Mudurnu, a Ghost Town within 2 Hours of İstanbul

December 29, 2022

We thought you would be interested in including the peaceful town of Mudurnu in your autumn vacation plans as the chilly days of October are near. Even though this slow city is lovely all year round, the chilly rain and cloudy sky bring out its greatest qualities. We have to admit that Mudurnu appears much more adorable, covered in snow, giving the scene a serene yet romantic feel.

This village boasts several outstanding examples of old Ottoman architecture. It is located in a narrow, rocky valley created by the river that gives its name and on the lower, heavily forested slopes of Mount Bolu.

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As tranquil as it seems, the town keeps its historical richness and thousands of years of local traditions. Mudurnu, which joined the Cittaslow Network in 2015, is the perfect destination for getaways in the fall and winter whenever you need to relax.

There are many tangible and intangible cultural treasures inside the town’s gorgeous architectural landscape, blessed with a rich past. Numerous civilizations, including the Phrygians, Lydians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, and Ottomans, had their roots in Mudurnu. Mudurnu, which was formerly situated at the conflation of several important trade routes, including the Silk Road and the Crimean Road, is believed to have played a significant role in the ancient civilizations’ commercial lives as a mid-sized trading town, especially during the Byzantine, Seljukian, and Ottoman Periods.

The town features more than 200 old homes formally recognized as cultural heritage because it is an urban protected area. The town’s clock tower stands out as its most unique sign. At the same time, its mansions with names like Armutçular, Keyvanlar, Kazanlar, Yarişkaşi, and Haci Abdullahlar are likely the most well-known private residences in the area. With their finely carved ornaments and decorations, these mostly wooden constructions attract the greatest attention.

While Mudurnu still displays traces of various traditions, it has retained its identity as a typical Ottoman town with a 700-year history. Mudurnu is what it is today because Ahi is a Turkish-Islamic guild founded on tolerance and equitable economic distribution. It promotes creating a master-apprentice relationship, which encourages people to educate one another. To uphold quality standards for commodities and goods and to manage production in line with needs, the Ahi system is considered to have developed in the 13th century. Mudurnu has managed to secure a spot on the UNESCO Tentative Directory for World Heritage Sites for keeping such a genuine tradition alive for so many years.

Despite being close to the busyness of Istanbul, Mudurnu still manages to maintain its tranquillity and reputation as a high-quality resort that tourists have never swamped. Visitors to this sleepy village have various chances to learn new things.

The town is full of pine trees and thermal springs, making it an amazing spot to visit in the fall or winter. If you want to visit Muduru for the day, be sure to spend the day visiting the lakes Karamurat and Sülüklü, where green meets blue. Both of these lakes are beautiful spots for picnics and fishing. You may also mark a trekking path through the forest, by the lake, or up the rocky mountainside. You’ll want to participate in all of the fascinating events in Mudurnu, so don’t forget to pack warm clothing and hiking boots to suit last-minute alterations.

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Traditional Turkish Ice Cream Maras – All You Need to Know About It

December 28, 2022

The Maraş ice cream popular in Turkey takes its name from the town of Kahramanmaraş, also known as Maraş, which is situated at the base of the Ahir Mountain. Every region in Turkey enjoys this dessert. It is distinct from traditional Italian ice cream (gelato) due to its thick texture and flavour and is worth tasting. The ingredients in this type of ice cream, indigenous to these regions, are its secret. One of these is “salep” or “sahlep,” which refers to the powdered tubers of a purple orchid that only blooms around Ahir Mountain and helps temper ice cream. Along with salep, Maraş ice cream also includes goat’s milk from the goats on Ahir Mountain and Arabic gum, a resin that gives it a chewier flavour.

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How was this ice cream made? There are many myths and legends surrounding its beginnings. One such one concerns an Ottoman named Osman Agha. According to legend, Osman Aga would supply Ottoman mansions with sahlep, a hot beverage made from milk and powdered orchid tubers. He decided to bury a sizeable chunk of his stuff beneath the snow one day when it was still unsold, primarily to prevent it from spoiling. When he went to get it the other day, he found that it had frozen into ice cream. Maraş ice cream was subsequently created.

To make Maraş dondurmasi, goat’s milk with added sugar is cooked slowly. Mastic gum was previously finely ground and mixed with the sugar. The mixture is then given a dash of sahlep powder. Until the desired thickness is achieved, the mixture is whisked. It is then allowed to cool at room temperature before being placed in a freezer for the night. Maraş dondurmas are a favourite due to their superb preparation method and adequately selected ingredients that make them relatively resistant to melting.

But Maraş ice cream offers more than just this. For the past 300 years, it has built a unique narrative and culture, with Türkiye’s Maraş city at the centre of it.

