Rent A Car in Istanbul

November 19, 2022

Rent A Car in Istanbul

While you might use a cab or the public transport system to get around, renting a car in Istanbul gives you more choices. This is since you can open nooks and crannies that a taxi driver would not want to take you to and that maybe public transportation cannot.

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If you want to rent out a car in Istanbul, you should focus on getting the best deal and reading the fine print to learn about the rules and limitations that apply to the city’s car rental industry. Finding the best car rental companies in Istanbul online is the most excellent option. Verify that you have all the proper documents before you start booking.


You should decide your vehicle size before renting a car in Istanbul. You can see pic from a wide range of vehicle sizes in Istanbul, from SUVs to compacts. It’s crucial to remember that terms like “small” and “luxury-sized” might have various meanings. Many agency websites list specific models for each category and the vehicle’s maximum capacity.


There are a few things to do before renting a car in Istanbul. A child car seat or a GPS unit are two classic examples of this equipment. Keep these ideas in mind when searching for the best car rental deals. With different vehicle kinds, there are multiple choices.

In most cases, especially if you’re on a limited budget, offering such items yourself rather than renting them is best. Take such things out if they are simply desires, especially if you are a budget travelling. If such features are genuinely required, you should also consider the insurance price. Although many credit card companies and personal auto policies include insurance coverage for vehicle rentals, you can choose to purchase extra protection. Typically, these offers are presented during the leasing process.


Istanbul is one of the most exciting and dynamic global cities regarding diversity. Istanbul is one of the few sites where you can have a fantastic time and learn. All types of travellers will find the city to be quite appealing.

Istanbul’s historical attractions, such as the Roman aqueducts, Byzantine churches, Venetian towers, and Ottoman palace, must be seen, along with the city’s beautiful scenery, the Basilica Cistern, and other locations that house some of the most priceless artefacts in the world. Visit the numerous museums and commercial centres as well.

But what if you can only stay in this great city for a little while? You can save time and money by hiring a taxi with a driver in Istanbul and exploring the city in just one day rather than taking the bus or a cab or taking multiple trips.


Istanbul in November – Plan for a memorable trip

November 18, 2022

Istanbul in November – Plan for a memorable trip

Istanbul is always lovely to visit in November. The crowds have disappeared, and the weather is still warm. If you have a turkey e visa, here are the finest options for individuals who want to travel to Istanbul in November.

There are many benefits to travelling in November. Compared to the summer heat, the weather is significantly better. The weather is still mild, with average highs of 15 °C. Because the temperature is still warm, you can carry layers of clothing for the tips. A sweater or jacket will be enough for you if you are not sensitive to temperature changes during the day.

Additionally, there are fewer crowds at the city’s attractions. You won’t have to wait in queue to see the Ottoman Relics in the Old City. It’s easier to go around the area now since there are fewer tourists.

Many hotels switch to off-season rates in November, which can result in significant savings in some locations. Due to potential price cuts, you may stay close to the Old City. The Tomtom Suites is an Istanbul structure reflecting Pera’s social history. Another choice is the Sub Karaköy Hotel, which guarantees that visitors can get to several nearby areas of interest swiftly and efficiently. It is situated in Karaköy and convenient for nearby tourist attractions. Enjoy the city as it comes to life with colour while staying in these cosy and stylish hotels. The city is still experiencing warm weather in November. Early morning or late in the day are the ideal times to enjoy Istanbul Classics. The Galata Tower provides stunning city views. In the Galata Quarter, it is situated immediately north of the Golden Horn. At the foot of the Galata Tower, there is a lovely square where you can sit on the terrace and sip Turkish Coffee and Turkish Delight while people-watching. After that, take a tour of the Galata Tower while learning about this unique location’s myths, tales, and history.

Istanbul is presently one of Europe’s cultural hotspots. Exploring Istanbul’s museums and districts may be an excellent option for curious travellers. Istiklal Street, the busiest street in Istanbul, is where the Art Walk might begin. There can’t be a better way to start than by taking a stroll through Beyoglu, which is full of restaurants and old embassy buildings. It would help if you walked until you arrived at SALT Galata. There are countless print and digital resources available, as well as a delicious lunch. Visit “Two Archives, One Selection: Tracing Ara Güler’s Footsteps in Istanbul,” a joint show between the Ara Güler Museum & the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, after that. Turkish photojournalist Ara Güler also referred to as “Istanbul’s Eye,” is well-known. The exhibition is up through November 17. You may savour a delicious meal there at Soho House Istanbul. Take a look at the Pera Museum, one of the sites for the 16th Istanbul Biennial, after taking a short break. The Seventh Continent-themed biennial, curated by Nicolas Bourriaud, will run from September 14 to November 10 in Tersane Istanbul, Pera Museum, and Büyükada.

In November, flowers are still in bloom. You may see a bouquet of roses next to the sidewalks during a local walk. With such pleasant weather, you could choose to visit a region of Istanbul with the most historical significance. Balat is a fascinating city with vibrant homes. You can explore the intriguing streets and view synagogues, churches, and Byzantine treasures during the Mystery Walk in the Old Town. A cruise on the Bosphorus might be more suitable for you if you want a full-day excursion that includes a stop in the Golden Horn area. You can see the European and Asian continents while seeing some of Istanbul’s most significant historical landmarks. You can also take pictures of marble palaces and old Ottoman homes. Fall and winter are the busiest seasons for seafood in Turkey. Hamsi, a small fish from Turkey’s Black Sea region, is among the exceptional dishes that must be tried. In Istanbul, you can discover a variety of hamsi dishes. When visiting Istanbul in November, you must taste hamsi because the peak season finishes around the middle of February. Turkish mezze and fresh fish are well-known for being served at Set Balik. Yelken Restaurant features a stunning view of the Bosphorus and cutting-edge cuisine from renowned chefs. Both restaurants are located in Sariyer, an area well known for its fish restaurants.

