Top 10 Places to Visit in Bodrum on Your Vacation in 2021

September 4, 2021

Top 10 Places to Visit in Bodrum on Your Vacation in 2021

Bodrum, one of Turkey’s prosperous and charming port towns, is a vibrant city that blends old and modern. Surprisingly, the feudal castle on the location of the present town was built with stones from the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, one of the ancient world’s seven wonders. Apart from that, the clear seas between the twin bays make this city a great place to visit for a peaceful holiday. In Bodrum, there are several activities suitable for people of all ages. This place will never fail to attract you, from ancient castles and museums to expensive shopping malls and nightlife. To enjoy the roaming, shopping, and thrilling of Bodrum, apply for your turkey visa online and visit here once in a lifetime.

1. Deniz Müzesi

The museum includes replicas of numerous ships built in Bodrum since the Ottoman era, which is charming. Cevat akir Kabaaaçl, a Turkish writer from Crete who sought shelter in 1925 and contributed his collection of 6000 shells from across the world, was born in the city. He was renowned as “Fisherman of Halicarnassus” and was one of the city’s founding fathers, bringing it to prominence in Turkey.

2. Historic Mausoleum and Theatre of Halicarnassus

The name “Mausoleum” comes from this site, the most well-known of all Turkey’s ancient landmarks. Many of the treasures are secure in museums worldwide, despite a series of earthquakes that shook the constructions between the 11th and 14th centuries. For Carian satrap ‘Mausolus,’ a magnificent 45-meter-tall monument stood in a beautiful pedestal created by prominent Greek sculptors of the time. This was the final wonder from the ancient world to stand tall until the 14th century, and it deservedly earned the distinction of one of the original ancient wonders of the world.

The toys and stones from the site were utilized to construct Bodrum Castle, as appropriate. This gives the impression that the past is still alive and well around us! Both locations are at the top of the list of must-see attractions in Bodrum.

The great theatre is seen as you go ahead of the ancient ruins. The theatre, built in Roman style, has an unmatched view of the Aegean Sea from its cavea, making it one of the top things in Bodrum, Turkey. Surprisingly, the original building has been maintained. The weather-resilient stones used in the construction continue to amaze us, once again demonstrating the brilliance of early Roman artisans.

3. Admire the Bodrum Castle (St Peter’s Castle)

According to history, the castle was built during the 15th century on the original location of the Palace of Mausolus, which stood during the 4th century. The stone and marbles used to construct the castle came from the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, which was demolished. Furthermore, the site’s history stretches back 3000 years, with the viewpoints well-guarded and protected. In 1895, the castle was also used as a jail, although only for a short time, making it one of the finest things to do in Bodrum.

4. Dreamy Bitez Beach

What’s a vacation without a trip to the beach? Though Bodrum’s city beach is famous and beautiful, Bitez Beach lies a bit further out in the suburbs. It has a rightful position among the Turkish peninsula’s most stunning beaches. With its shallow, crystal blue seas and gravelly sand, it’s the ideal location for a great beach getaway and a must-do among Bodrum Turkey’s things to do.

5. Old windmills of Bodrum

The windmills, which date back to the 17th century, are a visual treat and stand out against the backdrop of rough brown soil and clear blue water and sky. The worn appearance of the white painted round brick buildings is due to their condition of deterioration. Continue to one of the observation points for a scenic sunset view across the crystal blue sea, definitely on the list of things to do in Bodrum.

6. Museum of Underwater Archaeology

It is a one-of-a-kind attraction that can only be found at Bodrum castle. This site is a must-see among the finest things to do in Bodrum because of its unique and stunning collection of underwater treasures. The museum’s crown jewels are two recreated ships from the mediaeval and sculpture periods that have been restored nearly entirely. A few of the world-class treasures on display are rare Egyptian symbols and coins, Roman amphorae, and Mycenaean copper tools and vases.

7. Pedasa Antique City

It was a planned and established community that was created in the 11th century B.C. The ruins are scattered across the area, and discoveries are found practically every year. As the city was built along the rocky hills, hiking to the hilltops provides incredible 360o vistas. The best part in Bodrum for discovering your inner historian.


8. Pristine Bardakci Cove

Bardakci Cove is one of the best-kept secrets of the Bodrum peninsula, with water as blue as it gets. Although there is no free entry owing to the lack of a public beach, the $9 ticket helps to keep the area clean and less crowded. The shallow, mild seas and fine sand combine to create an ideal beach retreat and one of the ultimate things to do in Bodrum.

9. Midtown Shopping Centre

It is a modern shopping centre that sells traditional Turkish crafts and major international fashion and lifestyle brands. As a port town, Bodrum also gets its fair share of duty-free items from time to time. So, here’s hope you are lucky and get some fantastic things at incredible rates. A multi-cuisine food court and a handful of movie theatres are also available to keep you fed and entertained.

10. Kara Ada

Are you looking for extra activities to do in Bodrum? Go to Kara Ada, a tiny island near the port’s mouth that has been a hidden treasure for a long time. It became well-known as a result of its yachting possibilities. Almost all major cruise lines make a halt here since it is considered one of Europe’s most scenic Mediterranean sailing tours. If you don’t want to go sailing, the island has several natural mineral springs where you may refresh your body and mind.

Bodrum is developing more popular as a major port in Turkey. A journey to Bodrum will transport you back in time to the beginnings of our civilization, alongside sites like Kayseri and Antalya, which are famous for their natural landscapes. There are several luxury and beach resorts across the city and inexpensive hotels, so there is something for everyone. It is always possible to combine a trip to Greece with a trip to Turkey.

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