A History of Galata Tower In Istanbul From Past to Present

October 2, 2021

The Galata Tower, also known as the “Galata Kulesi” in Turkish, is one of Istanbul’s oldest and highest towers. It stands at the height of 63 metres (206 ft). From the tower, visitors may get a stunning view of the ancient city. Galata Tower in Istanbul offers a blend of amazing views and the old thrills that can only be felt while witnessing incredible architecture and scriptures. Galata Tower is one of Turkey’s most popular tourist attractions. For decades, this has been regarded as a romantic haven for couples from all over the world. So, once in a lifetime must visit with your loved ones on behalf of your tourist turkey visa.

History of Galata Tower:

In the 14th century, Genoese people or colonies were part of the defence wall surrounding their region at Galata. The Ancient Constantin polis is direct across the street from the defence wall. The tower is also known as the “Tower of Christ” or “Christea Turris.” The Surveillance tower was necessary since the Genoese were heavily involved in commerce with the Byzantines. The harbour was located in the “Golden Horn” area. This acted as a watchtower that kept an eye on the people from above. Following Mehmet II’s arrival in Istanbul, it was used to detect fires in the city.

When the republic was announced in 1967, the tower was offered to the public for use and viewing. On the top floor of the tower, there is a café and a nightclub. However, following the most recent reconstruction in 2013, the nightclub was closed. Two elevators will take you to the terrace. However, they will only take you so far; the staircase must climb the rest, and the total height to be reached is close to 52 metres above the ground—the inside of the tower. A tinny gift shop is located on the tower’s entry-level, directly across from the ticket office.

Galata Tower’s origins are shrouded in mystery, with two competing theories. According to the first idea, Emperor Justinian of Byzantium built the tower as a lighthouse in 527 A.D. The Genoese Colony landed in Galata in 1348 and created the monument inside the city walls to secure the city from attackers. The Galata Tower was strategically important since it afforded superb monitoring from within the city’s walls. 

The legendary Ottoman aviator Hezarfen Ahmet elebi is the subject of a well-known Galata Tower story. Hezârfen elebi, according to legend, attached wooden wings to his arms and flew from the top of the tower to Doanclar Square in Üsküdar with the wings connected to his arms. Because of this extraordinary feat, the then-Sultan Murad Khan became suspicious of him, and he was sent to Algeria. The fantastic achievement of Hezârfen elebi has been handed down down the years in Istanbul and is now a famous backstory to the Galata Tower.

Attractions of Galata Tower

Observation Gallery: Originally designed to detect fires across the city, it now serves as an observation gallery from which visitors may enjoy a stunning view of the historical site.

Rooftop café: As the name implies, it is actually on the roof and serves some of the tastiest Traditional food and liquor.

Historical costumes are available – This has a lot to offer history buffs. Don’t forget to try on some Ottoman costumes to obtain a whole cultural experience on your trip. For anyone interested, it is on exhibit here.

Light shows: As the sun sets in the evening, several fantastic light shows take place, providing excellent viewing opportunities. The old books are lighted by the falling lights, as you can see.

Panorama of the Golden Horn: You can see the Golden Horn from the Galata Tower, another ancient masterpiece of Turkish architecture.

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