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The Phrygian Valley in Eskisehir, Turkey: Find the realm of King Midas

November 17, 2022

The Phrygian Valley in Eskisehir, Turkey: Find the realm of King Midas

If you already have a turkey e visa, do you want to take a walk through the first millennium BCE? Maybe you’d like to ride a horse or a bike there anyway?

One of Turkey’s newest hidden tourist gems is the Phrygian Valley. Provisionally included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Phrygian Valley awaits exploration with its stunning views and tranquil atmosphere.

The valley, which today spans the borders of the provinces of Eskişehir, Kütahya, and Afyon, is home to historical ruins and antiquated objects that have Phrygian culture imprints on them. The Phrygians were a group of people who migrated to Anatolia from the Balkans. Thrace is where they initially made their historical appearance during the 12th century BCE. Since they began this movement, they have served as the inspiration for numerous myths.

Gordias, the first king of the Phrygians, was an impoverished farmer from Macedonia. Their capital city, Gordion, was located close to Ankara. This name might bring to mind the legendary Gordian Knot. The Gordian knot, which gave rise to the Alexander the Great legend, was tied by the Phrygian king Gordias before being cut in half by Alexander’s sword.

However, the Phrygian king with a more enviable reputation was his son Midas. King Midas and his ears are one of the stories originating in Anatolian areas. The myth states that Pan, the deity of the wild, shepherds, and flocks, competes with Apollo, the god of music, the arts, the sun, and poetry.

Pan has his flute; Apollo has his silver. Midas is also a judge. Everyone finds Apollo’s lyre’s sound to be fascinating. All judges choose Apollo as the winner, but when Midas votes for Pan, Apollo turns Midas’ ears into donkey ears.

But in mythology, King Midas is best known for his tendency to turn everything he touched into gold. He must have prayed for this. But according to tradition, Midas’ “vain request” for the gold touch caused him to starve to death when he received his wish. This earned the moniker “the Midas touch” over time.

Let’s go to the valley. The area was covered in volcanic ashes that Mt. Türkmen had thrown up. The consolidated tuff created simple rocks to cut, allowing the Phrygians to leave behind several carved rock monuments.

The Phrygian Valley is now a vast natural park spanning seven provinces and many counties. It covers an area of 55 hectares in total.

The valley’s most appealing feature is that because it is still mostly explored, it gives tourists a chance to experience both awe-inspiring history and time alone with nature. Numerous people predict that the thriving Phrygian Valley will replace Cappadocia.

Rock tomb chambers from the Roman and Byzantine eras and churches and rock villages from the Byzantine era may all be found in the valley’s town of Ayazini. All of these structures were carved. The breathtaking Avdalaz Castle carved out of volcanic rock mass, is a huge attraction.

It is essential to stay here for at least two days. Gerdekkaya, Pişmiş Castle, Yazilikaya, Kirkgöz Cliffs, Cisterns, Aslankaya, Üçlerkayasi, Ayazini Church, and Lion Temple are a few locations you might want to see.

The valley has unique options for those who enjoy the outdoors, sports, and adventure. The camp in the Phrygian Valley offers overnight horse rides. Trails for cycling and trekking traverse the Phrygians’ historic highways.

One of Turkey’s longest hiking routes, the Phrygian Way, is similar to the Lycian Way. The trail’s three main routes make up its 506 km overall length. Red and white paint outlines the entire route, making it easier to navigate. Additionally, signposts inform walkers of critical crossroads at the beginning and end of the way.

Gordion, Pessinus, and Midas are the names of these beautiful old roadways that once connected the Phrygian villages. The depth of the trail might occasionally reach 2-3 metres due to the area’s tuff rock structure.

Although spring and autumn are the finest times to go, the area has several attractions all year round. There are numerous springs along the trail where you can get water all year round.

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The journey has begun!


Central Anatolian City of Eskisehir: A Blend of Old and New

November 16, 2022

Central Anatolian City of Eskisehir: A Blend of Old and New

Eskişehir, which translates as “an old city” in Turkish, certainly deserves this name given the depth and breadth of its history, which dates back to 1000 BCE. Its well-known, historic area of Odunpazari, which UNESCO listed as a world heritage site, dramatically enhances the visitor experience with its landmark figure and urban design.

As one of the Turkish cities with the highest number of university students, Eskişehir in central Anatolia is also frequently associated with education. As a result, the city becomes much more vibrant in terms of lifestyle, with lots of activities & events precisely planned for students. Even if you are not a student, the city has a lot to offer people of all ages and vocations, so don’t be worried.

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Fairytale Castle

With its unique architectural style, Eskişehir’s Fairytale Castle aims to encourage children’s creativity while providing a synthesis of all Anatolian cultures. It conjures images of well-known characters from old Turkish folk stories like Nasreddin Hoca and Kellan.

Eight towers make up the castle, based on well-known historical landmarks in Turkey, including Mardin’s Ulu Kule and Istanbul’s Galata Tower and Maiden Tower, which serve as the city’s two symbols. Fairytale Castle features a theatre and a collection of playgrounds and concert rooms, and it frequently serves as a venue for festivals and cultural events. This location is a genuine must-see, especially for tourists travelling with kids!


