Quench Your Cravings: 7 Most Iconic Turkish Food What and Where to Eat in İstanbul

October 5, 2022

Istanbul is a social melting pot with a delicious food culture influencing all its guests. They are all unique joys to enjoy, from individual and traditional drinks like Boza to timeless foods like Sultanahmet meatballs with irresistible flavour. But with so many different food choices available, where do you even start? It’s time to appease your appetite and learn what and where to eat in the famous city of Istanbul! To taste this delicious and unique food, you must reach Istanbul on a tourist turkey e visa.

Kanlıca’s Yoghurt 

Since the 17th century, the Bosphorus district of Kanlica has become renowned throughout the country for its delicious yoghurt. Its yoghurt is distinctive and its unmatched flavour is produced from the ideal blend of fresh, well-fed goat, cow, and sheep milk varieties. The famous Kanlica Yoghurt can be found in the area of Kanlica’s historic restaurants and coffee shops. This tasty snack is covered with icing sugar to give it a unique texture and flavour. Take a relaxing vacation to Bosphorus and taste this local delicacy there!

Taksim’s Islak Hamburger

Islak Hamburger, which translates to “wet burger,” is a well-known street snack typically eaten at buffets near Taksim Square. After a hard night out or whenever you need a fast snack, you can enjoy this tempting treat. The taste is highly addictive, so use it carefully! It’s unlikely that you can get by with just one piece. Islak Hamburger chunks are kept waiting to warm up inside a steam box before being served. Do not worry; these burgers are so well-liked that they are never left in the box for an overly long period, especially late at night.

Ortaköy’s Kumpir 

Since Kumpir is just a baked potato, you’re probably wondering what makes a baked potato special. Inside the baked potato, the delicious ingredients tussle, pile up together and generally have a good time with one another. And Ortaköy is the best place to enjoy this in Kumpir of all the places to eat this dish. In Istanbul, it’s a must-try street snack. Before cutting into the smooth, creamy, buttery potato, choose your toppings, and order a plate of different sauces to give your Kumpir more flavour!

Sütlüce’s Uykuluk 

The soft meat cut taken from a calf’s neck is known by its original Turkish name, uykuluk. It is enjoyed around the nation, but naturally, Sütlüce in Istanbul is the most popular location. You can eat uykuluk without much bread and still feel satisfied because it is excellent and affordable. Uykuluk is a sweet dish, so that you will love this unique experience. You can enjoy it on a platter with some salad or between two slices of lavash bread topped with onions and spices. For the best Uykuluk expertise, choose the sandwich style and serve it with a large glass of Ayran beverage.

Beşiktaş’s Turkish Breakfast

Are you trying to find a healthy and satisfying breakfast? Go to the Kahvalticilar Sokagi now! This means “breakfast street” is lined with stylish, upscale restaurants that primarily serve whatever breakfast dish you desire. This location is immensely well-liked, especially among young people and students, so make sure you go early to find empty seats because it tends to be very packed on weekends. It is time to go on this fantastic brunch adventure in Istanbul’s rewinding streets!

Sultanahmet’s Meatballs

Sultanahmet, which gave this distinct flavour its name, is the best location to enjoy Sultanahmet Köftesi. Pul Biber (pepper flakes) can be used to season the meatballs, but be careful—it could get hot! A refreshing drink of Ayran pairs nicely with this outstanding lunch. Sultanahmet meatballs offer more than just the traditional meatball flavour because of its long history of tradition and culture. Sultanahmet’s central location in Istanbul also makes it possible to easily explore the other mysteries of the area following your delicious lunch or dinner!

Vefa’s Boza Drink

The fabled Vefa Bozasi is a dish from the Vefa district of Istanbul. The saltiness of fermented millet grain and the sweet flavour of sugar released during fermentation give it its unique taste. It is served in glasses with roasted chickpeas and ground cinnamon on big trays. It is also very nutritious. Go to the Vefa area to taste a Boza drink and experience this classic Turkish beverage from older times.

Finally, you have a turkey visa online and are in the city where East and West meet. What do you eat, though? If you want a shortcut to the kitchen, here are seven recognisable and well-liked meals to try in Istanbul. You may be amazed that a decade in Istanbul wouldn’t expose you to all the unique treats the Turkish cuisine holds. Bring your camera if you can since you’ll want to capture this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Places To Go In Turkey This Summer If You Love Wine And The Beach

October 4, 2022

You might be asking why you visit Turkey for wine tasting when you can visit France or Italy. You should be aware, too, that Turkey’s stunning Aegean coast is also home to some fantastic vineyards so that you can taste a variety of delicious and rich Turkish wines. After all, Greeks and Romans once occupied these regions and often drank wine. If you are a wine lover, kindly apply for a turkey visa online and visit once in a lifetime here.

Currently, Turkey harvests about 20 varieties of grapes, including well-known varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, and Merlot, as well as several indigenous to Turkey.

Turkish Wines’ Grape Varieties

Bornova Misketi, Emir, Narince, Sultaniye, Calkarasi, Kalecik Karasi, Okuzgozu, and Bogazkere are indigenous grape varieties in Turkey.

