9 Best Places for Shopping in Istanbul

January 14, 2023

Istanbul has a long, diverse history dating back thousands of years. Even in the shopping is where the city’s multiracial structure from the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman eras is evident. This article lists numerous places to shop in Istanbul, including well-known streets found within shopping malls and historic areas like the Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar.

Visiting a historical site or a street market in Istanbul is a very different experience from going to a mall. Locals, shopping at a mall in Istanbul is very different from visiting a historical site or a street bazaar. However, it’s impossible to prefer one over the other! Therefore, while visiting Istanbul, you should visit each shopping location we’ll discuss in this post, from the modern streets to the historic alleys.

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Places to Shop in İstanbul

Several key areas are covered in our list of places to shop in Istanbul. As a tour operator with years of experience in Istanbul, we have carefully studied the purchasing behaviours of both domestic and international visitors. As a result, we have developed a shopping guide for Istanbul that highlights the city’s traditional bazaars and streets.

İstiklal Street

Opening embassy buildings, banks, and hotels in the Ottoman capital brought attention to this region, and wealthy non-Muslim city residents participated in intense competition to construct attractive buildings there. Even though we often miss the architectural wonders of Beyoglu as we wander around Istiklal Street today, looking at the bright windows at eye level. As you take in this old ambience, numerous shops are dispersed to the right and left of the street. Everything you could think of, including clothing, jewellery, and souvenirs, may be found here!


One of Istanbul’s rising stars is Galata. Wonderful gift shops have just popped up everywhere around Galata Tower. Also included are several lovely concept shops. Galata stands out among the major shopping areas in Istanbul, without a doubt. While shopping here, you may enjoy an architectural feast.


The most well-known streets in Nişantaşi, home to luxury shops and boutiques with unique design goods, are Abdi iPekçi Street and Mim Kemal Oke Street.

You can get lost in Nişantaşi’s back streets, especially if you’re seeking evening dresses, and visit the businesses that sell the newest styles of these dresses. Abdi iPekçi Street, which runs from Maçka to Nişantaşi and has more than 50 premium shops, is similar to an outdoor shopping mall.


Between the Spice Bazaar & the Grand Bazaar are shopping areas in Eminönü. On the weekends, it can be challenging to find a spot, even to take a step between Uzunçarşi Street and Mahmutpaşa Hill, located between two iconic bazaars in Istanbul.

Spice Bazaar

For many years, spices from India and silk fabrics from China were transported to Egypt by caravans before being shipped to Istanbul. These priceless trade goods were shipped to Europe by Genoese and Venetians who resided in Istanbul. The public was given access to some of these crucial trade goods in Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar. In the centre of the Eminönü district, near the Yeni Mosque, the Spice Bazaar is still a popular destination for locals and visitors from abroad.

Uzunçarşı Street

The name of the gentle slope that runs from Eminönü’s beach to the Grand Bazaar Türkiye is Uzunçarşi Street. On the street, you may find a variety of offices, shops, and dining and drinking facilities. We advise you to visit this shop if you wish to have a vintage shopping experience in the Historical Peninsula. Many shopping items are also far less expensive here than they are elsewhere.

Grand Bazaar

The Grand Market comes to mind when we think of an actual bazaar in Istanbul. This ancient market, filled with many souvenirs, will give your journey a unique flavour. Regardless of what you choose to purchase from Türkiye, this location will inspire you much. You may find handmade Turkish carpets with classic designs, unique golden jewellery, delicious Turkish desserts, enticing local spices, and much more!


Sultanahmet was among the most significant shopping areas in Istanbul today and during the Ottoman era. The districts around Sultanahmet, including Beyazit, Eminönü, and Unkapani, are the most important shopping areas in the city when you look at the Ottoman era. Famous Istanbul shopping centres like Arasta Bazaar, Grand Bazaar, and Nuruosmaniye Street can be found in Sultanahmet.


On the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, Kadiköy is one of the first places to mind for shopping. From Bahariye Street to Bagdat Street, significant shopping streets lead from Kadiköy’s beach to the fish market. It is an attractive option for browsing clothing and gift shops while taking a souvenir.

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