EsminyaTürk is a museum that displays a collection of smaller versions of several well-known Turkish and international structures. It is situated in Sazova Science, Art, and Culture Park, next to the Fairytale Castle mentioned. It is a fantastic museum that displays 32 well-known historical buildings in Turkey that have been scaled down to 1/25. The Taj Mahal in India and the famous Selimiye Mosque in the Turkish region of Edirne, which was constructed by the renowned imperial architect Sinan, are among the most well-known tiny masterpieces drawing tourists.

Turkic World Culture, Arts Centre

Eskişehir’s Sazova Park is also a centre for Turkic world culture and the arts. There are displays of Ottoman and Seljuk architecture in the building’s science and history section. The history of music, science and skills focuses on a collection of independent downstairs units. Visitors have the chance to learn more about the Turkic World and its cultural past thanks to this unique building.

AU Aviation Park

Aviation Park, a department under the control of Anadolu University, strives to unite travellers, tourists, and city residents who share a passion for aviation. It also supports events that advance knowledge in the industry and promote aviation in Turkey.

This park showcases items and information from the nation’s aviation heritage and introduces significant people from Turkish aviation history in addition to running various educational programmes. We firmly recommend visiting AU Aviation Park if you love flying or planes!

Odunpazarı Houses

The oldest neighbourhood in Eskişehir is called Odunpazari, consisting of a collection of antique homes dating back to the Ottoman Empire. Its lovely, old-fashioned streets and brand-new Modern Museum now form the city’s heart.

Old houses in the neighbourhood were renovated thanks to the Odunpazari Houses Survival Project, and Eskişehir could recapture its ancient character. UNESCO now protects these homes as world historical sites.

Alaeddin Mosque and Kurşunlu Mosque, two significant landmarks of the neighbourhood in addition to this group of homes, are open for visitation except during prayer times. Be prepared to journey in time if you want to experience this mysterious corner in the city centre.

Cumhuriyet (Republic) Museum

The Cumhuriyet Museum in Eskişehir is open to visitors interested in learning more about the history of the Turkish Republic.

The museum, situated in the mentioned Odunpazari neighbourhood, used to be an Ottoman school. Its extensive collection includes artefacts inherited from the most important battles and wars in Turkish history, including the Gallipoli campaign, photos, paintings, and other artifacts.

Atlıhan Crafts Bazaar

This historic bazaar was established in the 1850s to serve local traders, tourists, and peasants from nearby towns and cities. It previously functioned as a caravanserai, providing amenities like horse care. Hundreds of years later, in 2006, as part of the Odunpazari Houses Survival Project, the Odunpazari Municipality rebuilt the old bazaar in its old layout, which is now open to visitors.

Italian Crafts Bazaar is now a key location for traditional Turkish handicrafts to endure in the modern day. If some days remain in your Turkish e-visa, explore Eskişehir if you want to bring home a souvenir!

Balmumu Heykel Müzesi

Turkey’s first wax museum is in Eskişehir and Balmumu Heykel Müzesi. Two hundred vax sculptures representing famous Turkish cultural and political personalities and other idols from all over the world are part of the museum’s collection.

Time travel is available, particularly throughout Turkish history, in Balmumu Heykel Müzesi. The sculptures of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his family, Ottoman sultans, and Turkish politicians like Bülent Ecevit, Süleyman Demirel, and ismet inönü are some of the most well-known ones in the museum.

Museum of Memory

Would you love to know more about the cultural background of Eskişehir? If you said “yes,” we advise you to go to the Museum of Memory.

Collaboration between the Eskişehir Municipality and the Den Haag History Museum gave rise to the Museum of Memory. Their joint initiative offers Dutch artists the chance to display their work in this Central Anatolian city while also improving the relationship between the provinces of Eskişehir and Den Haag. It is especially worthwhile to look into the study of Eskişehir’s oral history that is displayed in this museum.


The cultural and architectural assets of Eskişehir are numerous, yet it is fair to say that Yazilikaya (Turkish for “Inscribed Rock”) is more famous than them all. The Phrygians built this ancient site, which is also known as Midas. Yes, this is the Midas who, when he is mentioned, makes you think of his “golden touch.” It also has the highest concentration of Phrygian religious monuments and constructions.

The Grand Monument, also known as the Midas Monument, is the largest Phrygian rock-cut memorial ever discovered and the region’s main attraction. The Kirkgöz Rock, a rock-hewn tomb from the Hellenistic period, the Unfinished Monument, and the Monumental Tomb are just a few of the magnificent buildings that you should pay greater attention to after exploring the Midas Monument.

Tülomsaş Devrim Arabaları Müzesi

The first automobile ever made in Türkiye was the “Devrim” (Turkish: “Revolution”). It is displayed in this museum, owned by the locomotive and waggon manufacturer Tülomsaş.

During its 4,5-year development, the car project was pursued by a superb committee of engineers and businessmen. Today, it recalls the Republic of Türkiye’s first development efforts, telling a story all its own.

What to eat as you start craving

While sightseeing is fun, what should you eat now that you’re hungry? Eskişehir, however, has a wide variety of foods to satisfy your stomach!

Cibörek, a delicious cultural artefact introduced to these lands by Crimean and Tatarian immigrants, is probably the most well-known delicacy of Eskişehir’s cuisine. Once you’ve had this kind of börek, it will become one of your favourite Turkish snacks! It contains a stuffing comprised of minced meat, onions, and a few water-soaked spices despite having a crisp outside.

Sivrihisar Muska baklavasi, a version of the well-known Turkish syrupy dessert that differs from the traditional in terms of its preparation method and shape, is the most famous dessert in Eskişehir. If you want to wander the streets, you might as well try to meet helvasi, a sweet treat that goes well with walks.

