10 Best Things Every Tourist Needs To Do In Alayna On Their First Visit

September 3, 2021

10 Best Things Every Tourist Needs To Do In Alayna On Their First Visit

Alayna, a picture-perfect beach location in Turkey, is a beautiful vacation town. It is a paradise in the making, surrounded by the beautiful Tauras mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea. Aside from the many beaches, you may expect to see several ancient 13th-century castles nestled among the rocky outcrops. In addition, Alanya offers a diverse range of activities for visitors of all ages. We’ve put up a complete guide to help you make the most of this wonderful vacation. So, browse the internet, type TurkeyVisaOnline.com and apply for a turkey e visa now.

1. Take a stroll in Alanya Castle

When you visit the Alayna castle, one of Turkey’s wonders, history comes to life. The current 13th-century building was built over previous Byzantine, Hellenistic, and even Roman constructions. Some towers and cisterns from the B.C. era have withstood the test of time and are still undamaged.

This major archaeological site needs a lot of time to be discovered, and it will undoubtedly bring out the historian in you. Make sure you don’t miss St. George’s Byzantine church and the panoramic view from it. If you plan to stroll the whole length of the castle wall, which spans 6.5 kilometres and includes 140 towers, plan on a full day of hiking. It is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Alanya.

2. Visit the Kleopatra beach

Alanya’s main beach, with amazing views of the castle and the Taurus Mountains in the background. This beach is a must-see among Alanya’s attractions, with softly gritty sand and crystal-clear water layers. After you’ve had your fill of browsing in the gentle to moderate waves, relax at one of the lovely beach cabins or cafés.

3. The Archaeological Museum of Alanya

Archaeological Museum is the best museum on the Turkish Riviera, is a must-do among things to do in Alanya. The museum includes a collection of artefacts going back to the 700th century B.C. The bronze figure of Hercules from the 2nd century C.E. is the most renowned of the ruins. A look at them would undoubtedly make you respect the ancient sculptors’ skill and expressive work. Also, pay a visit to the ethnographic area, a feature of the museum and shows local life over time.

4. Adore the view from Kızılkule

A view from the top is one of the best-preserved primitive monuments in the country is undoubtedly one of the best views among things to do in Alanya. The Kızılkule or Red Tower, a gigantic tower overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, has safeguarded the city since the 13th century. The infamous cistern is still being utilised as a rainwater saver. It was also used to pour hot water into murder holes, paralysing invading forces. It’s terrifying, but it’s true.

5. Check out the historic Dim caves

This ancient wonder, one of the largest caverns in the Dim River system, was just found in 1999, yet it is one of the best things to do in Alanya. Since then, the cave’s 360 metres have been thoroughly investigated and concreted. It may not be suited for all age groups due to the numerous tight corridors and high steps.

6. Heal yourself in the Damlatas caves

The Damlatas, a miraculous cave with a high humidity level, is perfect for curing lung problems. The cave, which is 50 metres long, has a natural humidity of >96 per cent and a high carbon dioxide concentration. This environment, along with a steady temperature, makes it excellent for treating asthma-like illnesses. There are 21-day therapy courses available, during which the patient spends 3-5 hours every day in the cave.

7. Ride the Alanya Teleferik

When you’ve had your fill of the region’s history and beaches, take a ride on the Alanya Teleferik. This cable car will carry you from the beach on the east side to the castle promontory on the west side. This trip, which is highly recommended among things to do in Alanya, will provide you with open 360o views across the Gulf of Antalya. Try to take the ride around sunset to see the same with the Taurus mountains as a backdrop.

8. Get up close with marine life with a Scuba dive tour

In the Mediterranean Sea region and Turkey, Alayna features some of the greatest beginner and expert scuba diving locations. Choose from a variety of courses based on your level of experience. This is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Alanya, and it may be the ideal place for first-timers. There are several diving locations in the Mediterranean Sea for skilled divers, some close by and others far away.

9. Take a fun day out at Alanya Aquapark

If you’re hunting for a fun family trip to make your kids’ holiday more memorable, look no further. Alanya Aquapark is a modest but well-kept water theme park featuring various water attractions and wave pools to choose from. If you’re travelling with children, a half-day trip to this waterpark would be a great addition to your schedule and one of the finest things to do in Alanya with children. In addition, the Antalya region is known for having several adventure parks in Turkey.

10. Stroll along the Alanya Limani

Finally, end your day with a relaxing stroll along the well-kept seafront along the Alanya harbour. While sipping your favourite Turkish coffee at one of the numerous cafés, take in the pristine lawns and gardens.

With this list of the greatest things to do in Alanya, it’s safe to say that Alayna is one of the Antalya region’s best-kept secrets. Alayna is a hidden gem worth exploring in Turkey, which is recognised for many other things, such as its hot springs and lakes. The city’s laid-back appeal, along with its historical significance and cultural origins, makes it a perfect off-the-beaten-path visit. So, pack your stuff and apply for a Turkey visa online at TurkeyVisaOnline.com, where you can also interact with our visa consultants for other visa options. You may also combine a trip to Greece and Turkey, as they are both quite near each other.