If you have a Turkey e visa and appreciate wine and travel, you will enjoy mixing your summer vacation with a wine-tasting trip to Turkey. We included a list of the top wine-tasting routes across the nation and the typically family-owned fair-trade vineyards.

The Urla Wine Route offers wine tasting close to the best resort towns.

Suppose you want to spend your vacation learning Turkish wines and winemaking while taking in the sun and the sea; go to Urla. The Urla Wine Route is home to many small vineyards ready to welcome you, and Urla is only an hour’s drive from Izmir.

The 1700 BC-dated oldest winemaking artefacts were discovered in the Izmir region. Today, the site is instead buried among Ceşme’s backstreets. While Alaçati, ceşme, Kuşadasi, and Didim are nearby tourist sites, Urla is a quiet town; however, you might choose to stay at a resort in ceşme and visit Urla for the day.

If you decide to stay at a resort, we advise you to rent a car to get to Urla. There are many other things for foodies, such as the “ot” festival in Alaçati if you’re going to Izmir around April. This festival honours the region’s fantastic cuisine with native herbs and delicious local olive oil.

The following wineries are in Urla: Mozaik Winery, Urla Winery, Urlice Winery, USCA Winery, MMG Winery, and Limantepe Winery.

A place well-known among locals for its vineyards and jazz festival: Bozcaada

Bozcaada is the place for you if you appreciate blending in with the locals and prefer tranquil vacation spots over resort towns. Bozcaada’s history of wine production dates back many years; in fact, the ancient island is mentioned by both Homer and the renowned Ottoman explorer Evliya Celebi. While touring the Bozcaada wine route, you can see UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Troy, Ephesus, Aphrodisias, Pamukkale, and Hierapolis.

Even the locals in Bozcaada have learnt how to make wine, and vineyards cover half of the island. In Bozcaada, people live a high life; once you arrive, you’ll quickly feel like a part of it. According to Heriot, the son of the Greek god Poseidon, “God created Bozcaada so people visiting would enjoy a long life.”

If you enjoy jazz music, we advise you to visit Bozcaada in July since the Bozcaada Jazz Festival is held in the second part of the month, immediately following the Wine Tasting Festival.

Corvus Wine&Bite, Amadeus Mozart Café Wine House, Talay Winery, Camlibag Tenedion Winehouse, Ataol Winery, Gülerada Winery, Talay Winery, and Yunatçilar Winery are the wineries in Bozcaada.

Best wine tasting spot near Istanbul: Thrace Wine Route, Tekirdağ

If you love wine and food and are visiting Istanbul, you should take a day trip to explore the Thrace Wine Route. Tekirdag is close to the Greek and Bulgarian borders. Tekirdag is a beautiful green region with loads of nature, and numerous villages here are well-known for creating wine.

Because the Marmara Sea, Aegean Sea, and the Black Sea surround this region, you may expect to travel through mountains, woods, and microclimates while on the Thrace Wine Route. It’s a relaxing get-away from the city, and local cuisine is available to taste, including “Tekirdag Köfte,” a dish of meatballs served with wine.

The following wineries are in Tekirda: Arcadia Vineyards, Chateau Nuzun, Suvla Vineyards, Barbare Vineyards, Umurbey Vineyards, Chateau Kalpak Vineyards, and Suvla Vineyards.

Turkish Wines You Should Try 

The boutique vineyards will undoubtedly have a wide selection of Turkish wines for you to choose from. In case you’d like to taste some before travelling to Turkey, we’ve included some of the best Turkish wines you might be able to locate outside of Turkey.

Here’s our list, in no particular order: 

– Nero D’Avola Urla Karası (Red wine)

– Kayra Buzbağ Rezerv Öküzgözü (Red wine)

– Kayra Kalecik Karası (Red wine)

– Paşaeli, Çalkarası Rosé (Rosé wine)

– Kav Narince (White wine)

– Urla Vourla (Red wine)

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What Makes Turkey In October Perfect For A Vacation In 2022

October 3, 2022

Are you looking to travel to Turkey when the weather is ideal, and the crowds at the resorts are shrinking? Then you might love travelling to Turkey in October. So, please apply for a turkey visa online. It is a perfect time to experience everything Turkey offers without the summer heat that frequently comes with the summer season because of the low rainfall and pleasantly warm temperatures.

October offers ideal conditions for outdoor activities like hiking, riding, or trekking coupled with more affordable prices because it is the fall travel season in Turkey. Also, this month is bursting at the seams with fascinating things to see and do if you’re seeking cultural highlights and festivals.


Turkey experiences nice weather in October, with daily average temperatures of 18 °C. If you travel to Ankara, which is outside the reach of sea breezes, the temperature climbs anywhere between 22°C and 28°C. As a result, October is a great time to visit Istanbul’s cultural highlights, like the Grand Bazaar.

In addition, on average, Turkey only experiences 30mm of rain during October, making it a convenient time to enjoy the outdoors or relax at one of the many world-class beaches that populate the country’s coastline.

Why not check out our season overview for the ideal time to visit Turkey if you’re unclear if October is the perfect month for you? It includes the weather, busy times, activities, and more!


