Turkey in October Travel Guide: best things to do and see in the Country

October 21, 2022

In some areas of Turkey, October is peak season, while in others, it is shoulder season. Outdoor sightseeing and trekking are excellent possibilities for an October trip to this unique Country due to the pleasant weather. But before reading the entire blog, apply for a turkey visa online. Later you can discover more about visiting Turkey in October.


Turkey experiences warm, pleasant weather in October, though there is a chance of rain. In the interior of Cappadocia, the average temperature is roughly 64° F (18° C), whereas in Istanbul and Ankara, it is 68° F (20° C), and in coastal southern Antalya, it is 77° F (25° C). Although the first month of fall, October, isn’t as rainy as the other months, there is still more rain than in the dry summer.

Costs & Crowds

Although Istanbul and Cappadocia are frequently busy in this month, October is generally considered to be Turkey’s shoulder season. The weather is perfect for walking outside and exploring the local cultural and natural landmarks. If you reserve in advance, you may still visit Istanbul and Cappadocia on a tight budget if needed. Rooms fill up quickly, and prices go up.

In contrast, as European tourists return to work and school in October, the coastal regions crowded during the summer are mainly empty. This is a superb time of year to seek a little less expensive beach trip if that’s what you want because the weather is still warm.

Where to Go

For a good reason, Istanbul and Cappadocia are famous in October; both locations have unique cultural and natural features that are best explored on foot and most enjoyable during the cooler months of the year. The stunning white terraces at Pamukkale, the old Roman city of Ephesus, and the surrounding villages of Selcuk and Sirince are also enjoyable when the weather isn’t too hot. Pamukkale’s hot springs are lovely in the cooler months if you travel later in the month.

What to Do

October is an excellent month for hiking in addition to regular sightseeing. Families can enjoy the multi-day trip along the Lycian Way, an old coastal trade route. There are numerous trekking opportunities in Cappadocia’s unique landscape. Another challenging mountain trek that combines ancient culture with history is the 7,001-foot (2,134-meter)-high Mt. Nemrut in southeast Turkey, which features 2000-year-old royal tombs at the top.

Events in October

Oct. 29 is Turkish Republic Day. This day is a national holiday honouring the Republic of Turkey’s 1923 proclamation. Many locations host patriotic military shows, concerts, and fireworks shows, with those in Ankara, Istanbul, and Izmir standing out as particularly stunning. Istanbul has the largest firework show in the Country over the Bosphorus.

Over a week in late October, there is the International Bodrum Sailing Cup. This race honours the traditional yachts built in the Bodrum region and is held in combination with other social, artistic, and culinary activities.

The international film festival in Antalya, Turkey, takes October and November. Both documentaries and fiction movies are presented at this renowned film festival.

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