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5 Best Ancient Temples in Turkey That Are Amazing to Visit

Turkey’s temples never fail to captivate history buffs. Tourists are mesmerised by Turkey’s stunning temples and architectural features. Turkey is already well-known around the globe for its magnificent architecture and breathtaking natural elements, that is why tourists from all over the planet rush to this lovely country. However, Turkey’s stunning temples are only one of the many reasons to come. So, apply for your turkey e visa application right away!

Top 5 Temples in Turkey

Temples are usually an interesting expression of a country’s incredible historical and cultural presence. These temples are unlike anything else globally, and they are only found in a few places throughout the world. So, let’s have a look at Turkey’s five most stunning temples.

  1. Ephesus Temple

According to Pausanias, this temple was built by the son of the river deity Caystrus, Ephesus. However, Egyptian merchants built this temple in honour of Artemis, which is why it is also known as the Temple of Artemis. This Greek temple is so well-known that the little town of Ephesus, located near Selcuk, a modern Turkish city, is also known as Ephesus. It has been reconstructed three times. It was designated as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World once it was built.

2. Gobkeli Tepe Temple

According to archaeologists, it is the world’s oldest temple, giving tourists even more reason to come. The Gobkeli Tepe temple is one of the world’s most important and well-known archaeological sites. If you’re curious about the age of Gobkeli Tepe, it’s estimated to be 10,000 years old. According to legend, Gobkeli Tepe in Turkey is the world’s oldest temple. Gobkeli Tepe temple draws visitors from all over the world because of its archaeological and historical significance. Gobekli Tepe Temple is a 1000-foot-long slant built at the most imperative explanation behind a mountain edge, roughly 9 kilometres higher east of Sanliurfa (Urfa) in southeastern Turkey.

The Gobekli Tepe temple comprises four incredible and powerful segments connected by regions of coarsely produced dry stone dividers to shape circuitous or oval structures. Any eyeballs will be drawn to this perfectly built temple shape. The crossing distance between the structures varies from 33 and 98 feet, and the structures feature terrazzo floors. Each erratic’s point of convergence has two massive parts partially surrounded by smaller stones that rise to the interior. Archaeologists believe that these pieces previously supported housetops. As a result, this temple is one of Turkey’s most visited temples due to its artistic and archaeological significance. Visitors are mesmerised by this when they consider the rapid emergence of civilisation at such a young age.

3. Aphrodisias Temple

Aphrodisias Temple, located in the ancient city of love, is regarded as one of Turkey’s incredible ruins. Aphrodite was a Greek goddess of love, and Aphrodisias Temple is named for her. This temple is located in Geyre, a picturesque and modest contemporary hamlet situated about 100 kilometres from the Aegean Sea. This temple was added to the UNESCO world heritage list in 2017, resulting in a significant surge in tourist. The architectural structure of this temple is such that the sculptors became well-known very immediately after it was built. The idol of Aphrodite of Aphrodisias rises tall in this famed Greek temple. She is thought to be the most well-known and largest cult image in the area. This renowned temple draws many visitors and archaeologists to its location for various historically and archaeologically significant reasons.

4. Berhamkale Temple

Beramkale Temple, one of Turkey’s lesser-known temples, is a spectacular structure, particularly for its dramatic vistas. There is also a small stone beach nearby, which adds to the attractiveness of the temple’s community. Unlike many other ancient sites, visitors to this temple may see the sea and a hilltop simultaneously, which is a big draw for visitors to this scenic location. If history books are to be trusted, this temple town, Assos, was modest but historically wealthy. This temple, which is mainly unnoticed and unheard by most travellers, is a must-see for individuals who enjoy discovering new places throughout the world, and it will not disappoint them.

5. The Temple of Apollo

Apollo’s temple is the last on this list, yet it is not the least gorgeous and unique. Even though it is partially demolished, this temple of Apollo continues to attract numerous tourists from all over the world to Turkey. Apollo’s temples, which are still visible today, make it an incredible destination to visit since they captivate visitors with their architectural and sculptural constructions. This temple also offers a lovely natural setting that appeals to both history and nature enthusiasts. If someone is considering a trip to Turkey, they must, without a doubt, pay a visit to this beautiful country.

Turkey temples are as well-known as their architectural and archaeological wonders, providing even more reasons for travellers to come. Turkey’s temples are incredible examples of humanity’s historical progress and achievements. This provides us with real-life examples of their architectural accomplishments, which are in some cases significantly superior to those of the current world. So, why wait, apply for a turkey visa online and planning visiting Turkey later? So, pack your luggage, apply for a turkey e visa, book your flights, and go to this land of gorgeous temples without delay.

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