Suppose you have a turkey e visa, so there are many good reasons to travel to Turkey in October, including uncrowded attractions, outdoor activities, and cultural festivals. Let’s get started and learn more.

Better rates: Since October falls during the country’s shoulder season, many accommodations, tours, and flights outside the popular tourist destinations of Istanbul and Cappadocia offer lower prices. This enables you to spend your money more wisely or visit this lovely country for a more extended period.

Less-crowded beaches: Bodrum, one of the most significant locations to visit in Turkey in October, is just one of the fantastic beaches and resorts that Turkey has to offer. Given this, finding a location that is not crowded is rare. However, the country experienced a decline in tourism in October, primarily due to falling temperatures.

Explore outdoors: If living in a metropolis is not your thing, consider a Turkey adventure tour. October in Turkey offers a wealth of stunning and challenging hikes to enjoy. The Lycian Way, one of the most well-known, provides spectacular views of the country’s blue coastline.

Turkish Republic Day: Turkey observes a public holiday on the 29th of the month. The country bursts into patriotic displays, fireworks, and other events during this time. On this day, there are celebrations all around the country, but the ones in the big cities are most impressive.

Hot springs in Pamukkale: Pamukkale often bustles with tourists as one of Turkey’s top tourist destinations. October, though, is an exception. It is better to travel to Pamukkale at the end of the month when the weather begins to cool off, and you may rest in peace at its hot springs.


Want a lovely beverage in your hand? Visit Cappadocia during the International Wine Festival at the end of October. Turkey could not be the first place that springs to mind when thinking about wine, yet vineyards and wineries have been here for thousands of years. Grab up a ticket and a glass, then enjoy a variety of wines from artisanal vineyards. You might discover a brand-new drink that you like.

When visiting Istanbul, check out the Rock Off festival if you’re looking for a little rowdier. It begins in October and features the most influential and best rock bands in Turkey. This event has some powerful guitar solos and bass riffs that will make any rock music enthusiast bounce around to their heart’s content, even if you are not familiar with the performers themselves.

Do you intend to visit the Bodrum coast? The International Bodrum Sailing Cup, which takes place around the month’s end, is something you must see. The boats on display during the show were built in the local area using traditional methods, making this regatta as much a cultural event as a sport one.

October is a great time to travel to Turkey if you’re searching for a pleasant, dry month without crowds of visitors crowding the beaches and excessive pricing. It is understandable why the month is regarded as one of the most significant times to visit this lovely country when you consider all the events and festivities that take place throughout it.

Not sure how to apply for a Turkish visa online? You are fortunate. Our visa experts will explain everything based on the number of days you wish to spend in Turkey.


İstanbul is the New Crisp!

October 1, 2022

Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, is known for its beautiful architecture, regional food, and hospitable residents. This uniqueness gives the town a unique personality that identifies it as a global hub for the arts and culture. Let’s find out! But first, apply for a turkey visa online to see this beautiful Architecture.

A thriving scene of arts, design, and culture

There are many outstanding young designers and painters in Istanbul. Here, incredible arts, fashion, and product design are heavily influenced by urban legacy and the union of Asia and Europe. The city’s hip, modern side also presents outstanding performances and artwork.

The best site to visit to see some significant works by modern Turkish artists is Istanbul Modern. You can follow Istanbul’s fantastic year-round calendar of events and festivals, which includes movies, concerts, jazz performances, performing arts, and much more if you prefer one-time events. The events vary from jazz improvisations and symphonic concerts to plays in cathedrals with a thousand-year history. First, apply for a turkey e visa. Later you can check out the list of events before you leave and choose the one you want to attend.

Private ventures have also been offering certain boutique, themed venues and galleries for various temporary exhibitions in addition to the traditional top museums like Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahçe Palace, and Istanbul Archaeological Museums, etc.

The prestigious but free Istanbul Biennial attracts thousands of spectators to various locations throughout the city, making it the ideal gathering place for artists and art lovers.

At Contemporary Istanbul, the primary art market in the city, enthusiasts and professionals in the field of art come together each year. For those who enjoy art, there are a variety of additional activities they can attend, from glamorous parties to exhibitions of works by established and up-and-coming artists in former Ottoman power plants.

Big guns of the art scene

The main art galleries are located in Nişantaşi, a district with modern European architecture. They exhibit cutting-edge modern and contemporary art pieces by both local and foreign artists. In addition, a few galleries that specialise in selling works by traditional Turkish artists exist, as do a lot of auction houses. There are also a few classy designer boutiques, charming foreign shops, and premium restaurants in Nişantaşi. Thus, it is ideal for a chic day or a luxurious evening.

Some small-scale hip galleries and local artists’ spaces in the districts of Karaköy, Galata, and Cukurcuma, next to the spectacular and newly constructed Galata Port facility, strive to foster the next generation of Turkish by solely focusing on up-and-coming artists. They aim to showcase emerging artists working in various media, such as sculpture, photography, and painting, who are still in the early phases of their careers. These areas are ideal for exploring the Turkish modern art scene by wandering through backstreets since they overflow with antique shops, creative souvenir shops, and street food. Aiming to build an alternative discourse on all aspects of art through projects like holding panels, debate sessions, developing an archive, making exhibitions, and contributing to new literature, some of these galleries and events provide artworks that reach beyond the usual cliques.

