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11 Best Delicious Street Foods in Istanbul You Must Try

Istanbul is one of the largest cities on earth in which Asia meets Europe. This versatility is also seen in his street food – wonderful, delicious and something for any taste bud. Street food in Istanbul is like food in no other country. You’ll taste Istanbul-specific foods that represent Turkish tradition and lifestyles. So, get ready your luggage and apply for a turkey e visa application online to enjoy these delicious street foods.

Street Food In Istanbul You Must Try

There’s so much to do when walking on the streets of Istanbul, from pork to vegetarian delicacies. See some of the best street snacks in Istanbul.

1. Simit

In Istanbul, it is a cold street meal. The savoury roll is crisp and ring-shaped, wrapped before serving with sesame. You will find it nearly anywhere, one of the most easily available breakfasts. Brot is very fluffy and crooked since it is fried in molasses and cooked. Until serving, you should dip it into white cheese. Please buy it from the ferry lines that travel with Simit town, or you will see it in Mumhane Cad too. No:47, Vita Intel on the ferry to Karaköy. If you want to visit them, be sure to go there in the morning because they sell like hotcakes.

2. Açma

You can try this street food in Istanbul if you’ve got a sweet tooth. It looks much like a doughnut, except that this sweet bun is delicate. If you like, please ask the seller for peanut butter or Nutella to serve you. In Istanbul, you will enjoy this street food. You can also have it underway with a cup of Turkish tea. Any suppliers will also have cheese, cucumbers, olives, and tomatoes packaged as side dishes. 

3. Dilli Kaşarlı Tost

This street food is what you should have when you want something hard and love meat in Istanbul. Tost is the barbeque sandwich Dilli Kaşarlı, with plenty of beef and cheese tongue. This street food is in Istanbul under the label “drunk food” and is best used for last night’s remedy. You will have many cafes that sell them, and you can keep them packed all day long.

4. Balık-Ekmek

Balık-Ekmek cannot be missed in Istanbul, especially if you like to fish. Istanbul’s street food is full of freshly grilled fish, tomatoes, and salads as well as onions. You can’t skip this fish sandwich if you’re next to the Eminönu Shore or Karaköy. And if you’re tempted to sit and taste in certain restaurants, it’s recommended that you get it from nearby vendors and have a good time standing by your side. The delicious sandwiches are Istanbul’s second most popular street food.

5. Lahmacun

It’s one of the most elaborate foods amongst the savoury street food in Istanbul, also known as Turkish pizza. A little dough with your chosen hairstyle, red pepper, and onion. The whole pizza is baked in the oven for a few minutes after your desired topping has been completed and served hot. It is also topped with Persil or lemon juice for further adjustments. It is packed and served with a glass of the cold drink Aryan after it has been ready. This is one of Istanbul’s most refined street foods. This delicious food can be found anywhere in any district, but the best road food places in Istanbul are Halil Lahmacun, Borsam Tas Fırın, Fıstık Kebap in Kadi Köy, and Arnavutköy.

6. Dürüm

Dürüm is one of Turkey’s most exquisite creations. In Istanbul, this street food is conveniently found both in fancy restaurants and in any corner of the street. Have preferred meat like ham, beef, veggies, or even cheese in the wrap. It is one of Istanbul’s most filling meals. You should catch it from the street or restaurant if you lack foodstuffs and go well.

7. Tantuni

This street food is similar to Dürüm, but typically beef and onions, spices and peppers are packed in the wrap. The tortilla is very thin and is served spicy on its inside. But less spicy alternatives are available. While most people in Turkey think you can only taste the original Tantuni if you have the spicy option and leave a burn on their lips.

8. Midye Dolma

Midye Dolma is a traditional Istanbul street food made with orange mushrooms, herbal rice, pine nuts and currants. If you are starving at night, you should count this as a snack and take it. The other one is combined with spicy rice and savoury citrus juice if you want the taste, and half the moulds are removed.

9. Roasted Chestnuts

In winter, how about roast chestnuts? In winter, you will also be filled with the scent of the newly roasted chestnuts. It is Istanbul’s most OK vegetarian street food for sightseeing. You will buy them from any street vendor and get them. Half-open and in a paper, bag are the coat of warm chestnuts.

10. Turşu

You have to taste Turşu if you like pickles. This town cuisine retains all-year-round vegetables and berries. You will choose them from corn to onions to garlic and even plums. Either lime, vinegar or salt is spread.

11. Gözleme

These hand-rolling crepes are the most delicious when grilled and filled in. The tea is very small and full of white cheese, onions, Pommes of paper, chard, and meat. Butter is also flavoured when baked in the evening. This street can be seen on several streets in Istanbul.

Many of these tasty street snacks are oil-free and nutritious as well. A journey to Turkey would not be complete without the delicious local food.

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