When you travel to Türkiye, you’ll witness Maraş ice cream vendors selling the treat while dressed in distinctive Maraş attire that pays tribute to their hometown’s traditions. One of the main things that come to mind when thinking of Maraş ice cream is the trick and tease the vendors engage in with their customers. They offer the ice cream cone on a stick to the customer and then remove it as the customer tries to grab it. As a result, it may take some time to receive your order. Customers who are unaware of the custom might become confused, but those who are will undoubtedly enjoy this well-known ice cream prank the most.

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Istanbul Tulip Festival – How to Enjoy It

December 26, 2022

As we frequently mention, Istanbul is a vast, colourful city. We also often say that Istanbul is the city of ancient history blending into lovely, cosily natural surroundings. Mountains, oceans, lakes, and rivers in this blog, I’d like to take you along with me to the Istanbul Tulip Festival, one of the city’s major events. Let me introduce you to the festival and the event; if you are looking for the best escape and want to see the Tulip Festival apply for a turkey visa online and visit Istanbul once in a lifetime.

Since 2006, the Istanbul government has started to plant millions of tulips in the city’s parks, streets, zebra crossings, and practically wherever else that is open to the sky. To create a floral carpet in front of the Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Mosque) and Hagia Sophia Museum, the government plants about 500,000 tulips in Sultan Ahmet Square. The result is a charming, elegant, clean picture of Istanbul that also calms the soul.

From the end of March to the opening of April, tulip blooms begin to bloom. As a result, the festival runs from April 1 to April 30, the weather controls the bloom date, and it takes several weeks to be visually attractive at the start of spring. Because April is a rain-free month, and the weather begins to warm up with the brilliant sun in the sky, it is a very appealing month to visit Istanbul if you have a turkey e visa.

Let’s talk a little bit about tulips. One of the icons of Istanbul is the tulip, which did not originate in Europe or Holland. In Ottoman history, it brought an acceptable, rare tulip kind from Iran that could be sold for a huge deal. Following Turkey, the tulip also made its way to Europe, especially to Holland, where, much like the Tulip Mania, the government was quickly taken over by tulip lovers.

I must point out that the Istanbul Tulip Festival celebrates tulips and other plants, bushes, pansies, and flowers. They are planted in many types and colours to provide the streets and parks with a stunning shape. You may see tulip blooms in the old cities and almost anywhere you go there, but if you want to enjoy the festival’s beauty, consider visiting the Emirgan Korusu park, which is famous for its tulips. Emirgan Korusu is well worth the trip.


It is one of the most highly suggested sites to visit in Istanbul, and you can check that by clicking here. It is located north of the Fatih Bridge between the Bosphorus and the European seashore when the annual Tulip Festival in Istanbul takes place in April! The ideal destination for a picnic, some leisure, a light lunch, and Turkish coffee or tea is Emirgan Korusu; You will feel like you’re feeding your soul from mother nature thanks to the area’s clean, pure air and beautiful surroundings. The quickest route is to take the M2 metro line in the direction of Istanbul Technique University and then transfer to an LF, 29B, or 40B bus that will take you to the Emirgan Korusu stop.

Emrigan features three Turkish breakfast shops, three fantastic picnic spots with views of the Bosphorus, and hiking routes for running in the beautiful scenery and fresh air.


Gulhane Park, also known as “Rosehouse Park” in English, is a popular park to visit in April when the tulip bloom is at its peak. It is situated in the historic district, close to Hagia Sofia Basilica and Sultan Ahmet Square. The distance to the park is merely a 15-minute walk from there. One of the most prominent gates of Topkapi Palace is the south gate of the park.

To summarise, Istanbul has become a beautiful area to walk around, and with these two parks, you can spend time with your family, take memorable family photos, and cure your soul.

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History of Istanbul – All You Need to Know

December 23, 2022

Many people, including poets, authors, world leaders, politicians, and visitors, fell in love with Istanbul. The Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, and Ottoman Empire were three of the most powerful empires in history, and their capital city was the one you see today. The city has experienced several changes over the years in all areas. Technology and modernity as we now did not exist 2000 years ago.

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Istanbul city was covered in verdant hills and plains thousands of years ago, as well as clean water and modest homes, and its people led peaceful happy lives. First, you should be aware that Istanbul is regarded as one of the most significant cities in the world due to its strategic location at the crossing of Europe and Asia and its closeness to the Silk Road, the world’s most well-known trading route. As a result, numerous strong empires or rulers have found this city attractive throughout history.

