Book a Trip of Turkey – A Wonderful Vacation Idea

April 20, 2021

Visiting Turkey is a good way to experience the fascinating country. This magical nation has such a wonderful history that goes back to the dawn of society. The culture of the Turkish citizens contains a blend of Middle Eastern, Asian, European and Ottoman traditions. If you have never experienced Turkey, I very well advise you consider it.

The great capital Constantinople was renamed Istanbul by the Turks. This historic capital was once the epicentre for several of the great empires that have formed our world. Constantinople was the richest and best city in Europe during the Middle Ages.

Istanbul is one of the world’s largest cities globally and has been called one of the world’s ¨hippest cities¨. The city has lots of key historical buildings, art galleries and museums to visit. There is always something to do in this amazing city, including soothing in a Hamam, having an exotic meal or just folks watching.

My beloved part of Istanbul is the Grand Bazaar. Here you can shop until you fall in this mini-city market that presents over four thousand shops and stalls. The area is filled with power and music and is a true cultural experience.

The magnificent mountain of Mount Agri is excellent to visit for both its magnificence and history. This is the highest mountain in-country and is an important sign. According to the bible, Mount Agri was the location where Noah’s ark landed after the floods.

Mount Agri is an inactive volcano that is covered with snow. In the book of Genesis, it was described Mount Ararat. A magnificent location to visit here is the geographical hollow near the Uzengili village, which is said to have the structure of an ark.

Cappadocia is one more excellent place to see and is situated in central Turkey. Cappadocia is a perfect spot in nature made of volcanic rocks that are sculpted by centuries of storm and rain. Cappadocia is an antique city, and its earlier inhabitants constructed their city inside these soft volcanic stones.

Turkey is a fabulous nation with an incredible history. Nature enthusiasts will celebrate in the beautiful landscapes of this historic land. Turkey has a remarkable combination of various traditions, including European, Asian, Middle Eastern and Ottoman traditions. The country also has a wonderful location to feel the fantastic mixture of cultural influences that does not happen anywhere else on the globe.

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