Must Try These 5 Turkish Breakfast Dishes

October 22, 2022

Turkish food may be well-known for its kebabs and mezes, but Turkish Breakfast is one aspect of Turkish food culture that never fails to draw the attention of foodies.

Serpme kahvalti, which translates to “breakfast spread,” refers to the sharing plates stretched out from each end of the table to be enjoyed slowly. It is the most typical Turkish breakfast style that a visitor to Türkiye would have. Visit and apply for a Turkish visa online right away.

You’ll find a forenoon feast on a typical Turkish breakfast table, surrounded by a variety of cheeses, olives, jams, vegetables, bread, and little platters of cured meat. Although a Turkish breakfast’s ingredients can change, each serpme kahvalti is always a mouthwatering sight. Try some of these outstanding dishes when you go on your next Turkish breakfast journey.

Sucuklu Yumurta

While cured meats like sausage are frequently found on breakfast tables throughout Europe, the Turkish sucuklu stands above the others. Suzuki, also known as sujuk, is a marinated beef dish containing garlic and other spices for a robust and well-seasoned flavour. Turkish sucuklu yumurta is a delicious, protein-rich main breakfast dish made by cooking sucuklu in a pan with butter and eggs over low heat.


Try menemen if sucuklu yumurta is too hefty to serve as the centre of your Turkish breakfast buffet. Menemen is a typical breakfast dish served in copper pans and traditionally made with eggs, tomatoes, green peppers, and various fragrant spices cooked in oil. For a heartier dish, cured meat is added, but white cheese or kaşar cheese is more frequently. The outcome is a rich, creamy, tomato-flavoured purée that may be spread on toast or simit, Turkish bagels sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds.


çlibir is yet another egg dish frequently found on Turkish breakfast tables. For çlibir, poached eggs are placed on top of a bed of garlic yoghurt and often topped with butter spiced with pepper. Calibre was a favourite of the Ottoman Sultans and, with its thick texture, continues to be a well-liked meal at Turkish breakfasts.


While traditional bread is a must-have at every Turkish breakfast table, pişi has recently emerged as another important starch. Put, pişi is fried dough made from flour, yeast, milk, eggs, butter, salt, and sugar. It may be summarized by calling it a savoury doughnut. Jams (reçel) or hazelnut chocolate spread, when consumed with a range of cheeses, provide the ideal balance of sweet and savoury flavours.


Kuymak, another dish typically served with bread, is a savoury combination of cornmeal, butter, and melted cheese. In the Black Sea region of Turkey, kuymak is a morning dish often served. An adequately prepared kuymak should have lengthy buttery cheese strings extending off your fork—Kuymak, one of the most delicious Turkish meals, may be the ideal filler for an empty stomach.

People are becoming conscious of the allure of the traditional Turkish Breakfast as Turkish cuisine gains popularity worldwide. Turkish Breakfast features a variety of distinctive conventional meals you should not miss when visiting Türkiye, despite being famous for its photogenic table spread of cheeses and fresh produce.

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