Central Anatolian City of Eskisehir: A Blend of Old and New

November 16, 2022

Eskişehir, which translates as “an old city” in Turkish, certainly deserves this name given the depth and breadth of its history, which dates back to 1000 BCE. Its well-known, historic area of Odunpazari, which UNESCO listed as a world heritage site, dramatically enhances the visitor experience with its landmark figure and urban design.

As one of the Turkish cities with the highest number of university students, Eskişehir in central Anatolia is also frequently associated with education. As a result, the city becomes much more vibrant in terms of lifestyle, with lots of activities & events precisely planned for students. Even if you are not a student, the city has a lot to offer people of all ages and vocations, so don’t be worried.

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Fairytale Castle

With its unique architectural style, Eskişehir’s Fairytale Castle aims to encourage children’s creativity while providing a synthesis of all Anatolian cultures. It conjures images of well-known characters from old Turkish folk stories like Nasreddin Hoca and Kellan.

Eight towers make up the castle, based on well-known historical landmarks in Turkey, including Mardin’s Ulu Kule and Istanbul’s Galata Tower and Maiden Tower, which serve as the city’s two symbols. Fairytale Castle features a theatre and a collection of playgrounds and concert rooms, and it frequently serves as a venue for festivals and cultural events. This location is a genuine must-see, especially for tourists travelling with kids!


EsminyaTürk is a museum that displays a collection of smaller versions of several well-known Turkish and international structures. It is situated in Sazova Science, Art, and Culture Park, next to the Fairytale Castle mentioned. It is a fantastic museum that displays 32 well-known historical buildings in Turkey that have been scaled down to 1/25. The Taj Mahal in India and the famous Selimiye Mosque in the Turkish region of Edirne, which was constructed by the renowned imperial architect Sinan, are among the most well-known tiny masterpieces drawing tourists.

Turkic World Culture, Arts Centre

Eskişehir’s Sazova Park is also a centre for Turkic world culture and the arts. There are displays of Ottoman and Seljuk architecture in the building’s science and history section. The history of music, science and skills focuses on a collection of independent downstairs units. Visitors have the chance to learn more about the Turkic World and its cultural past thanks to this unique building.

AU Aviation Park

Aviation Park, a department under the control of Anadolu University, strives to unite travellers, tourists, and city residents who share a passion for aviation. It also supports events that advance knowledge in the industry and promote aviation in Turkey.

This park showcases items and information from the nation’s aviation heritage and introduces significant people from Turkish aviation history in addition to running various educational programmes. We firmly recommend visiting AU Aviation Park if you love flying or planes!

Odunpazarı Houses

The oldest neighbourhood in Eskişehir is called Odunpazari, consisting of a collection of antique homes dating back to the Ottoman Empire. Its lovely, old-fashioned streets and brand-new Modern Museum now form the city’s heart.

Old houses in the neighbourhood were renovated thanks to the Odunpazari Houses Survival Project, and Eskişehir could recapture its ancient character. UNESCO now protects these homes as world historical sites.

Alaeddin Mosque and Kurşunlu Mosque, two significant landmarks of the neighbourhood in addition to this group of homes, are open for visitation except during prayer times. Be prepared to journey in time if you want to experience this mysterious corner in the city centre.

Cumhuriyet (Republic) Museum

The Cumhuriyet Museum in Eskişehir is open to visitors interested in learning more about the history of the Turkish Republic.

The museum, situated in the mentioned Odunpazari neighbourhood, used to be an Ottoman school. Its extensive collection includes artefacts inherited from the most important battles and wars in Turkish history, including the Gallipoli campaign, photos, paintings, and other artifacts.

Atlıhan Crafts Bazaar

This historic bazaar was established in the 1850s to serve local traders, tourists, and peasants from nearby towns and cities. It previously functioned as a caravanserai, providing amenities like horse care. Hundreds of years later, in 2006, as part of the Odunpazari Houses Survival Project, the Odunpazari Municipality rebuilt the old bazaar in its old layout, which is now open to visitors.

Italian Crafts Bazaar is now a key location for traditional Turkish handicrafts to endure in the modern day. If some days remain in your Turkish e-visa, explore Eskişehir if you want to bring home a souvenir!

Balmumu Heykel Müzesi

Turkey’s first wax museum is in Eskişehir and Balmumu Heykel Müzesi. Two hundred vax sculptures representing famous Turkish cultural and political personalities and other idols from all over the world are part of the museum’s collection.

Time travel is available, particularly throughout Turkish history, in Balmumu Heykel Müzesi. The sculptures of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his family, Ottoman sultans, and Turkish politicians like Bülent Ecevit, Süleyman Demirel, and ismet inönü are some of the most well-known ones in the museum.

Museum of Memory

Would you love to know more about the cultural background of Eskişehir? If you said “yes,” we advise you to go to the Museum of Memory.

Collaboration between the Eskişehir Municipality and the Den Haag History Museum gave rise to the Museum of Memory. Their joint initiative offers Dutch artists the chance to display their work in this Central Anatolian city while also improving the relationship between the provinces of Eskişehir and Den Haag. It is especially worthwhile to look into the study of Eskişehir’s oral history that is displayed in this museum.


The cultural and architectural assets of Eskişehir are numerous, yet it is fair to say that Yazilikaya (Turkish for “Inscribed Rock”) is more famous than them all. The Phrygians built this ancient site, which is also known as Midas. Yes, this is the Midas who, when he is mentioned, makes you think of his “golden touch.” It also has the highest concentration of Phrygian religious monuments and constructions.

The Grand Monument, also known as the Midas Monument, is the largest Phrygian rock-cut memorial ever discovered and the region’s main attraction. The Kirkgöz Rock, a rock-hewn tomb from the Hellenistic period, the Unfinished Monument, and the Monumental Tomb are just a few of the magnificent buildings that you should pay greater attention to after exploring the Midas Monument.

Tülomsaş Devrim Arabaları Müzesi

The first automobile ever made in Türkiye was the “Devrim” (Turkish: “Revolution”). It is displayed in this museum, owned by the locomotive and waggon manufacturer Tülomsaş.

During its 4,5-year development, the car project was pursued by a superb committee of engineers and businessmen. Today, it recalls the Republic of Türkiye’s first development efforts, telling a story all its own.

What to eat as you start craving

While sightseeing is fun, what should you eat now that you’re hungry? Eskişehir, however, has a wide variety of foods to satisfy your stomach!

Cibörek, a delicious cultural artefact introduced to these lands by Crimean and Tatarian immigrants, is probably the most well-known delicacy of Eskişehir’s cuisine. Once you’ve had this kind of börek, it will become one of your favourite Turkish snacks! It contains a stuffing comprised of minced meat, onions, and a few water-soaked spices despite having a crisp outside.

Sivrihisar Muska baklavasi, a version of the well-known Turkish syrupy dessert that differs from the traditional in terms of its preparation method and shape, is the most famous dessert in Eskişehir. If you want to wander the streets, you might as well try to meet helvasi, a sweet treat that goes well with walks.

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