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Flea and Street Market of Türkiye

November 15, 2022

Flea and Street Market of Türkiye

A flea market is one of the best places to find that unique memory, provided you don’t mind pushing through crowds or haggling over prices. Fabulous flea markets and antique bazaars may be found in Turkey. They are open on various days for everyone to visit and purchase a few gifts and souvenirs for their loved ones. They are spread out over the country. The best places to look for sleek & trendy alternatives to quick clothes are flea markets and thrift shops, excluding specific local boutiques. Let us show you around the antique and flea markets in Turkey so you can find the treasures in plain sight!

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Feriköy Antique Market (İstanbul)

Welcome to the authentic antique tour at Feriköy Antique Market! You can tell right away that this antique market is a fantastic representation of its surroundings. Over 200 vendors at the Feriköy Antique Market are all city residents. Make sure each one has a story to share about the things they offer for sale. Antique coin collections, Turkish weapons, books, vintage jewellery, and clothing are all on display for your viewing pleasure. It’s remarkable how many hotels and old distilleries share the same lovely streets! Many Turkish antiques are available to buy in this market and make fantastic gifts for your friends and family back home. Istanbul’s rich cultural heritage is enhanced by these remarkable artefacts depicting numerous other nations and ethnic groups formerly a part of the Ottoman empire.

Kadıköy Antique Market (İstanbul)

On Kadiköy’s Tellalzade Street, a wide variety of shops present you with vintage items like telescopes, glasses, gaslights, record players, radios, and hidden gems tucked away behind stacks of dusty goods. You’ll undoubtedly be speechless in front of the stunning coffee mugs! Make it a place to stop by the nearby Kadiköy Antique Bazaar, where you may find shops selling elegant furnishings, decor, and various other delicate items to view and collect.

Bodrum Antique Market (Muğla)

Time to leave the beach and head to Bodrum’s Antique Market to browse the excellent second-hand shops there. Several vendors offer textiles, cottons, curtains, tablecloths, the best and most popular towels and bath items made of natural silk, as well as a variety of other home and garden products that may appeal to you in the antique clothes market.

Ayrancı Antique Market (Ankara)

A prominent antique bazaar may be found in Türkiye’s capital city, Ayranci. It takes place on Sundays in a massive market with hundreds of booths. The best vintage experience in Ankara, without a doubt!

Çalıca Flea Market (Antalya)

Calica, in the Mediterranean’s centre, is well known for its antique shops. As you walk through this market, you’ll see hundreds of businesses filled with things you never thought you’d see! There is something for everyone, including furniture, postcards, and photographs from antiquity. Most merchants are simply bursting with goods, so browsing the items is fun whether or not you plan to make a purchase.

Dolapdere Flea Market (İstanbul)

Undoubtedly, the Dolapdere flea market is a hidden gem in the city’s most populated area. You can find almost whatever you’re looking for on early Sunday mornings here. Since you should anticipate something other than incredibly well-organized bazaar stalls, walking around the market could feel chaotic. But that makes the Dolapdere flea market unique, where you can see and interact with individuals from various walks of life. You won’t regret going out into Dolapdere’s streets!

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Seven Lakes National Park: Hidden Paradise above the clouds in (Yedigöller) Region

November 14, 2022

Seven Lakes National Park: Hidden Paradise above the clouds in (Yedigöller) Region

One of Türkiye’s top tourist attractions for nature lovers is the Seven Lakes (Yedigöller) region. The lakes are the area’s name and were formed by landslides. The site has a seasonal climate, and several trees surround the lakes. The Seven Lakes region is a well-liked spot for weekend vacations, camping, and nature tourism because of its richness of flora and fauna. Here are some ideas for planning the ideal trip to Seven Lakes if you have a turkey e visa.


Yedigöller, or the Seven Lakes region of Turkey, spans the northern portion of Bolu Province. The distance between Istanbul and the region is under four hours by vehicle, and numerous bus lines connect Istanbul with Bolu daily. Visitors can go to the Seven Lakes region from Bolu’s centre in roughly an hour using reasonably priced ground transportation. The area is well-liked by tourists all year round, but fall is when the diverse forests are most beautiful. Visitors should pack properly because the seasonal environment and the winter months can get pretty chilly. Due to snowfall and ice conditions throughout the winter, the National Park’s access roads may be closed.

Yedigöller National Park

Yedigöller National Park must be the area’s main draw. In 1965, the nearly 1600-acre park was designated as a national park. City people who wish to escape the crowds and commotion and find peace in a beautiful natural setting frequently resort to this park. The peaceful, forested setting of Yedigoller offers more than just views. Several camping and hiking routes. Bungalows and a restaurant are available for individuals who don’t want to camp. Visitors to Kapankaya have a fantastic opportunity to get a complete glimpse of the distinctive terrain from the observation tower. The tremendous variety of flora and wildlife found in the forests and the beauty of the seven lakes at its centre are two things that all visitors can rely on.


Compared to a large part of the rest of Anatolia, the Seven Lakes region is renowned for its diversity of flora and wildlife. Yedigöller National Park is the ideal location for seeing this diversity. Deer, pigs, wolves, foxes, and squirrel populations have increased in this area due to efficient safeguards. The park includes a separate protected area for the three species of deer that live there. Turkey’s first cultured trout farm was established in Yedigöller National Park, and since then, trout fishing has been a well-liked sport.