According to historians and experts, the city of Istanbul was most likely populated as early as 2800 to 3000 BC. It remained so until the 7th century when Greek colonists, under the leadership of the illustrious Greek leader Byzas founded the colony of Byzantium. The oracle had been consulted regarding the city’s location that Byzas would rule over, and it had advised him to “follow the area behind the blindness.” Later, the Greek army discovered and occupied what is now known as Istanbul City. Bosphorus was the name given to Istanbul at that time. Byzas put a lot of effort into creating a civilized city where people could live happily and contribute to developing a civilized society. Bosphorus City, one of the world’s most beautiful cities, was one of the many constructions and infrastructures constructed to serve the Greek people.

In 306 AD, the emperor Justenian declared Bosphorus city the major capital of the Roman Empire and decided to change its name to Constantinople. The Roman army nearly conquered the town by 100 BC and made it formally a part of the Roman Empire. According to mythology, Justinian the Great loved the city and trusted in its strategic position for trade and natural riches. As a result, he slaved diligently to build a moral and ideal city for everyone by enhancing infrastructures to assist residents in effectively using the city’s natural resources. You can tell that when visiting the renowned great Hagia Sophia museum, which is known for its elegant architecture, knowing that it was once the largest cathedral in the world, or the Basilica Cistern, which still stands as proof of the great work of Justinian the Great had done to serve, You can imagine how helpful it was for people living in the city as this cistern was constructed underground in the centre of the town as the largest and primary source of water. It can contain up to 80 thousand cubic metres of water.

The Ottomans, instructed by the legendary conqueror Mehmet the Conqueror, were able to conquer Constantinople in 1435 after it had been weakened by numerous attacks by the Ottomans, who had defeated the Roman Empire and established the great Ottoman Empire, which lasted for more than 600 years. During the Ottoman Empire’s rule, Constantinople had a great deal of development, and more civilized structures and infrastructure were constructed there. For instance, the Blue Mosque with its complex architecture, the Topkapi Palace with its vast complex that serviced thousands of people, and the education that saw significant changes and improvements.

The father of all Turks, the great leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, built the Turkish Republic after the Independence War, specifically in 1923. He gave everything he had to the country and laid the groundwork for what you can see now in Istanbul or Turkey. The importance of Istanbul in the world increased significantly under Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, particularly in terms of international trade.

Modern Istanbul was not built overnight; instead, it is the result of several civilizations’ hard work throughout the years, as shown by all the ancient monuments that still stand today.

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Discover why you should travel to Turkey in December

December 22, 2022

There are many locations around Turkey where you may still get some sun or even dip in warm coastal waters in December, the mildest winter month there. But as the rainy season comes, a large portion of the country is covered in darkness. This also means that the ski season is here to stay and that this incredibly underestimated location continues to present excellent vacation choices at this time of year. Discover why you should travel to Turkey in December by reading on.


Turkey’s December weather varies from north to south. By December, Istanbul begins to get cold, but there are still enough warm days in Antalya, in the south, to give you a vacation from the winter. December weather typically ranges from a low of -3°C to a high of 5°C.

However, Antalya on the coast of the Mediterranean gets substantially higher temperatures, ranging from 10°C to 16°C. In December, Istanbul rarely experiences lows below freezing and regularly experiences highs around 11 °C. The Aegean and Mediterranean regions have milder weather without as much rain as the Black Sea shoreline does at this time of year.

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Travelling to Turkey in December, the start of winter has its appeal and temptation that cannot be ignored. Here are a few benefits of visiting this country that sits on two continents this month.

Better rates: You’re in luck if you like to travel on a limited budget. This month, most tourists are staying away from Turkey so that you can benefit from lower prices.

Fewer crowds: Most of the country’s famous locations see fewer visitors at this time of year. Without having to deal with crowds, take in the wonders of Istanbul and Antalya in your own time.

Ski season: Turkey, which has beautiful, rough mountains with excellent slopes, is quickly becoming a favourite destination for skiers. In addition, rates are significantly lower here than in other well-known ski resorts.


Turkey is a large nation with diverse scenery, from high mountains and Mediterranean coastlines to desert regions. Turkey’s south coast gives a break from the coming winter because the sea still has warm water flowing through it and a lot of sunshine. Visits to Antalya, Fethiye, and Alanya are lovely at this time of year and are highly recommended.

A trip to Cappadocia is the kind of vacation that Instagrammers live for. Hot air balloons fly above the jagged desert mountain peaks in this location. This is one of the locations in Turkey where it snows at this time of year. Discover this beautiful location’s other side while there are few people around. If you’re fortunate, you can get a deal on first-class accommodation in famous cave hotels.

In December, skiing is quite popular in Turkey, and ski resorts can be found close to Istanbul, the country’s capital. Uludag, Palandoken, and Kayseri are a few of the most well-liked alternatives. Because Kayseri is close to Cappadocia, you may easily combine a trip to both places. Even though the majestic Kackar Mountains are covered in snow in December, they provide many trekking options and breathtaking views of the valleys below.