Neighborhood dynamism

Istanbul is a megapolis with many artistically inclined neighbourhoods. Older, historic districts like Balat and Fener are full of colourful homes and religious and architectural landmarks, while younger hotspots like Yeldegirmeni and Bomonti are exploding with new excellent venues to explore while displaying architectural neighbourhood characteristics. Visit the primary market and look around the vintage, design, and antique boutiques and craft studios. Traditional coffee shops serving Turkish coffee and tea and ultra-hip, modern micro coffee roasters where you may get a cup of flat white or different cold brews are also options.

These many Istanbul neighborhoods are like a treasure map for the urban arts explorer. In terms of the arts, Istanbul is the new chic! Join us for fresh artistic challenges! But apply for a Turkish visa online first because doors are not open without a tourist visa.


Cittaslow Towns in Iznik, Bursa

September 30, 2022

Iznik has established itself as one of the few open-air museum cities in the world by preserving its rich cultural, historical, and touristic legacy. Additionally, it is now a part of Cittaslow, the network for slow cities.

This novel concept, which was created by merging the Italian terms “Citta” (city) and “slow,” has been in our world for a very long time. Since 1999, this international municipal organization has been in business. Cittaslow is a concept based on the notion of slow living. Urbanization makes our lives overly hurried and highly dependent on consumption. A perspective built on living more calmly and enjoying life is called cittaslow. So if you are tired of the busy life of the vibrant city, this is the time to apply for a Turkish visa online and spend some quality time with yourself in Iznik.

In addition to qualities like agriculture and tourism, other attributes like hospitality and social stability are needed. As a result, a city might be considered quiet if it maintains both self-sufficiency and a slow pace of life. Turkish cities from the Aegean, Black Sea and Southeast Anatolia are included in Cittaslow towns, which also have cities from 30 other countries. The last town from Turkey to appear on the list is Znik, which was selected as a Cittaslow.

Zednik, on the province of Bursa’s Tentative List for the UNESCO World Heritage, is located on the eastern side of the eponymous lake. The town first appeared in history under the name Nicaea, leaving a lasting impression on the development of Christianity. Nicaea held the First Ecumenical Council of the Church in 325 and produced the Nicaean Creed, which is still in use today.

The Eastern Roman Empire ruled Nicaea after the Roman Empire. The walls that now enclose the city of Iznik were first built by the Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian the Great, who also supervised the construction of the beautiful Ayasofya in Istanbul across the Marmara Sea. Eastern Roman emperors fled to Iznik and ruled for 57 years after the Crusader army invaded Istanbul rather than Jerusalem and plundered the city.

Iznik’s walls could fend off Arab attackers, but they were weak against the Seljuks, who conquered the city and made it a part of their empire & came to be known as İznik. The city also bears the mark of the Ottoman Empire, which conquered Iznik in 1331. Iznik flourished as an artistic, economic, and cultural hub throughout the Ottoman era after serving as the capital of the Seljuks and the Eastern Romans.

The pivotal moment came under Sultan Selim I’s rule, and its effects would last for ages. The famous pottery masters from Tabriz, conquered by the sultan, were transferred to Iznik. Along with the usual blue and white, artists who moved to the city and built shops began to use coral red. Despite being utilized in mosques worldwide, Istanbul and the Blue Mosque mainly saw the most excellent use of these tiles.

The walls surrounding Iznik give the impression that you are approaching a miniature of Istanbul as you draw closer. When you arrive in the city’s centre and see Ayasofya, you are even more aware that you are in Istanbul. But as you go around the streets of Iznik, which are covered with enormous plane trees, you realize that you are actually in a calm village removed from the rush of Istanbul.

Five kilometres of the city’s old walls surround it, maintaining the Roman pattern. Observe the town’s four principal entrances: the Istanbul Gate, Yenişehir Gate, Lefke Gate, and Lake Gate. You can still climb the walls and take in the surroundings at the Lefke Gate, the largest of all the gates.

Down the street is where you’ll find the stunning Green Mosque. The 14th-century building stands out due to its diagonal minaret decorated with gorgeous turquoise tiles. The Iznik Museum, which you can see when you cross the street, is housed in a soup kitchen that Sultan Murat I built in 1388 and featured a collection of tiles. Even today, the ceramic tiles from Iznik are marked with their location.

See what’s left of the old Ottoman ceramic kilns if you’re curious about tile development. You should move in the direction of the lake and follow the walls to the Saray Gate to see what the tile masters of the past and present have made.

From its energy city population from the Hellenistic era to the monumental buildings from the Roman, Eastern Roman, and Ottoman periods, Iznik retains its historical urban fabric with all of its vibrancy. However, the most significant thing to do after visiting is to travel to the lakefront, where various charming cafes will greet you. A lot of little motels are also gathered together around the peaceful lake. Every day, the sunset in Iznik will provide you with a pleasant surprise.

