Faster Electronic Visa Replacing Traditional Ways and their Flaws!

April 18, 2021

Going to Turkey had become simpler than previous when persons had to stand in long queues and apply for visas. In those days, not a single trip used to be enough, and an individual might have to visit more than once. On the first time, one most would come to know about the eligibilities. The often-asked questions could be responded to but not all at the same time. In the worst situation, a second appointment was required to explain all those doubts that came to mind later. And finally, some had to go again with all the documents and details ready in place. There were even harsher times when one had to go back due to incorrect forms and visit the Turkish embassy for the last attempt. Even after all this, there was less guarantee of a successful visa application.

Challenges due to the old method

Repeatedly due to such problems, some had to cancel the flight tickets at the last minute due to the non-availability of permit. This used to cause a severe financial loss as cancellations at the previous second caused a massive deduction from the airlines. An individual had to have the tickets before applying without the going in and out dates. Applications were not accepted. Thus, the financial risk was much more significant with the older system.

The method still occurs but like the Turkish visa online system. The online process has stemmed in a considerable easing out of the troubles in the old system. The chances of obtaining the permit are also far greater than the traditional procedure. One also has to reduced time for the same.

Online application details

Now, all the info for the online application is presented on the internet about the documents and details required. An individual thus can organize nicely with all the documents in order before applying. Hence, any does not have to make frequent appointments to the embassies again and again. Among the papers necessary is the passport that must have a minimum validity of six months beyond the date of entrance to Turkey. The turkey e visa also needs the applicant to mention the dates of travelling in and out. This can be done only with the air tickets in order. Thus, some must hold the tickets done before applying online.

Bank details also needed

While in Turkey, some must not get into any trouble due to lack of money. Thus, the individual must have a sufficient bank deposit at the cost of a minimum of USD 50 per day spent in Turkey. Evidence of the same is required while applying for the turkey visa.

Contact details are mandatory.

The electronic permit service to Turkey is valid only for regular visitors and tourists for trades but not for diplomatic permits. The visitors and vacationers also have to provide the details of their stay locations in the country during the application. Thus, hotel reservations must be made in advance. Also, if there is a guest house for living, like in academic conferences in universities, the contact details must provide too.