Top 10 Attractions to See in Istanbul

April 10, 2021

Istanbul, previously known as Constantinople, is on everybody’s travel list. Visiting the city requires a turkey visa with a minimum of 6 months validity in your passport. Once you reach the town, hire a travel guide that maximizes your time and enjoyment. It allows you to take in the main highlights at a comfortable pace and appreciate the atmosphere. Istanbul’s position, at the middle of Europe and Asia, make it one of the world’s most visited city, as well as one packed with a vivid Byzantine history. Gourmet dining, fascinating construction, along of kind shopping bring the discriminating tourist back time after time.

Your touring list should include:

(1) The Blue Mosque has become one of the highly trendy charms in the city. It is the national mosque of the country and identified after the blue tiles decorating the interior walls. It is the only regal mosque with six minarets.

(2) The genuinely breath-taking Hagia Sophia was first a Convoluted Church, then an Ottoman Mosque and now a Turkish museum. Today the mixture walls and vaulted halls hint at its former triumph. The fantastic collections and paintings in the upper gallery are among the most visited in the city.

(3) The Hippodrome was the centre of events in old Istanbul. Envision the spans of rowdy chariot races, gladiator bouts and grand celebrations on these grounds. During modern festivals, the trees above the park are strung with white illuminations, and temporary camps full of traditional cuisine are along the perimeter. The Obelisk, near the bottom of the Hippodrome, is the 13th century. A substantial block of marble, weighing over 60 tons, shifted to Istanbul by Emperor Theodosius; from Luxor’s shrine in Egypt.

(4) Topkapi Fort was once the centre of Ottoman power for three centuries. Full half a day is required to explore the Palace. Insider’s Tip: The must see’s are The Harem, Royal Treasury, and the secret courtyard’s views.

(5) Go loco for Lokum (Turkish Savours)! The Egyptian Spice Bazaar is a distinctive shopping experience; give yourself a couple of hours to roam through the back street and stalls. Explore one of the best deli’s, known for its honeycomb and Turkish cheeses. Go through the bazaar to taste delicious Turkish Delights (sweet candies in various flavours – including pistachio!); honey-covered mulberries, dried figs loaded with walnuts, assorted flavours and of course, Turkish coffee!

(6) Enjoy a favourite of visitors, a half or full-day Bosphorus River travel. It is a gentle way of getting across one of the planet’s busiest waterways and spotting some significant attractions along the way! See the gorgeous beach houses, luxurious parks and palaces while sitting back and having your favourite drink. Get up close and sail under the Bosphorus bridge, look at the Ottoman elite and the Sultan’s lovely gingerbread fortresses and hunting lodges.

(7) The Grand Bazaar is one of the finest markets in the world. The official name in Turkey is Kapali Carsi, and it is also recognized as the covered market. The Grand Bazaar was built soon after the triumph of Constantinople. Today it houses over 4,000 shops, with a vast range of goods. If you can’t discover it here, you don’t need it!

(8) Be a king for an hour or two at the Dolmabahce Fort. The Palace, with its white stone’s face, is striking when seen from the water; but the interior trumps it. The work of French decorator, Sechan, who worked on the Paris Opera House, is a must-see. This ancient structure gives luxury a whole new meaning. Visualize a resident with 285 rooms, six baths, 68 toilets and a ceiling made of 14 tons of gold! Dolmabahce Fort is one such fantastic structure. Insiders Tip: With your guided trip, you will be sure to see the crystal chandelier, crystal staircase and prime fur rug!

(9) Try the local food. Authentic Turkish food is a far cry from kebabs over rice. Prepare your appetite for a mix of culinary influences. Expect grilled chickens and fish, mixtures mixed with rice, almonds, and pistachios. Broad menus with a marvellous selection of mezes (Read: appetizer-size portions) include gourmet delights with shrimp, octopus, beef, and eggplant. The wine collections from Turkey are ‘award winning’ excellent and available all over the wine bars and restaurants in the city.

(10) Last but not least, the notorious Turkish rugs! Turkish handmade and machine knotted carpets and rugs are known worldwide for their rich colours, elaborate designs, and superb artistry. They are highly sought-after pieces by collectors and museums. One location in Istanbul where you can discover the types and fabrication is the Museum of Turkish Carpets, situated across from the Ibrahim Pasha Palace.

Modern thrill makes Istanbul one of the hottest destinations around the world. It is the most eastern part of Europe and the most western part of Asia. Come and feel the history, the rare and modern all in one charming city. Istanbul makes for a great city stay and if you selected, use it as a centre for which to start your sightseeing through Turkey.

A short flight to Cappadocia to trip the chimney residences, cave inns and take a hot air balloon ride over the unique landscape is lovely. One More short trip to visit Kusadasi, the port town, is an easy drive to visit Ephesus; seeing other ancient ruins is worth the trip. And finally, a beach stays in Bodrum, to rest before your departure home.

All in all, Turkey is a one-of-a-kind destination, present so much to see and experience! Take your bite and enjoy it slowly.