When it comes to agricultural goods, Znik is highly wealthy. Numerous other fruits and vegetables are grown, including olives, grapes, peaches, cherries, plums, pears, apples, walnuts, tomatoes, green beans, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts. Three official fruit and vegetable markets are located nearby. The olive dominates the agricultural production of Znik, providing 90% of farmer families with a living. The olive oil is just beautiful.

Fish, crayfish, and meatballs are the first foods that come to mind when considering what to eat in Iznik. The restaurants near Lake Iznik also provide delicious food, including crab stew, carp soup, fried catfish, crayfish salad, and dishes. You may eat meatballs in one of the meatball restaurants in the heart of Iznik. To benefit from culinary tourism, the area has also launched efforts for the slow food movement.

The author is associated with TurkeyVisaOnline.com and has written many blogs on turkey e-visa applications, Turkish culture, history, food, and how to apply for a turkey visa online.


10 Historic Bridges Across Anatolia You Should Cross

September 29, 2022

Bridges have enabled the development of nations and cross-cultural interaction throughout history. In addition to their usefulness, these buildings are notable for their distinctive architectural features and appealing looks. Numerous old bridges in Anatolia have been passed down through the generations. Some of them are included in the list of the country’s most prestigious bridges that we have provided below. So before reading the entire article, first apply for a turkey visa online.

Dicle (On Gözlü) Bridge, Diyarbakır

Locals refer to the Dicle (Tigris) Bridge as the 10-Eyed (On Gözlü) Bridge because it has ten openings. The Bridge is situated on the Dicle River in Diyarbakir’s Sur district. Due to the city sieges in the past, the Bridge was damaged numerous times over time. Since there was no way to reach Diyarbakir from other bridges during the Middle Ages, the Bridge had to be rebuilt multiple times. The inscription at the Bridge’s foundation gives the firmest date for construction, even though the same year of building is uncertain. It was 1065, according to that inscription. Since then, the Tigris River has been beautifully viewed from this Bridge, which has proven necessary.

Varda Bridge, Adana

One of Adana’s most iconic buildings is the Varda Bridge, which has long been recognized. In the Karaisali district is this famous Bridge that lies crossed by trains. As a result of an agreement between the Ottoman Empire and Germany, Varda Bridge was constructed in 1912. Germany needed this Bridge to have faster access to oil resources, while the Ottoman Empire used it to transport soldiers, people, and trade. The Ministry of Culture & Tourism has chosen the Varda Bridge as one of Turkey’s 13 most prestigious bridges. Varda Bridge was also the setting for a crucial scene in the James Bond movie “Skyfall.” Everybody should see the breathtaking canyon view from the Bridge.

Malabadi Bridge, Diyarbakır

Built by the Artuqids in the 12th century, Malabadi Bridge is one of the grandest works of art from the Seljuk period. The Bridge crosses the Batman Stream inside the city limits of Diyarbakir. The Bridge’s twisting columns depict the sun, animal, and human motifs. The majestic architecture of Malabadi Bridge was mentioned by Evliya Celebi in his travels when he said, “The dome of Hagia Sophia can (easily) fit beneath the Malabadi Bridge.” Any visitor to Batman must stop and admire this piece of art.

Cendere Bridge, Adıyaman

One of the eldest bridges still in use worldwide is the ancient Cendere Bridge. It is situated in Eskikale, a historic settlement now known as Adiyaman, 55 kilometres away. The 32.20-meter-long span of the Bridge, which was constructed by stacking 92 tonnes of heavy stone blocks, has allowed it to stand over the Cendere Stream since the Roman era. The second-widest Roman arch bridge is the Cendere Bridge. It is believed that the Roman emperor Septimus Severus gave the order for its construction two thousand years ago. According to the legend, Bridge, which had four sections overall, was constructed in honour of the wife and sons of the emperor Septimus Severus. His son succeeded the emperor to the throne, killed other brothers and destroyed all, including his pillar on the Bridge. As a result, the Bridge has three rather than four sections.

Taşköprü, Adana

Seyhan and Yüregir, Adana’s two most significant centre districts, are connected by Taşköprü on the Seyhan River. One of the most significant symbols of Adana is the Taşköprü, which translates to “stone bridge” in Turkish and dates back to the Roman Imperial Period. The oldest Bridge in history still in service is Taşköprü Bridge, according to literature. Taşköprü has served as a central hub for visitors from Anatolia to the south and east throughout history, including warriors, emperors, and caravans. The 350-meter-long Bridge stands out thanks to its 16 arches.

Irgandı Bazaar Bridge, Bursa

The historic Irgandi Bazaar Bridge is one of only four bridges in the world with a bazaar. Other instances can be found in Bulgaria and Italy. On the Gökdere River, the Irgandi Bazaar Bridge was built in 1442 to link the Bursa districts of Osmangazi and Yildirim. Said, The Bridge is a representation of Ottoman bazaar culture. There are 32 shops in all on it. It is equally exceptional as a physical art bridge with traditional Turkish handicraft workshops situated on it. It is no surprise that it was chosen as one of Turkey’s top 13 bridges.