Given the variety of species it is home to, the Seven Lakes region may be the most excellent site to visit in Turkey for those who enjoy trees. The majority of the area’s trees are beech trees, although other species include oaks, hornbeams, firs, elms, hazelnuts, spruces, alders, lime trees, black pines, and Scotch pines. Additionally, there are endangered yew species in the area. Particularly photography lovers would like to schedule their trip to the Seven Lakes during the autumn when the gorgeous landscape is painted in warm colours of red, orange, and yellow.

Nature sports & outdoor activities

The Seven Lakes region offers many enjoyable outdoor activities and is one of Turkey’s most well-liked natural retreats. Numerous hiking trails travel around the lake, through woodlands, and even more elevated locations, ranging in length and difficulty. The national park offers a bike road and mountain biking trails for visitors with their bicycles. Lastly, there are sections specifically designated for fishing, where guests can fish for a modest price

Kartalkaya Ski Centre

During the colder months, visitors to the Seven Lakes region should attend the nearby Kartalkaya Ski Centre. The ski resort, an hour’s drive from Bolu’s city centre, is typically open from December to March. Those who can try to travel during the weekdays because the weekends can be pretty crowded with tourists from Ankara and Istanbul.

Turkey has many tourist attractions, but the Seven Lakes Region (Yedigöller) should be at the top of any traveller’s list if they enjoy the outdoors and the outdoors in general, especially the peace of a calm forest.

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Turkey In November – 4 Best Things to Do and More

November 12, 2022

Turkey In November – 4 Best Things to Do and More

Turkey’s geographical diversity, which includes a variety of tourism destinations and seasons, allows for a wide range of experiences and fun activities.

Turkey’s tourism is open to more than a single month or season, although the summer and the early spring are two of the most memorable periods to visit Turkey. We want you to have an awesome time in Turkey, so this is the finest time to apply for a turkey visa online.

What, then, for November tourism in Turkey or autumn in general?

First: the variety of historical and tourist destinations worth seeing.

Second: the chance to take in the gorgeous fall, when nature wears a new black outfit and is incredibly charming and colourful in Istanbul and its neighbouring cities like Kocaeli, Sakarya, Bursa, and even Trabzon and Rize.

Third: Particularly in southern cities like Antalya and Alanya, where winter arrives relatively late, the climate is frequently pleasant, and the area provides the ideal environment for a vacation.

Fourth: Take advantage of the reasons for booking rates for hotels, flights, and even travel costs and car rentals. In general, this period coincides with a decrease in tourism demand compared to the busy summer, which allows you to select the finest travel deals at fair pricing.

Turkish Cities to Visit in November: The Most Important Cities

Some of the most well-known locales that we recommend visiting in Turkey in November or even just in the autumn in general are:

  1. Antalya

Turkey’s South Park, Antalya, is a popular tourist destination for Europeans, Russians, and Arabs. It is located on the Mediterranean coast.

Due to its coastal location close to the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the warm temperatures in Antalya in November, it is well known that the winter in Antalya is pleasant compared to the winters in other Turkish provinces.

  1. Istanbul

Istanbul is a commercial and tourist city with pleasant November weather and light rain. It contains enjoyable tourist attractions, including historical museums and abandoned appeals.

  1. Sakarya

Due to their generally warm climates, Sakarya and Istanbul have similar weather, which frequently varies between 18 and 11 degrees.

It is no secret that Sakarya offers several attractions ideal for winter travel, with Mount Kartepe, a nearby mountain and the nearest ski resort to Istanbul, being the most significant.

In addition, Sapanca Lake has a unique beauty in a stunning natural setting.

  1. Bursa

South of Istanbul, in the beautiful neighbouring cities of Bursa and Yalova, many tourist attractions are worth visiting in November and throughout the entire autumn season.

One of Bursa’s most well-known tourist destinations is Mount Uludag, whose snow-covered peaks can be viewed from Istanbul on clear days while you ride the country’s longest cable car.

In addition, Bursa has a variety of sites to see right in the middle of the city, including the Ottoman village, the perennial tree, & numerous museums.

  1. Yalova

The thermal springs in Yalova, which are close to Bursa, are recommended for those who enjoy swimming in warm water because they offer the best experiences at this time of year.

Top Turkey Travel Attractions in November

Different people have different ambitions and travel objectives in Turkey in the autumn: suggests vacations in Antalya, Fethiye, or Marmaris, popular tourist destinations with enticing natural beauty near the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, if you want to enjoy pleasant autumn tourism in Turkey.

History buffs will surely appreciate a vacation in Istanbul, Bursa, and the neighbouring areas, rich in old civilisation landmarks, Ottoman palaces, and several museums that welcome visitors. These locations are ideal for travel in the autumn and winter months.

Those who enjoy winter sports and activities may be lucky enough to practise them in November on Mount Kartepe in Kocaeli, close to Sakarya and Sapanca Lake, Masukiye, and other beautiful tourist destinations in that area, or even on the heights of Mount Uludag relative to Bursa.

Tours in Turkey in November with

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10 Fantastic Turkish Souvenirs to Bring Home with You from Local Crafts Shops in Türkiye

November 10, 2022

10 Fantastic Turkish Souvenirs to Bring Home with You from Local Crafts Shops in Türkiye

Travelling to Türkiye is an artistic experience in and of itself. You will make unforgettable memories no matter what city you decide to visit or how you spend your time there. But don’t forget to add souvenirs to your trip as a perfect finish! Small, inexpensive gifts will act as souvenirs to help you remember the pleasant experiences you had while travelling. Fortunately, the best souvenirs in Türkiye come in a wide variety, from practical to purely decorative. Before you start shopping, study the top 10 Turkish souvenirs available at Turkish shops!

