Explore Istiklal Street (Istanbul) in 2022

December 3, 2022

Explore Istiklal Street (Istanbul) in 2022

Istiklal Street is one of Istanbul’s most attractive areas; it is filled with exciting events and a friendly ambience that draws tourists and locals. Both daytime and night-time visits to the street are suitable options because they offer unique experiences. You are strongly advised to apply for a turkey visa online and visit the street at both times to appreciate its beauty fully. Here, we’ll discuss the best activities you can do and what to do in the street.


The street is well-known for its assortment of shops, and there are plenty of things to buy there. Local and international clothing brands are both available, and both are excellent choices because of the numerous discounts the shops offer, which draw tourists daily to take advantage of them. Additionally, many merchants gather on this street to show their handcrafted antiques, so if you ever want to purchase a souvenir or a gift for someone, this is the location to do so.


Since the beginning, immigrants to Istanbul founded numerous Christian and some Jewish colonies, and many of these colonies built churches next to them. One of the lovely churches on Istiklal Street is St. Anthony of Padua; the first structure was constructed in 1725 by the Italian community and afterwards replaced with a more modern design based on the exact location. The more recent system was built between 1906 and 1912 and is in the Neo-Gothic architectural style. The Church of St. Mary Draperis, a Roman Catholic church with equally stunning architecture as St. Anthony, is next on our list. One of the Orthodox Jewish synagogues in the region is called Neve Shalom, and it has been the target of three terrorist attacks: in 1986, 1992, & 2003.


Istiklal Area is well known for its vibrant nightlife. From nightclubs to bars and pubs, the street is alive from dark until morning. You can experience either of these in Istiklal Street, whether you want to rest in a pub or have a night packed with fun and music. Each of these offers the required experience to let you live the most incredible nightlife.


One of Istanbul’s magnificent landmarks, the Galata Tower, was used by the Ottomans to spot fires in the city. It has a fascinating past and a stunning view over the Golden Horn of Istanbul.

Today, the tower includes a nightclub and a restaurant on top, and you can take the elevators up there to prevent bothering about the stairs. Although there are three stairs to climb to reach the restaurant, the tower’s 360-degree view is worth the wait.

The area around this tower is quite interesting; there are many cafés and restaurants, many of which have the best views of the tower, while other businesses, such as bars, provide a pleasant ambience in which you may unwind. You can walk from Istiklal Street to the tower, which lies at the end of the street, or you can walk there from the Karakoy Tram Station.

You can also visit Taksim Square, one of the area’s famous squares and a popular gathering place for travellers. Istiklal Street provides numerous activities, and visitors and residents frequent the street often since they realise it’s the best location to unwind and enjoy themselves. You can purchase souvenirs or shop for clothing from various brands on the street. Spending the evening at one of the street’s pubs or nightclubs is another enjoyable option.

If you are looking for the best escape, apply for a Turkish visa online and visit Istiklal Street once in a lifetime.