Palu Bridge, Elazığ

The Palu Bridge, which spanned the Murat River in Elazig’s Palu area and was formerly the only east-west transit route, is significant. Ten pointed arches with various widths and heights make up Palu Bridge. The Palu Bridge has undergone numerous changes throughout the years, and its exact construction date is still unclear. Some claim that it was constructed during the Roman era, while others assert that it was built during the Artuqid or Seljuk era. The Ministry of Culture & Tourism has chosen the Historic Palu Bridge as one of the top 13 bridges in Turkey.

Oluk Bridge, Antalya

Overlooking the Köprüçay River is the old Roman Bridge known as Oluk Bridge. One of the critical elements of Köprülü Canyon National Park is the Bridge, historically known as “Eurymedon” during the Roman era. It is understood to have been erected in the second century, even though nothing is known about its past. Selge, the historic Turkish city that served as the Roman Empire’s capital, is close to Oluk Bridge.

Ortacalar Twin Bridges, Artvin

The Ortacalar Twin Bridges in Artvin are among the most stunning old bridges in the area because the two separate bridges are opposite. The bridges cross two streams: Sogucak Stream and Kamilet Stream, accordingly. These ancient buildings have previously served as bases for deploying troops to the Caucasus. Because of the Bridge’s high pointed arch, it is safer to cross the Black Sea’s swift stream creeks from this location.

Çeşnigir Bridge, Kırıkkale

Between the towns of Köprüköy and Karakeçili in the Kirikkale district is the Cesnigir Bridge. The Bridge was built during the Seljuk era and is significant historically. The Timurid army crossed this Bridge to move into Ankara before the Battle of Ankara in 1402. The Bridge was also modernized and renovated in the 16th century by the Grand Ottoman Architect Mimar Sinan, contributing to its continued existence today.

The bridges of Anatolia are both valuable and exciting. The beautiful decorations and interesting facts give entertainment value, while the architectural features reveal the history of each Bridge.

Please don’t rely on our word entirely, though. Apply for a turkey e visa, visit Anatolia and cross these famous bridges to find out for yourself.


September in Turkey: A Beach Getaway

September 26, 2022

In Turkey, September is still considered a peak time month. This is a result that, although travellers begin returning to work and school as the month goes on, crowds and costs are still relatively high in many popular locations. Even if they are not as high as they would be in the height of summer, temperatures are still warm throughout the entire month.

This makes it the ideal month to visit Turkey, see its highlights, apply for a turkey visa online, or book a beach vacation at a lower cost. There is plenty for everyone to do during a trip to Turkey in September, whether you want to engage yourself in the country’s rich culture and history or intend to travel to the shore and enjoy nature.


As the summer changes into the fall, the weather in Turkey begins to cool down in September. Given this, a temperature of 25°C can be anticipated on average. However, please be aware that as you head further from the coast, the temperature in Turkey begins to rise. The temperature in Turkey at this time of year is warm enough to go outside without a jacket.

With only 20mm of rain falling throughout the month, this month is also very dry, making it the ideal time to visit one of the country’s seaside resorts, like those in Bodrum.

For further weather-related details before you apply for a turkey e visa online for your ideal Turkish vacation, see our travel guide on the best time to visit Turkey.


There is never truly a terrible time to travel to this stunning location but visiting Turkey in September has several benefits. A couple of them are listed below.

Better rates in beach resorts: Beginning in the middle of this month, as families return to work and school, hotel rates drop in all the country’s coastal resorts. If you take a beach excursion while visiting Turkey in September, you might be able to save money. Go to the coastal areas of Antalya and Bodrum if you want to enjoy the weather in the late summer.

Explore the Silk Route: September is a terrific time to do a multi-day trip across parts of the ancient Silk Route that pass-through Turkey because the people are scattering and the weather is cooling down. As you journey in the footsteps of explorers, traders, and adventurers, you will encounter fascinating cultures and come across stunning monuments and buildings.

Take a cruise: September is the best month to sail because there won’t be any rain and there will be loads of sunshine. Travel to Fethiye and experience the legendary Aegean Sea.

Discover Kaymakli’s underground city if you want to escape the Turkish heat. Then explore Kaymakli’s underground city. This highlight is incredibly well-preserved and dates back to the seventh century.


Make sure to include the Bozcaada Cultural, Art and Vintage Festival in your itinerary if you’re looking forward to an island holiday that features all the pleasures and fragrances of a beautiful life. Early September sees the holding of this event on the vineyard-dotted Aegean Island of Bozcaada, among the top destinations in Turkey to visit in September. This would be the perfect island for wine enthusiasts.

Want to browse souvenir shops and visit a flourishing cultural centre? Visit Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar while you’re there. This renowned market has everything from food and spices to jewellery, textiles, and fibre art. This crowded market is excellent for a walk because of the season’s cooler temperatures. Don’t forget to improve your haggling abilities; with fewer tourists, you could also be able to negotiate a deal!

You can visit the International Istanbul Biennial if your trip to Turkey takes place in a strange year. Every year, the Biennial features a different subject and invites designers and artists worldwide to display their works across the city. This is for anyone who likes art that makes them think!

