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Explore Istanbul With Kids On Their Fun Vacation

Turkey may not appear to be a family trip destination. Still, Istanbul is one of the world’s most energising metropolitan communities, with much to keep kids engaged, from Bosphorus cruises to the magnificent market, beautiful pools, sweet stray felines, and amiable locals! So, if you have a turkey visa for tourist purpose and you’re planning a family trip to Istanbul and don’t know where to begin? That is understandable, given the city’s size and the fact that it covers two continents! The city has many things to offer, including mosques, market, historical areas, and small culinary delights!

Top 9 Tips While Traveling to Istanbul With Kids

To put it slightly, exploring, and imparting Istanbul with children may be exhausting. The Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Royal Place, Basilica Storage, beautiful bazaars, and the Zest market are all must-see sights in Istanbul. It has a long and illustrious history. When visiting Istanbul with children, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Take the tram

This retro and magnificent red tram carriage, which runs down one of the city’s main shopping boulevards, Istiklal Caddesi, is just the thing to keep the kids entertained after a long day of combing the bazaar or exploring the city. They’ll be enthralled by a trip back to the 1900s, complete with trams and ticket authorities dressed in period garb! The tram ride is an excellent activity for children in Istanbul.

2. Get on the Galata Tower

Your youngsters are sure to notice this 60-meter-high pinnacle when checking the Istanbul horizon. Even though it is not suitable for little children, a tour around the pinnacle’s greatest museum will undoubtedly gratify them, as well as you. You’ll savour 360 viewpoints and views of the city after a lift journey to the ninth storey, followed by a stroll up the steps.

3. Wave at the fishes at Istanbul Aquarium

The Istanbul Aquarium is located near Florya, not far from the airport but still a considerable way from the city. On the other side, if you have the opportunity, it’s a trip worth taking. The size of the enormous aquariums will surprise the children. Since 2015, they have provided free transportation from a few locations to the aquarium in the downtown area.

4. Explore Taksim

Most of the building in Taksim, which are home to a slew of popular nightclubs, were constructed before the era of massive dance club sound systems. Istanbul’s night-owl inclinations and lack of noise curfews ensure that the zone doesn’t quiet down until the early hours of the morning. It’s not the best moment for the tired. Instead, rent a room in Galata or Cankurtaran, midway between Istanbul and Istanbul but substantially more peaceful at night.

5. Stop at the Pudding Shop

The Pudding Shop, located just across from Hagia Sophia, is a must-see. The store is a must-visit because of its famed puddings and sweets. The restaurant provides delicious food, and as the name implies, youngsters will enjoy the variety of puddings on offer. On your journey to Istanbul, have a delightful supper with your family here.

6. Visit the Toy Museum

If you have a chance to tour the city’s Asian side, you should pay a visit to the Toy Historical Center. It is, without a doubt, every child’s fantasy, being surrounded by over 4000 thousand toys. The environment would also bring out the youngster in you. Forget about being a “grown-up” for a few hours and enjoy the toys that date back to 1817!

7. Discover kid-friendly food items

When your children are on vacation and out of their usual range of culinary familiarity, it might be challenging to persuade them to try foods from another country. Encourage kids to try new things, but don’t push them. Because children’s stomachs might be fragile, it’s important to maintain their feeding schedule as close to home as possible. This will assist in ensuring that they do not become sick.

8. Stay at the safest hotel

The Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul near the Bosphorus is an excellent choice for a stay in Istanbul. While you choose a Four Seasons hotel, you can rest assured that you will receive a high level of service, which may be comforting when travelling with children. If you stay at the Four Seasons Inn Istanbul near the Bosphorus, you’ll be treated to a spectacular environment.

Expect complimentary mattresses, rollaway beds, newborn child toiletries, pushchairs, and high seats, as well as skilled sitters for an hourly fee. The hotel also contains a large outdoor swimming pool that is ideal for families.

9. Enjoy with your kids at the Prince’s Island

The largest, vehicle-free, bougainvillaea-covered island of Büyükada, which is joyous, is only a short vintage ship trip from the Kabata docks in the downtown area. Before shopping for trip materials, start by obtaining delicious sugared lokma (doughnuts) from one of the nearby slowdowns. Take a stroll up the hillside for spectacular views of Istanbul. Bicycles may also be rented and used to explore the wooded landscapes.

With its mix of minaret-topped Hassock mosques, incense-covered bazaars, and modern artisan exhibitions, you should see this location. Turkeyvisaonline.com can help you apply for a turkey visa online and plan a vacation to Istanbul with your children, and you’ll have a fantastic experience as a family! Please share your experience with us.

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