Top 5 Chinese Food Restaurants in Istanbul

November 23, 2022

Top 5 Chinese Food Restaurants in Istanbul

Istanbul is a large, multicultural city with cuisine to fit every taste, including Chinese food. Chinese cuisine is varied and packed with unique treats that you should try at least once in a lifetime. If you’re seeking authentic Chinese food, check out our list of the best Chinese restaurants. We recommend visiting both businesses, whether owned by locals or by actual members of the Chinese diaspora.

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This restaurant at the Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus opens at around 18:30. Later in the evening, it could get hectic. The Peking duck served at The Dragon Restaurant is only one of the mouthwatering dishes prepared by the restaurant’s master Cantonese and Szechuan chefs.


Dong Fang, which has an outstanding banquet service, is located in the Cevahir Shopping Center in Işli. There are salads and several delicious Chinese dishes available. You can go with your friends and have other options if some don’t want to eat Chinese food because it is located in the shopping centre’s food court.


The restaurant allegedly holds the Travelers’ Choice Award, which is well deserved given the establishment’s reasonable prices and superb Chinese food. A wide variety of food is available, including Uyghur cuisine (Uyghurs are people living in China and have Turkic roots). Most of the diners at Kroren Restaurant are Chinese.

The cosy and inviting ambience of Kroren Restaurant entices you to linger in this humble and peaceful nook longer than you meant. This is an excellent place to rest if you’re tired of the city’s and the Laleli neighbourhood’s activity, and you’ll also get some delicious and filling food there.


One of Brooklyn’s most beautiful venues, Little China, changes cooks once a year to new chefs from their Beijing restaurant so they can prepare the cuisine to Chinese taste. The lively atmosphere of Bebek is reflected in this restaurant. Two of Little China’s signature dishes are steamed ginger fish and chicken with sweet and sour sauce.


Generally speaking, Noodle House serves authentic Chinese meals in addition to Japanese, Filipino, Asian, and Korean cuisines, allowing you to explore the tastes of noodles from both nearby and faraway countries. Because of the unique cooking method, vegetarians can select from a selection of vegetable-filled noodles that still retain all of their vitamins.

Noodle House’s simple design lets you concentrate on what’s essential: the flavour of their delicious noodles. Additionally, the prices are reasonable (beginning at 15 USD per person), and the staff is always happy to help you choose. Another advantage is that the restaurant is relatively quiet despite being in a popular tourist area.


Despite being outside Istanbul’s city centre, this restaurant is still worthwhile to visit if you stay on the Pendik side. Particular sushi is highly addicting. If you don’t want to leave the hotel, you can order takeout and have it delivered. In the city, there are many fantastic restaurants around stunning sites. If you enjoy food, check out Kadikoy and Beyoglu for the most excellent restaurants.

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