Want to spend a peaceful day on the beach? After, go to Turkey at this time of year. Sit on the sand while sipping some wine made nearby. Otherwise, put on your hiking boots and explore the Silk Road’s remains. There is much to learn about this country, and September’s mild weather makes it the ideal month to leisurely take advantage of everything it offers.

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Understanding The Visa Requirements Before Making Your Visit To Turkish Places

September 24, 2022

Any explorer will be intrigued to travel to the region renowned for Turkey by the intersection of Asia and Europe. Locals themselves can understand a significant amount about the culture and tradition of the area. You should smile broadly and have a friendly chat with them over some coffee. You’ll quickly become reliant on the favoured way of life of coffee, carpeting, and famous remnants. Examine this wonderland, a remarkable fusion of western admiration. Although there is much to be said and discovered about this country, the breathtaking sights will leave you with few words to describe it.

Turkey’s social position has only increased over time because it is brimming with events that can be verified and contribute to its enormousness. The dazzling bazaars of Turkey are the primary source of this clarity. The world’s most inspiring natural wonders are found in Turkey. This location, known for its honeycomb structure hills and hallucinogenic architecture, will deify your hot air balloon flight. The caves of paradise and hellfire, which are wet, complex, and almost unpleasant to enter, must also be considered. Since there are no back rails in this area, wear sturdy footwear. The local legends will undoubtedly give the project some more flavour.

While you are engaged in studying the wonders of nature, explorers shouldn’t ignore the bustling metropolitan sights. Before choosing to spend time in Turkey, travellers should look for all relevant information in addition to all of these educational resources. Turkey has a system in place for issuing traveller turkey visas online. Getting one is as simple as making an online hotel or travel reservation. Is the structure helpful? It will tell you how much your permit will cost and help you prepare your application. The system will also inform you if you need to apply for a visa at a Turkish office nearby.

You cannot extend your turkey e visa if you need to stay in Turkey for a more extended period than it allows. Apply for a home grant, please. Although non-natives who reside in Turkey typically have temporary housing permits renewed annually, you can also get a tourism home licence valid for three to nine months. If you extend your visa, you can be asked to pay fines, be deported, or have your future travel to Turkey restricted for a set period. The e-visa system does not inform you how many days you will be in Turkey. You are responsible for making sure you don’t overstay your visa. Turkish e-visas make things easier for individuals to obtain. Still, it’s also crucial to keep a close eye on their terms and regulations to ensure the safety of your accommodations.


Explore Istanbul in September 2022.

September 23, 2022

The most excellent way to explore any city is on foot. The finest time to walk through the streets, if this city is Istanbul, is in September.

The sun is still shining in Istanbul in September. But unlike in the summer, it doesn’t bother people as much anymore. It doesn’t even make people wet when it rains. It does nothing more than wash the streets and paint a rainbow in the September sky. Aside from that, after the second week of September, when the summer vacation ends and schools resume, Istanbul’s streets are not as busy. So, without wasting a second, apply for a turkey visa online now and visit Istanbul in September.

Here are the top locations in Istanbul to explore on foot, especially in September!


The heart of Fatih is Sultanahmet Square, a great place to start a walk in September. It is where you can avoid the line for the Hagia Sophia tour and then walk straight through the Sultanahmet Mosque. Topkapi Palace guided tours, Gulhane Park tours, and Basilica Cistern tours are other options for seeing historical sites. Seeing those locations with an expert guide can be better to make your walking more enjoyable. The Grand Bazaar or Spice Bazaar is nearby if you want to buy some gifts. Turkish kebap or döner are two delicious options that you can readily locate around the bazaars if you need the energy to keep strolling. You may be sure to discover local specialties like simit and grilled chestnuts on the streets of Istanbul if you wish to taste them. Make sure you tour the old city of Istanbul when you travel there on your tourist turkey e visa.

Balat, another Fatih corner, is a fascinating site to begin your exploration on foot. It is well-known for its vibrant buildings and steep slopes. The best places to capture pictures for Instagram are on Balat streets. There are attractive coffee shops where you can stop for a while. Additionally, you can buy some unique items in small boutiques. In addition, if you’re interested, you can visit several art studios. The Greek Ecumenical Patriarchate and Church of Saint Mary are only two of the nearby historical sites worth visiting.


Taksim’s major road, Istiklal Street, is a great place to start your walk. Between Galata Tower and Taksim Square, to be precise. Whatever you’re seeing for can be found on the street. Many restaurants serve everything from traditional Turkish food to cuisine that appeals to everyone if you have the stamina to walk. However, a wet hamburger is the greatest option to try in this location if you want to taste some street food. Modern and vintage coffee shops are available if you need a break. You may visit Mandabatmaz for the finest break and taste the greatest authentic Turkish coffee there. Additionally, as you go, be ready for some surprises. Anywhere along the street, you might hear a very well song or witness a stunning structure, like The Church of Saint Antoine, in a cross street.

Galata, another Taksim corner, is a fantastic starting point for an outstanding walk. The view of the city from the Galata street tour makes for some of the most beautiful images of Istanbul. As you get closer to Galata Tower, you can find little shops selling goods such as vintage clothing, handcrafted jewellery, and necklaces. You can also locate some antique stores if you are interested in some history. Furthermore, there are other excellent art galleries and museums to explore in the nearby Galata districts of Tophane and Karaköy. Istanbul’s Museum of Innocence, Pera Museum, and SALT Galata are just a few of the stops on your art tour.


