Port Of Istanbul – All You Need to Know Before You Go

November 9, 2022

Turkey’s largest city is Istanbul. It is the largest border metropolis between Asia and Europe and enjoys the best geographical location globally. Additionally, you can see that the city combines both modern Western and traditional Eastern cultures. Istanbul is home to the best seaport in Turkey. Turkey primarily has three ports for shipping. They are the Port of Zeytinburnu, the Port of Ambarli, and the Port of Haydarpasa. Other names for the Haydarpasa include the Port of Istanbul. Additionally, it offers hinterland and transit connections to the Black Sea and the Middle East. This dock is one of the most important container ports in the Mediterranean.

Port of Istanbul Overview

The Port of Istanbul, also known as Port Haider Pasha, is at the southern entry to the Bosphorus. The overall size of Istanbul’s port is 343,420 square metres. Traditional goods, containers, and Ro-ro are transported at the port. The Mediterranean Sea and the Balkan Sea are serviced by many cruise ships that dock at Istanbul. Additionally, connect with to apply for a turkey e visa if you plan a trip there. Please find a list of the famous cruise ships that visit Turkey below.

Cruise Ships – Port Of Istanbul

Costa Venezia

MSC Fantasia

Celebrity Cruise – 3 Cruises

Black Sea Cruise

Costa Venezia

In 2019, the Cruise went on and finished its maiden voyage. 5260 guests can board the cruise ship. Numerous Mainstream cruise ships for various locations are available at Costa Venezia. Balkan cities, like those in Northern Europe. Additionally, Costa Venezia was created exclusively for Chinese visitors. The timetable for 2022 has already begun. Numerous itineraries can be booked for either 7 or 14 days. Itineraries cover the months of May through November as well.

Cabin: Balcony, Oceanview, Inside Cabin, and Suite are a few varieties of Cabins. Casinos, a theatre (Rosso Theatre), and Casanova Restaurant are amenities offered on the cruise ship.

Inclusions: Port fees, a full-board breakfast, transportation from the airport to the cruise terminal, gala dinner performances, a swimming pool, and a fitness centre are included. Additionally, professional singers and dancers perform in entertainment shows.

Route: From Istanbul’s port, the Mainstream Cruise ship travels to Izmir, Mykonos (Mykonos Island), Greece’s Cyclades Islands, the Piraeus Islands, and then back to Istanbul.

Purchasing Notes: Passports from a few countries demand a Schengen visa. The most affordable options are all given in Euros per person, double occupancy.

MSC Fantasia

The flagship of MSC Cruises is a piece of Italian design art that perfectly combines cutting-edge technology, elegance, and upscale facilities. Fantasia, one of the MSC Cruise ships, departs from Istanbul. Guests will use Swarovski crystal steps for the first time on a ship. Additionally, a transparent roof allows passengers to take in all the romance of sailing while enjoying the starry night. In 2008, this cruise ship set sail for the first time. There is enough for 3959 guests on the ship.

Cabins: The many cabin styles include Suite YC Deluxe, Ocean View Bella, Ocean View Fantasia, Balcony Bella, Balcony Fantasia, and Balcony Aurea.

Includes a Port fee ($160), entire board, airport-to-ship port transportation, gala dinner shows, swimming pool, and fitness centre. The Captain’s Welcome Party, as well as performances by singers and dancers, are entertainment shows.

Route: This is for an 11-day tour with 10 nights. Istanbul Port serves as the point of departure, followed by Corfu, Trieste, Zadar, Bari, Piraeus, and Istanbul.

Purchasing Notes: A Schengen visa is needed for passports from specific nations. The most affordable options are all given in Euros per person, double occupancy. Included are the government’s taxes.

Celebrity Cruises

Let’s set sail on one of the world’s best and most popular cruises, which is designed to visit several locations. Celebrity Cruises’ first trip, celebrity Horizon, took place in 1991. Additionally, some cruises stop at Turkish seaports. There are three major cruise ship routes.

  1. Celebrity Beyond – 11 Nights

Celebrity Beyond will perform this season, Spring 2022, the Maiden Voyage. 3260 double occupancies are available on this Cruise. This Cruise departs from Rome and stops at Sicily, Mykonos, Piraeus, Istanbul’s port, Ephesus, Santorini, Naples, and Rome before returning to Rome.

The Celebrity Beyond cruise offers fantastic activities. The great plaza, Resort Deck, Eden, The Theatre on Beyond, clubs, and celebrity shops are among the onboard amenities.

  1. Celebrity Reflection – 11 Nights

Several new features have just been introduced to Celebrity Reflection. Additionally, the Main Restaurant will provide more than 20 delicious places to eat. The Cruise route starts in Rome and continues to Sicily, Mykonos, Piraeus, Istanbul’s port, Ephesus, Santorini, Naples, and Rome.

The Opus Restaurant, Ensemble Lounge, Retreat (high-end resort), fitness centre, jogging track, and casino are among the facilities on board.

  1. Celebrity Edge – 12 Nights

The Celebrity Edge was a turning point in ship design. We created the most technologically advanced ship at sea with features like the Magic Carpet and private plunge pools in our Edge Villas. There are 2,918 passengers on board the ship. The journey begins in Rome and ends in Rome after travelling to Chania (Greece), Rhodes, Santorini, Mykonos, the Port of Istanbul, Ephesus, and Naples.

The Sunset bar, Tuscan Restaurant, Iconic Suite, Theatre, Rooftop Garden, and the shops on Edge are among the facilities available on board.

Black Sea Cruise -11 Nights

On this 11-night round-trip cruise from Istanbul, you’ll see some of the most stunning and peaceful spots in the Black Sea region. Explore the numerous Crimean and Ottoman sites, discover the Roman and Byzantine history, and take in the magnificence of Europe’s dark shorelines. The starting price for a ticket is $2000.

The routes travel from the Port of Istanbul to Odesa, Sochi, Sevastopol, Yalta, and Burgas.

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