Top 3 Leather Stores in Istanbul

November 24, 2022

Top 3 Leather Stores in Istanbul

In Istanbul, you can find any leather product! There is something for everyone, from handbags and coats to wallets, shoes, and accessories. There are still some good quality and price relationships to be discovered, even though costs are frequently higher in tourist areas.

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One advantage of a quick trip to Istanbul is the opportunity to shop. If you’re seeking leather, look no further than the city’s bazaars and high streets, where you may find great prices. You’ll find that purchasing leather in Istanbul is a very social activity. If you have the time, the Zeytinburnu district, outside the city centre, is one of the most economical places to purchase leather. This is around 5 km west of Sultanahmet’s central business sector. If you’re looking for leather, you might spend some of your time in Istanbul shopping!

Given the vast amount of leather shops in the city, it didn’t take us long to be convinced to enter one and look at the prices.


One of Istanbul’s industrial areas, this area was dedicated to the production of leather. Use the T1 tram line to Bagcilar & get off at Zeytinburnu station to get there. A leather jacket costs between $250 & $500, whereas a typical purse is 250 Turkish Liras. You might receive a 30 or 50 per cent discount between March and October because there are usually discounts.


Punto Group has been the leading company and brand in the leather sector since 1994. Their unique collections aim to represent current global trends and develop new ones that venture into the new avant-garde area. Despite possessing an 8.000 square metre manufacturing facility, a 500 square metre showroom, a total of 4 sales locations, and reliable after-sales services, Punto is one of the few companies that has been able to preserve its stability. Customer satisfaction is their main priority. They ensure that all of their products meet these essential and well-liked requirements.


In Beyazit, Istanbul’s Historical Peninsula, there is a covered market called the Grand Bazaar (Kapalicarsi), which dates back more than 550 years. It is also one of the biggest and oldest covered marketplaces worldwide. It is a well-known tourist destination and a fantastic place for travellers to wrap off their time in Istanbul by shopping for presents for their loved ones before going to the airport.

This is a great place to shop if you know where to look. Prens Leather & Punto Deri are among the best places to seek top-notch leather items. You may find the best Turkish lokum and souvenirs from the city’s most well-known sights here. Knowing where to look is all that is required. Additionally, shops in Istanbul could be ready to cut you a deal, so make sure to bargain hard when buying there!


It has been Eurasia’s most significant fur and leather industry gathering since 2006, with a wide range of products and a distinctive exhibitor & guest summary. At the same time, the Istanbul Leather event welcomes significant corporations worldwide, allows SMEs to expand internationally, and showcases the newest goods and innovations.

Istanbul has rich history and culture and the best leather-buying options. Ultimately, you have a reason to apply for a turkey e visa.