The biggest of the Princes’ Islands is a wonderful place to walk. Patisseries and small stores are situated along the coast for a rest. Delicious ice cream in a range of flavours is available. When you first enter the streets of Büyükada, the attractive buildings and their beautiful gardens may fascinate you. Since this is an island, most of the roads are sloping. Seasonal winds might help you unwind if you’ve been exerting yourself after climbing a steep hill. However, persevere and have enough desire to reach the Aya Yorgi Church, which is at the end of your journey. Your walk is worthwhile because of the church’s magical ambience and the alluring sea view. You can return to the seaside when the sun sets and have some fresh fish and delicious aperitifs. All year round, Istanbul is a beautiful city. However, September is the most tranquil month to visit and experience unforgettable. Additionally, having a knowledgeable guide as you navigate Istanbul’s streets will make your trip truly memorable. TurkeyVisaOnline.com is a famous turkey e-visa agency. You can apply for an e-visa to turkey from our website.


Turkish Wedding Customs and Superstitions You Didn’t Know

September 22, 2022

Turks love weddings! The three most popular months for marriages in Turkey have historically been May, August, and September. Traditional Turkish weddings come with many customs and traditions for a happy marriage, especially in rural areas.

Every province in Turkey has its unique wedding customs. But for those of you who are strange with the Turkish wedding scene, here is a guide. Read a few of the most typical Turkish wedding traditions below! But before reading, apply for a turkey visa online because this is the month of September, and the wedding season is on. Nobody knows when we will plan to go for turkey in this wedding session.

Henna Night or “Kına Gecesi”

Turkish culture dates back many centuries, and henna night is one of them. A little party is held with families and friends a day or two before the wedding. Folk songs from the past are sung, and the bride’s palm and the groom’s pinky finger are both hennaed.

Henna has traditionally been linked to faithfulness. As a result, it is symbolic for individuals who are getting married. Henna is also thought to shield married couples from evil. Every region has its henna night traditions, but one thing they always have in common is that the bride-to-be must cry to express her genuine sorrow at leaving her own family.

Traditional songs are sung while the bride sits on a chair, and the unmarried girls spin about carrying candles in their palms. Everyone is anticipating the bride’s tears. The goal, according to custom, is to get the bride to stop crying and start laughing at her life.

The newlywed is not allowed to open her hand during the henna night, which is another custom. The mother-in-law states a gold coin in the bride’s palm as a henna present when the person putting the henna says, “The bride does not want to open her hand.”

The Gold-adorning Ceremony

Giving newlyweds gold on their wedding day is a tradition in many cultures. When a couple gets married in Türkiye, their friends and families give them gold jewellery as a present to get them off to a happy, prosperous future.

This is being done to encourage the newlyweds who are starting a new life. Their friends and family try to support the young couple and contribute to their economy because weddings are expensive occasions.

The jewellery given as a wedding gift is chosen to allow for the exchange of gold for cash. And the bride and groom are wearing these gifts!

Of course, conducting a jewellery pinning ceremony and kissing each guest personally during a busy wedding might take a lot of time. Additionally, the bride and groom may become exhausted. But it’s completely worthwhile!

Stepping on Each Other’s Feet

The newlyweds treading on each other’s feet is one of the most well-known superstitions associated with the moment after the “I dos.” According to tradition, whoever moves first will have the final word in the marriage.

The brides can also be stepped on by the grooms, although the brides typically prove to be faster. Based on Rome’s past, this custom. Given that in almost all cultures, shoes symbolise independence, we might adopt this tradition daily to prevent partners from leaving one another. Whether you subscribe to this tradition or not, supporting your side of the pair will be enjoyable as they try to walk on each other’s feet as quickly as possible!

Writing Single Women’s Names on Shoe Bottoms

Writing the names of single friends and family members on the bottom of the bride’s shoes is one of the bridal traditions. However, writing a name under the bride’s shoes has a different meaning in Turkish. Some people think that if the name wears off by morning, the person will be married the same year. Others believe she will meet a man soon, perhaps even at the wedding itself, even if her name doesn’t disappear.


Keşkek is a dish frequently served at weddings and special occasions and is known by many recipes throughout Turkey. It is a classic but complicated dish made primarily of split wheat & beef.

The wedding chefs prepare it jointly. Meat and wheat combine during crushing to create a smooth overall texture. It is said that the longer & vitally it is beaten, the better Keşkek tastes!

Keşkek may be essential for weddings because it represents marriage.

To encourage them, young girls and boys who have reached the marrying age in some places are asked, “When will we eat your Keşkek?” to motivate them to marry.

Gelin Teli (Bride’s Tinsel)

Another traditional custom in Turkey is the bride’s decoration with sparkling tinsel. This stuff is called “bride’s tinsel.” Single girls pull out this tinsel. Her marriage is closer, the shorter it is. These bits of tinsel appear to have been crafted from silver during the Ottoman era. These days, they are made of better metal.

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