Fertile Lands & Jungles in TurkAegean

November 8, 2022

The Turkish Aegean coast is one of those spots that Mother Nature loves. Clear waves, beautiful landscapes, isolated beaches, mouthwatering food, and genuinely kind people… You are warmly welcomed by TurkAegean, which has a long history. Now we want to know why you are delayed in applying for a turkey e visa to explore this 9th wonder of the world.

Imagine a region with a hospitable environment where different crops can be produced all year long. Tasty fruits and vegetables can be found in the soil, which has been nurtured for hundreds of years and is fed by several streams. Nature rewards everyone with serene beaches, blue water, and lush greenery. A variety of flavours is available at TurkAegean!

Beautiful Villages

Turkey, which stretches to the Aegean Sea, can charm visitors with its cosy seaside towns and its typical little villages, vineyards, orchards, and olive groves. The main characteristics of the traditional villages in TurkAegean are cobblestone streets, picture-perfect coffee shops, and town squares surrounded by hundred years of trees. The day begins early in the winding, shaded lanes of adorable small towns.

Animals that are adored and fed by the people frequently add to the picturesque surroundings and agricultural items in the décor. A steady, cooling sea wind is another essential component of daily existence. Old stone buildings and villas that have been restored serve as bed-and-breakfast-operated boutique hotels, where breakfast is an incident with all freshly picked vegetables straight from the garden.

Made in Heaven

Mother Earth is kind enough to provide delicious fruits and veggies since the soil and environment are appropriate for growing a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Additionally common in the area are olive groves and olive oil processing. The Aegean region is a silvery-green diamond providing 75% of all olives in Türkiye, the staple of Turkish cuisine, as olive tree farming dates back thousands of years.

The TurkAegean is a region where the sun’s rays support the olive orchards growing among centuries’ worth of polished marble.

When harvested and eaten fresh, olive tree fruit is bitter. On the other hand, the tree is the source of a lot of visually appealing and delicious stuff, such as olives that may be pickled or salted for delicious breakfasts or as meze.

Dry twigs are turned into dinnerware that adds a rustic feel, olive oil has been used for healing in addition to cooking and dressing, and olive leaves produce a tasty and healthy tea.

Wine is another item produced in the area and has been for a long time. Anatolia first shows signs of viticulture around 7000 BCE. Turkish vineyards currently make various wines using regional grapes from Anatolia using their invaluable expertise that has been passed down through the years. With a long history of producing wine, Urla has a unique terroir that benefits from its location on a peninsula bordered by the sea, a suitable climate, a wet soil structure, and iodized air. The Urla Vineyard Route provides exquisite, award-winning wines made from grapes with a 6,000-year history, tranquil vineyard walks, world-class wineries in small and premium enterprises, and fine dining venues with distinctive flavours.

Seferihisar in the ancient city of Teos in Izmir is home to the most important temple in Anatolia, dedicated to Dionysus, the god of wine.

A Feast for the Tastebuds

Olive oil and fresh ingredients are the foundation of delicious regional cuisine. Aegean cuisine, famous for its olive oil-based dishes, takes you on a remarkable dining journey filled with distinctive flavours. Explore this feast of incredible flavours now.

The cuisine features various zeytinyagli yemekler—vegetable dishes cooked in olive oil—dishes. Traditional food relies more on delicious fresh ingredients and less on seasonings. As a result, Aegean cuisine has a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Numerous wild edible herbs and vegetables, including nettles, mallows, chicory, mushrooms, wild spears, and wild samphire from the seaside, are used in the cuisine. Some recipes contain flavours from the numerous citrus groves in the Bodrum region, which balance the olive oil and enhance the flavours.

Avoid missing out on filled squash flowers, a summertime treat that is a seasonal classic. The right moment is chosen for picking the blossoms, and the bitter seeds are removed with care. One of the most unusual yet delicious flavours in food is squash flowers, which are filled with rice and herbs like mint, parsley, and dill and cooked in olive oil. Delicious Green Festivals

The Alaçati Herb Festival, which takes place in April, celebrates the herbs and wild greens that feature Aegean cooking. As part of the festival menu, attendees enjoy a range of cuisines prepared in the area.

The nearby neighbourhood of Urla likewise highlights the humble artichoke, presenting it as a delicious, healthful, traditional, and enjoyable vegetable. Every year in April, Urla celebrates the artichoke. Fields around Seferihisar and the seaside village of Sack, both 30 minutes drive from Urla, offer tranquil locations that blend blue and green hues.

Additionally, Seferihisar was the first Turkish town to be awarded the Cittaslow title as a critic of the standardization of cities and as a member of the Cittaslow movement, which seeks to improve the value of life in towns by slowing down the pace of public life. Alternative ecotourism projects sustain the town’s distinctive personality and provide guests with various absolute accommodations and food options.

Open-air Markets

The abundance of fresh produce and the beautiful weather require the presence of vibrant open markets. Yes, outdoor needs are the next place to visit on the list. Here, you can find all the regional goods that support the growth of regional cuisine. A sizable portion of the streets is lined with farmers’ markets. The culmination of locally grown and produced Aegean goods, including cheese varieties, nuts, dried figs, fresh herbs, olives, olive oil, vegetables, and fruits, may be found here.

Some large open-air township markets, like Tire and Ayvalik, serve as tourist attractions. Local governments provide guided tours in foreign languages to make a trip to the town market memorable. Now, take your time to inspect every market stall to admire the product’s colours and shapes, let beautiful aromas and flavours inspire you, and take in exquisite and aesthetically appealing market scenes. It’s time to experience something thrilling!

A Sincere Welcome

Because of the variety of cultures, people of this area can greet visitors, especially those who come as a surprise, with open arms and enjoy their meals with them. A cup of coffee is said to “commit one to forty years of friendship,” and at TurkAegean, visitors come to make friends.

In the small town square, relax with a cup of Turkish coffee at a kahvehane, a typical local coffee shop. Explore the orchards and taste a juicy fruit right off the tree. Observe the creation of olive oil using the olives collected from the sizable olive groves. Select your preferred vegetables at a market stall. Spend time tasting local wines to appreciate how well they pair with traditional cuisine produced with the freshest ingredients. Simply put, take your time and enjoy life. Please apply for a turkey e visa and visit TurkAegean with us!