complete Tourism Guide for Your Visit to Turkey

April 30, 2021

Turkey happens to be a massive nation, and expectedly, there is a lot to see. The country is rich in society, sculpture, and religious history. This guide will show you the ropes of organizing and getting your dream holiday in Turkey. There are lots of metropolitans to trip in Turkey like Fethiye, Kusadasi and Istanbul, the capital of Turkey; possibly, too many cities. Yet, Istanbul looks to be one of the more trendy cities for visitors.


Turkey is a country that is lucky with numerous religions such as Islam, Christianity, and Sufism. Therefore, there are numerous tourist places with remarkable religious significance. Istanbul has well-preserved the remnants of its history in Byzantine & Ottoman Artifacts. You can spend a whole day staring at these ruins and revisiting the wonderful history. Islam was the major religion in the past (it still is), and museums dedicated to Islamic society and religion are sprinkled throughout the city. If you practice Islam, you might want to go to one of the trendy mosques in the town, such as Suleymaniye Mosque and Blue Mosque. Sufism is a mystical religion that differs from the typical Islam, and it will be very exciting to explore its origins and beliefs. If you want to know more about the religion in Turkey, you can go to Hagia Sophia and Kariye museums.


In Kusadasi, you will discover the great Roman metropolises excavated and dug out of the past. Ephesus and Pamukkale are two fantastic and fascinating areas in the city. The Turkish bath is an attractive charm of Kusadasi that is not to be ignored. Other points of fascination you may want to check out are Camlica Hill and Beylerbeyi Palace, which are, again, instances of ancient architecture.


There are several extremely trendy restaurants in Istanbul that you must have on your to-visit list. A few of them are Metropolis Restaurant, Tria Elegance Restaurant, and Imbat Restaurant. If you are exploring old Ottoman food, you can go to Pasazade Restaurant or Matbah Restaurant. For a decent veggie lunch, Albura Kathisma is the perfect spot. In the metropolitan of Kusadasi, Golden Boys and Erzincan are famous eateries.


There are lots of hotels available in Istanbul for visitors, depending on their requirements. There are luxury hotels that are good for life but tend to be on the expensive side. There are family hotels for families on holiday. And there is also B&B (bed and breakfast) which individuals get more useful even though it might be not expensive and more fulfilling to dine out at the price of a little effort. Neorion Hotel is a fantastic hotel in Istanbul that is high on extravagance and comparatively low. If you want value-for-money, you might want to check this hotel for the opportunity and place a booking in advance. In the city of Kusadasi, the accommodations are comparatively economical. Several of the nicer ones that come to mind are Istankoy Hotel and Liman Hotel.

This is, by no means, a perfect or complete guide to Turkey as it is an entire country with several attractions and activities but, in this article, I have included the most well-known and valuable tourist sites.