The 8 Best Hiking Trails in Turkey in 2021

August 25, 2021

The 8 Best Hiking Trails in Turkey in 2021

Are you seeking a great place to spend your summer vacation? Are you unsure about the post-vacation lockdown and quarantine procedures? Don’t worry, and Turkey will reopen to tourists in July 2020 after completing a comprehensive “Safe Tourism Certification” procedure. Turkey’s government has made several steps to reopen its borders to visitors so, why you are waiting to hurry up! Apply for a turkey visa online right away.

Why Should You Hike in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the most incredible places on the planet. It features nature-based activities ranging from world-class beaches to enthralling hikes. It’s not challenging to locate a walk-in Turkey that matches your preferences! There are various hikes in Turkey! Along with its treks, the most beautiful Turkish scenery may be seen. Above all, besides these finest hikes in Turkey, you may spend quality time with your family and friends while eating traditional Turkish cuisine. Here are the greatest of Turkey’s top treks that you must not miss.

List of Turkey’s Scenic Hikes

Hiking in Turkey is a terrific experience for nature enthusiasts, with its ever-changing scenery. Every year, millions of tourists visit Turkey just for climbing and trekking. Look at some of Turkey’s most incredible treks that will blow your mind in no time.

1. Lycian Trail

The Lycian Trail is one of Turkey’s most beautiful and well-known hikes. Lycian treks in Turkey run from Fethiye to Antalya, covering a total area of 509 km. The Lycian Trail is also one of Turkey’s longest hiking paths. Don’t worry. You may take breaks at several points along the Lycian trail. Stops include Kas’ natural beaches, Patara Beach, Olympos’ historic ruins, and many others. If you want to remain during your trial, you may choose from various accommodation choices in Lycian. It is one of the greatest spots to enjoy camping if you like to do a night camp.

2. Via Egnatia

Another fantastic walk-in Turkey, this time via Egnatia. People from around the world choose this trekking path. This path is also appropriate for persons of all ages. Via Egnatia is also your heaven if you want to snap some stunning photographs. The Via Egnatia walk begins in Albania (particularly Durres) and continues through Northern Greece, Macedonia, and Turkey. The journey ends in Istanbul. The tunnel was also used as a military route in the past. People, on the other hand, have begun to use it as a great walking trail. Many valleys, lakes, hamlets, seasides, and towns may be seen as you walk through. This traditional hiking path will request by both nature enthusiasts and history buffs.

3. Kackar Mountains

When visiting Turkey, don’t forget to see Kackar, one of the most famous mountain ranges. Kackar is one of Turkey’s most amazing hikes. This hike, which is located between Camlihemsin and Yusufeli, is one of Turkey’s most popular. You may see a variety of wild plants and sheepherders out with their packs while hiking through the magnificent Kackar Mountains. Moreover, during the summer, you can see the Kackar mountains’ side facades. Its verdant meadows and fresh flora make it stand out. This is one of the fantastic hikes that everyone should experience at least once while in Turkey. So, you should apply for a turkey e visa from; follow 3 simple steps.

4. Saint Paul Trail

This great road, which Saint Paul used on his first journey through Asia Minor, winds its way up and down the dynamite Taurus Mountains. The 500-kilometre trail runs from Antalya’s ancient site of Perge and Aspendos to Yalvac in the Isparta region, takes about 27 days to complete and is bursting with local towns stunning scenery.

5. Yenice Forest Trail

This path, one of Turkey’s most recent hiking paths, uses the Yenice Forest’s complete range of regular excellence. This trail is for nature lovers who enjoy bicycling and horseback riding, thanks to the various varieties of trees that grow from the undulating landscape and are sprinkled by beautiful valleys. The forests are easily accessible from major urban areas such as Istanbul and Ankara. It is close to Safranbolu, which is known for its well-preserved Ottoman era mansions.

6. Evliya Çelebi Way

One of the oldest and longest walking paths is the Evliya Elebi Way. This is the greatest hiking path for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. This is Turkey’s first long-distance hiking path, open to both pedestrians and horseback riders. Among the numerous spectacular views are the historical regions of Bithynia and Phrygia and the family houses of Evliya. We recommend that you check the weather prediction online before beginning your hike.

7. Independence Trail or Istiklal

Independence Path or Istiklal is a short walking trail located on the other side of the nation, perhaps near the Black Sea coastline. This walking path has a significant historical significance in Turkey. It is an old hiking path traversed by liberating army officers during Turkey’s 1991 independence struggle. March to October is the greatest time to go on this journey.

8. Carian Trail

This hiking path will guide you through the ancient ruins and history of Southwest Turkey, allowing you to have an educational hiking experience in Turkey. This route will enable you to see Turkey in its natural state, vibrant, colourful, and steeped in culture. We recommend hiking the Carian Trail in the mornings because there is a significant risk of seeing wild creatures such as foxes at night. Remember to bring a torch and a water bottle that you can refill along the path by stopping at water sources like streams.

All of Turkey’s most incredible hikes are spectacular. These hiking trails in Turkey will leave an ineradicable impression on your heart. With so many alternatives, you may find yourself spoilt for choice. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Apply for a Turkey visa quickly with You may also use the Whatsapp question option to talk with one of our visa experts.