Travel Guide for Ankara, Turkey

April 26, 2021

Travel Guide for Ankara, Turkey

There is some outstanding shopping to be had in Ankara, The Capital City. This is an integral part of your Trip to bring home a bargain from the traditional Bazaars. After negotiating the rate down on a leather jacket or purchasing designer dresses from the boutiques, you won’t be short of other shops and markets to sell everything from exotic fruit and vegetables to the traditional rug stores where they have various classic handmade carpets. Outside of Ankara, there is a new variety and a lot of bigger shops and bazaars.


Ankara has its wonderful natural beach that recommends regular tourist water sports with jet skiing and swimming in the warm beryl sea. There are dozens of sunbeds to chill out on while the heat soars above 30 degrees throughout the summertime, and with lots of beverage outlets close by, you will be able to make sure you stay hydrated. A high sun factor is advised, especially for younger children. Malibu beach tends to entice the more youthful crowd, so it can be very dynamic and not essentially perfect for families.


Ankara comes vibrantly at night with fun everywhere, from the bars and cafes to family entertainment like belly dancing in your hotel. There are movies in the city as well as a good theatre. For the young and vigorous, then downtown is the location for you to dance the night out in one of the lively nightclubs playing the international hits of R&B, trance, and hip hop. Be careful that the locals can be a bit over-friendly with the visitors, but they don’t mean any hurt. For those requiring something less energetic, try some “individuals watching” as you have a delightful meal from the range of foods served in the fine restaurants to the region.

Things to do

There isn’t much to do in Ankara, but it’s a perfect position to start exploring the suburbs, where you will discover, so lot to do and imagine you won’t know what to take first. I recommend a tour where you will be able to explore some Byzantine design or venture out to the mud baths. These are very trendy; it’s quite an experience, and the children will enjoy it. Then you can find a scrub down in the local Turkish baths. For the golf enthusiasts then the Hilton Hotel has a vast golf course. A must-do is the ancient city of Ephesus, where you can see the door of Hercules and the Temple of Emperor Domitian. It is around 4 hrs drive away from Dalaman, but it is a good value for the journey. So is the one to Dalyan to see the loggerhead turtles that live on the secure beach there. It’s a perfect journey for wildlife lovers as the vicinity is also home to other wildlife like the Sparrow Hawk. The most amazing site that is around 53km away is the city of Fethiye, with the marvellous tombs shaped out of the rock face. There are various other ancient ruins for you to travel to in this capital too. For those of you desiring something dangerous and exciting, Ankara offers a widespread interest in white-water rafting. Be assured you are provided with safety helmets and a life jacket on this Trip.

Happy Holidays

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