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1- Gaziantep – Mother of Pearl Inlaid Crafts

Carving and inlay methods are used in mother-of-pearl artistry to create beautiful, attention-grabbing images. Mother-of-pearl is typically favoured for jewellery and decorative items that are highly adored and purchased, as well as combs, backgammon sets, and other things that have a special place in Turkish culture. Today, the region of Gaziantep is home to experienced masters in this profession. Products with mother-of-pearl inlay will be among the most treasured mementoes you can give to your loved ones from Turkey thanks to its alluring beauty!

2- Kütahya – Ceramicware

The greatest spot to purchase ceramic souvenirs with fine creativity and tile art is in the province of Kütahya. Since more than 3000 years ago, ceramic gifts and products have been created in Kütahya. Of course, the “Ciniciler carşisi” is the destination for tourists looking to buy tile and ceramic souvenirs (Ceramist Bazaar).

A close inspection of ceramics may reveal historical traces. To glam up the styling of your home, you may buy plates, glassware, and vases in both conventional and contemporary designs.

3- Kayseri (Soğanlı) – Rag Doll

Rag dolls, also known as Soganli bebekleri or Soganli infants, are expertly crafted by local women in Kayseri’s Soganli village. They rank among the most well-liked and genuine souvenirs from the area. The fabric is artistically adorned with vibrant beads and sequins and is carefully stitched around the wooden sticks. These dolls, which feature hand-knitted Anatolian designs, make beautiful presents for friends, family, and kids in particular!

4- Bursa – Silk Weaving

Bursa’s handmade silk weavings are among Turkey’s most expensive and sought-after souvenirs. The fabric is so soft that once you touch it, you’ll think you’re feeling the clouds. To your surprise, you can choose from various traditional and modern styles.

Products made of silk are readily available in Bursa. Koza Han, often known as “Cocoon Han,” is a well-known hub for silk souvenirs and is home to many gift shops.

5- Aydın (Karacasu) – Pottery 

In the Karacasu district of Aydin, pottery is a traditional craft passed down from father to son. The intense red colour of Karacasu pottery, which results from the region’s unusually red soil, makes it distinctive. Additionally, it is free of any dangerous chemicals. Beautiful trays, pans, glasses, vases, and teapots crafted using traditional techniques are ready for you to give as gifts to your loved ones or even for yourself!

6- Gaziantep – Copperware

Coppersmithing has been done in Gaziantep since ancient times. It can be pretty expensive because it’s a laborious skill that occasionally requires weeks or even months to complete a single piece. You can find a wide variety of eye-catching souvenirs that will spark the curiosity of your neighbours, from various types of souvenirs to cezve to make real Turkish coffee!

7- Eskişehir – Meerschaum Products

An essential element of Eskişehir’s symbology is meerschaum. Despite having a 5000-year history, it hasn’t suffered from its fame. Eskişehir is Meerschaum heaven because it is home to most of the world’s reserves. It is used to create souvenirs for various purposes, including making jewellery, tobacco pipes, and adorable trinkets. For your loved ones, they’ll be gifts they won’t soon forget.

8- Denizli – Yatağan Swords & Knives

The Ottoman army and the Aegean Efe relied heavily on the swords and knives made by Yataan (swashbucklers). Excellently crafted, the Yatagan sword is highly agile due to its sharpness, lightness, and a short length. Its gently curved shape gives it a distinctive look.

Highly trained artisans use an anvil and hammer to forge Yatagan swords and knives, quenched with conventional steel. They might make fascinating gifts for your pals who enjoy collecting and history!

9- İzmir – Hand-made Rugs (Bergama)

Carpet and kilim weaving, one of the most complex handicrafts in the Bergama region, offers a lovely chance to surprise your loved ones. Bergama’s handcrafted rugs go through a lengthy procedure before they get to you. To ensure that Bergama rugs and carpets retain their brilliant colour for many years, woollen threads are dyed using the roots of several plants. They are thick and durable by ladies with little fingers who weave them.

10- Çankırı – Salt Lamp

Because they enhance the look of any place in the home or office, salt lamps make excellent souvenir choices. Its main ingredient is crystal rock salt, which is understood to be entirely natural. It’s also known to offer a wide range of medical treatments due to the negative ions it emits. On special occasions, you could give them as gifts to your loved ones. They instantly lift one’s spirits and are visually appealing!

Apply for a turkey e-visa online and plan your trip immediately to shop for souvenirs from Local Crafts Shops in Türkiye!


Port Of Istanbul – All You Need to Know Before You Go

November 9, 2022

Port Of Istanbul – All You Need to Know Before You Go

Turkey’s largest city is Istanbul. It is the largest border metropolis between Asia and Europe and enjoys the best geographical location globally. Additionally, you can see that the city combines both modern Western and traditional Eastern cultures. Istanbul is home to the best seaport in Turkey. Turkey primarily has three ports for shipping. They are the Port of Zeytinburnu, the Port of Ambarli, and the Port of Haydarpasa. Other names for the Haydarpasa include the Port of Istanbul. Additionally, it offers hinterland and transit connections to the Black Sea and the Middle East. This dock is one of the most important container ports in the Mediterranean.

Port of Istanbul Overview

The Port of Istanbul, also known as Port Haider Pasha, is at the southern entry to the Bosphorus. The overall size of Istanbul’s port is 343,420 square metres. Traditional goods, containers, and Ro-ro are transported at the port. The Mediterranean Sea and the Balkan Sea are serviced by many cruise ships that dock at Istanbul. Additionally, connect with to apply for a turkey e visa if you plan a trip there. Please find a list of the famous cruise ships that visit Turkey below.

