Taksim square, the Heart and Soul of Istanbul, Turkey

October 28, 2021

Taksim square, the Heart and Soul of Istanbul, Turkey

Taksim Square in Istanbul is one of Turkey’s most popular and frequented destinations. The city, which is located in Istanbul’s northeastern suburbs, is known for its history. Despite its rich past, it is also known for its technological advancements. Taksim Square is, without question, Istanbul’s central hub. In Taksim Square, there is never a dull moment. Spending a peaceful evening meandering through Taksim’s streets and historical viewing sites might be an excellent way to pass the time.

A trip to Istanbul isn’t complete without a stop at Taksim Square. However, apply for a turkey visa online first. After that, you can enjoy authentic Turkish food in addition to roaming around and admiring the landmarks.

History of Taksim Square

The Ottoman Sultan Mahmud I set out the city in the late 1800s. As water from the north side of Istanbul is collected and supplied to the rest of the country, Taksim means division or dispersal. Water resources were spread equitably across the country thanks to the construction of power lines. There are numerous historical stories to be told at Taksim Square, and various monuments portray significant events.

Why Taksim square is a must-visit?

Taksim is also Istanbul’s busiest district, with several hotels, restaurants, and art galleries. This is undoubtedly the most acceptable spot for art lovers, as you can experience the area’s antiques while also travelling back in time to Istanbul’s past. Turkish food is also available at restaurants. Your enjoyment will be found on every corner of the street. There will be street musicians offering soothing music. Taksim Square is a must-see in Istanbul for all of these reasons.

Things to do in the Taksim Square

Strolling about Taksim Square, tasting Turkish cuisine at restaurants as you pass by, and taking in the vibrant ambience is simply the most pleasing thing to do. Even so, this is the greatest of all you can accomplish.

Start from famous Istiklal Street.

When visiting Taksim Square, Istiklal Avenue, also known as Istiklal street, is the most acceptable place to start. This is the most vibrant area, lined with well-known eateries and world-famous landmarks. You may visit Madame Tussauds and snap selfies with global leaders, movie stars, music singers, and other celebrities. The St. Anthony of Padua Church, which dated back from the 1800s, is located at the street’s entrance. You may go to the Pera Museum and look at the artefacts on display.

Take a Metro Ride

Yes, go on a metro train and tour the city while you’re at Taksim Square. The Tunel Square metro station is an excellent place to start your adventure. Ride a tram if you don’t want to take the Metro. You have the choice to ride back in the red tram or take the Metro on your way back.

Head to the local cultural centre

Are you tired of strolling or in the mood for a local theatre or music performance? Visit the AKM cultural centre to see the local performing arts, theatre, and music. Later in the evening, you may enjoy the light and sound displays. There is also the Hodjapasha dance theatre, which will delight you with fascinating belly dances.

Shop some Turkish Souvenirs

This is the highly thrilling part of the Taksim Square tour. You may go right to the Grand Bazaar and shop till you’re tired out. Grad the handcrafted carpets, dried fruits, jewellery, and other Turkish treasures. Yes, I hear you. If you are hungry on the trip, you have a variety of alternatives to choose from.

Various fast-food outlets, street-side cafes, and multi-cuisine restaurants satisfy your appetite, from hamburgers with tomato sauce to delicious beef sandwiches.

From morning to evening, Taksim Square will keep you engaged. You could easily spend time roaming around and tasting Turkish delights. Simply immerse yourself in a traditional Turkish setting and shoot several photographs. Already intrigued, start planning to apply for a turkey e visa from TurkeyVisaOnline.com. Our travel advisers are always a phone call away to answer any questions you may have about your holiday.