Cruise Ships – Port Of Istanbul

Costa Venezia

MSC Fantasia

Celebrity Cruise – 3 Cruises

Black Sea Cruise

Costa Venezia

In 2019, the Cruise went on and finished its maiden voyage. 5260 guests can board the cruise ship. Numerous Mainstream cruise ships for various locations are available at Costa Venezia. Balkan cities, like those in Northern Europe. Additionally, Costa Venezia was created exclusively for Chinese visitors. The timetable for 2022 has already begun. Numerous itineraries can be booked for either 7 or 14 days. Itineraries cover the months of May through November as well.

Cabin: Balcony, Oceanview, Inside Cabin, and Suite are a few varieties of Cabins. Casinos, a theatre (Rosso Theatre), and Casanova Restaurant are amenities offered on the cruise ship.

Inclusions: Port fees, a full-board breakfast, transportation from the airport to the cruise terminal, gala dinner performances, a swimming pool, and a fitness centre are included. Additionally, professional singers and dancers perform in entertainment shows.

Route: From Istanbul’s port, the Mainstream Cruise ship travels to Izmir, Mykonos (Mykonos Island), Greece’s Cyclades Islands, the Piraeus Islands, and then back to Istanbul.

Purchasing Notes: Passports from a few countries demand a Schengen visa. The most affordable options are all given in Euros per person, double occupancy.

MSC Fantasia

The flagship of MSC Cruises is a piece of Italian design art that perfectly combines cutting-edge technology, elegance, and upscale facilities. Fantasia, one of the MSC Cruise ships, departs from Istanbul. Guests will use Swarovski crystal steps for the first time on a ship. Additionally, a transparent roof allows passengers to take in all the romance of sailing while enjoying the starry night. In 2008, this cruise ship set sail for the first time. There is enough for 3959 guests on the ship.

Cabins: The many cabin styles include Suite YC Deluxe, Ocean View Bella, Ocean View Fantasia, Balcony Bella, Balcony Fantasia, and Balcony Aurea.

Includes a Port fee ($160), entire board, airport-to-ship port transportation, gala dinner shows, swimming pool, and fitness centre. The Captain’s Welcome Party, as well as performances by singers and dancers, are entertainment shows.

Route: This is for an 11-day tour with 10 nights. Istanbul Port serves as the point of departure, followed by Corfu, Trieste, Zadar, Bari, Piraeus, and Istanbul.

Purchasing Notes: A Schengen visa is needed for passports from specific nations. The most affordable options are all given in Euros per person, double occupancy. Included are the government’s taxes.

Celebrity Cruises

Let’s set sail on one of the world’s best and most popular cruises, which is designed to visit several locations. Celebrity Cruises’ first trip, celebrity Horizon, took place in 1991. Additionally, some cruises stop at Turkish seaports. There are three major cruise ship routes.

  1. Celebrity Beyond – 11 Nights

Celebrity Beyond will perform this season, Spring 2022, the Maiden Voyage. 3260 double occupancies are available on this Cruise. This Cruise departs from Rome and stops at Sicily, Mykonos, Piraeus, Istanbul’s port, Ephesus, Santorini, Naples, and Rome before returning to Rome.

The Celebrity Beyond cruise offers fantastic activities. The great plaza, Resort Deck, Eden, The Theatre on Beyond, clubs, and celebrity shops are among the onboard amenities.

  1. Celebrity Reflection – 11 Nights

Several new features have just been introduced to Celebrity Reflection. Additionally, the Main Restaurant will provide more than 20 delicious places to eat. The Cruise route starts in Rome and continues to Sicily, Mykonos, Piraeus, Istanbul’s port, Ephesus, Santorini, Naples, and Rome.

The Opus Restaurant, Ensemble Lounge, Retreat (high-end resort), fitness centre, jogging track, and casino are among the facilities on board.

  1. Celebrity Edge – 12 Nights

The Celebrity Edge was a turning point in ship design. We created the most technologically advanced ship at sea with features like the Magic Carpet and private plunge pools in our Edge Villas. There are 2,918 passengers on board the ship. The journey begins in Rome and ends in Rome after travelling to Chania (Greece), Rhodes, Santorini, Mykonos, the Port of Istanbul, Ephesus, and Naples.

The Sunset bar, Tuscan Restaurant, Iconic Suite, Theatre, Rooftop Garden, and the shops on Edge are among the facilities available on board.

Black Sea Cruise -11 Nights

On this 11-night round-trip cruise from Istanbul, you’ll see some of the most stunning and peaceful spots in the Black Sea region. Explore the numerous Crimean and Ottoman sites, discover the Roman and Byzantine history, and take in the magnificence of Europe’s dark shorelines. The starting price for a ticket is $2000.

The routes travel from the Port of Istanbul to Odesa, Sochi, Sevastopol, Yalta, and Burgas.

Check out to find the best Turkey Visa Online options if you’re planning a trip and want to take one of these cruises.


Fertile Lands & Jungles in TurkAegean

November 8, 2022

Fertile Lands & Jungles in TurkAegean

The Turkish Aegean coast is one of those spots that Mother Nature loves. Clear waves, beautiful landscapes, isolated beaches, mouthwatering food, and genuinely kind people… You are warmly welcomed by TurkAegean, which has a long history. Now we want to know why you are delayed in applying for a turkey e visa to explore this 9th wonder of the world.

Imagine a region with a hospitable environment where different crops can be produced all year long. Tasty fruits and vegetables can be found in the soil, which has been nurtured for hundreds of years and is fed by several streams. Nature rewards everyone with serene beaches, blue water, and lush greenery. A variety of flavours is available at TurkAegean!

Beautiful Villages

Turkey, which stretches to the Aegean Sea, can charm visitors with its cosy seaside towns and its typical little villages, vineyards, orchards, and olive groves. The main characteristics of the traditional villages in TurkAegean are cobblestone streets, picture-perfect coffee shops, and town squares surrounded by hundred years of trees. The day begins early in the winding, shaded lanes of adorable small towns.

Animals that are adored and fed by the people frequently add to the picturesque surroundings and agricultural items in the décor. A steady, cooling sea wind is another essential component of daily existence. Old stone buildings and villas that have been restored serve as bed-and-breakfast-operated boutique hotels, where breakfast is an incident with all freshly picked vegetables straight from the garden.

Made in Heaven

Mother Earth is kind enough to provide delicious fruits and veggies since the soil and environment are appropriate for growing a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Additionally common in the area are olive groves and olive oil processing. The Aegean region is a silvery-green diamond providing 75% of all olives in Türkiye, the staple of Turkish cuisine, as olive tree farming dates back thousands of years.

The TurkAegean is a region where the sun’s rays support the olive orchards growing among centuries’ worth of polished marble.

When harvested and eaten fresh, olive tree fruit is bitter. On the other hand, the tree is the source of a lot of visually appealing and delicious stuff, such as olives that may be pickled or salted for delicious breakfasts or as meze.

Dry twigs are turned into dinnerware that adds a rustic feel, olive oil has been used for healing in addition to cooking and dressing, and olive leaves produce a tasty and healthy tea.

Wine is another item produced in the area and has been for a long time. Anatolia first shows signs of viticulture around 7000 BCE. Turkish vineyards currently make various wines using regional grapes from Anatolia using their invaluable expertise that has been passed down through the years. With a long history of producing wine, Urla has a unique terroir that benefits from its location on a peninsula bordered by the sea, a suitable climate, a wet soil structure, and iodized air. The Urla Vineyard Route provides exquisite, award-winning wines made from grapes with a 6,000-year history, tranquil vineyard walks, world-class wineries in small and premium enterprises, and fine dining venues with distinctive flavours.

Seferihisar in the ancient city of Teos in Izmir is home to the most important temple in Anatolia, dedicated to Dionysus, the god of wine.

A Feast for the Tastebuds

Olive oil and fresh ingredients are the foundation of delicious regional cuisine. Aegean cuisine, famous for its olive oil-based dishes, takes you on a remarkable dining journey filled with distinctive flavours. Explore this feast of incredible flavours now.

The cuisine features various zeytinyagli yemekler—vegetable dishes cooked in olive oil—dishes. Traditional food relies more on delicious fresh ingredients and less on seasonings. As a result, Aegean cuisine has a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Numerous wild edible herbs and vegetables, including nettles, mallows, chicory, mushrooms, wild spears, and wild samphire from the seaside, are used in the cuisine. Some recipes contain flavours from the numerous citrus groves in the Bodrum region, which balance the olive oil and enhance the flavours.

Avoid missing out on filled squash flowers, a summertime treat that is a seasonal classic. The right moment is chosen for picking the blossoms, and the bitter seeds are removed with care. One of the most unusual yet delicious flavours in food is squash flowers, which are filled with rice and herbs like mint, parsley, and dill and cooked in olive oil. Delicious Green Festivals

The Alaçati Herb Festival, which takes place in April, celebrates the herbs and wild greens that feature Aegean cooking. As part of the festival menu, attendees enjoy a range of cuisines prepared in the area.

The nearby neighbourhood of Urla likewise highlights the humble artichoke, presenting it as a delicious, healthful, traditional, and enjoyable vegetable. Every year in April, Urla celebrates the artichoke. Fields around Seferihisar and the seaside village of Sack, both 30 minutes drive from Urla, offer tranquil locations that blend blue and green hues.

Additionally, Seferihisar was the first Turkish town to be awarded the Cittaslow title as a critic of the standardization of cities and as a member of the Cittaslow movement, which seeks to improve the value of life in towns by slowing down the pace of public life. Alternative ecotourism projects sustain the town’s distinctive personality and provide guests with various absolute accommodations and food options.

Open-air Markets

The abundance of fresh produce and the beautiful weather require the presence of vibrant open markets. Yes, outdoor needs are the next place to visit on the list. Here, you can find all the regional goods that support the growth of regional cuisine. A sizable portion of the streets is lined with farmers’ markets. The culmination of locally grown and produced Aegean goods, including cheese varieties, nuts, dried figs, fresh herbs, olives, olive oil, vegetables, and fruits, may be found here.

Some large open-air township markets, like Tire and Ayvalik, serve as tourist attractions. Local governments provide guided tours in foreign languages to make a trip to the town market memorable. Now, take your time to inspect every market stall to admire the product’s colours and shapes, let beautiful aromas and flavours inspire you, and take in exquisite and aesthetically appealing market scenes. It’s time to experience something thrilling!

A Sincere Welcome

Because of the variety of cultures, people of this area can greet visitors, especially those who come as a surprise, with open arms and enjoy their meals with them. A cup of coffee is said to “commit one to forty years of friendship,” and at TurkAegean, visitors come to make friends.

In the small town square, relax with a cup of Turkish coffee at a kahvehane, a typical local coffee shop. Explore the orchards and taste a juicy fruit right off the tree. Observe the creation of olive oil using the olives collected from the sizable olive groves. Select your preferred vegetables at a market stall. Spend time tasting local wines to appreciate how well they pair with traditional cuisine produced with the freshest ingredients. Simply put, take your time and enjoy life. Please apply for a turkey e visa and visit TurkAegean with us!