If you want to see Pamukkale’s snow-covered hills and various Roman remains before people descend, go there in the winter. Its warm springs provide much-needed relief from the cold, and its blue and white pools are as stunning in December as at other times of the year.

The Whirling Dervishes Festival, a week-long cultural spectacle celebrating Rumi, a well-known Islamic figure, is held in Konya. Although it has occasionally been held in November, this event follows the Islamic calendar and is most frequently conducted in December. Dancers perform intricate movements while wearing broad, billowing skirts that flare up as they spin around the stage during the seven-day festival.

Even though less than 1% of Turkish people identify as Christian, big cities like Istanbul have a festive mood in December. This month leads to grand celebrations, large feasts that celebrate the end of the year, and enormous fireworks displays. The town of Demra holds a colourful event at the start of December to honour Noel Baba, the term used locally for Santa Claus, as the Turkish people also belief that Santa Clause was born in Antalya. The magnificent Church of Saint Nicolas, built in the fourth century, celebrates his birth.

Discovering Turkey’s stunning landscape, as well as its vibrant culture, is still worthwhile in December. This month occurs in the middle of the low season so that you may take in the nation’s most notable attractions with a lot fewer tourists present.

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Wind Sports in Turkey That You Must Try!

December 21, 2022

A smaller portion of adrenaline is never harmful to the soul. It’s time to get up and experience the extraordinary since you’ve been lazing around in the sun with your drink for far too long. Brace yourself to get carried away by the wind in Turkey’s top wind sports locations! Windsurfing and kiteboarding are only two of the high-adrenaline activities available in Turkey. Due to its extensive coastline, a wide variety of winds, and clear, warm waters, the country enjoys outstanding wind and sea conditions. Let’s explore these many wind activities and the top places to experience the wind! You must have a reason to apply for a turkey visa online now. Visit our website and apply for a turkey e visa online.


Windsurfing is one of Turkey’s most famous wind sports since it blends the wind and the sea. In short, it’s the skill of sustaining yourself over the water while managing and mastering the winds! Turkey has exceptional windsurfing conditions along its Aegean coast, constantly exposed to powerful and beneficial winds coming west. This is specifically true during the summer months. Due to the handy shape of its islands and bays, there are many ideal locations and surfing facilities for windsurfing enthusiasts.


Alaçati, in Turkey’s Izmir Peninsula, is the most well-known windsurfing location. Even though it was only found a few decades ago, it quickly climbed to the top. Alaçati is a “windsurfing paradise” because the coast gracefully curves into a safe bay. Moreover, it offers the ideal environment, making it the perfect location for beginner and professional surfers. You can surf with trained instructors at several excellent surfing clubs and schools here. It is also among Turkey’s top windsurfing locations for beginners who want to advance their skills swiftly.


Bodrum, well-known for its sparkling waters, mild weather, busy marinas, and upscale tourism, has an irresistible charm that draws tourists and locals. Additionally, it’s a fantastic place to go windsurfing! The areas closest to Turgutreis, Akyarlar, and Kadikalesi are the most favourable. Some of the country’s strongest and most consistent winds can be found on the peninsula. If you’d like, you can take lessons while watching the local experts swinging to the wind.


Akkum, in the city of Izmir, has several beautiful beaches for windsurfing. It is an excellent location for windsurfing since consistent thermal breezes are coming westward along the Aegean. Akkum is a fantastic option for people looking for extreme adventure and blue waters. The summer thermal winds forecast lots of opportunities for surfing days while you’re on vacation.


All you need to refresh is a windy adventure! Kiteboarding is a fantastic extreme sport that mixes kitesurfing and surfing and guarantees unforgettable experiences. Hold your kite tightly and allow yourself to float gently across Turkey’s sparkling waters! Although kiteboarding may be enjoyed all year round, the summer months see the most significant number of visitors and residents to Turkey’s Aegean and Mediterranean coasts participate in this thrill.


Gökova Bay, with its warm and clean seas, is situated in Turkey’s Mugla Province. There is enough area for any kiteboarder to enjoy because the bay is around 3 kilometres wide. Surfers benefit from the steady and clean thermal gusts that blow every afternoon at about noon. Since the shallow water, you can spice things up by being more daring! The ideal location for learning to freestyle and freeride is Gökova Bay.


A great place to start your kiteboarding adventure is Urla. It is situated in the Izmir province. All requirements for a top-notch kiteboarding experience are met by the area’s natural setting and strong winds. Additionally, there are numerous kiteboarding schools and private lessons in this area. Relax on the beach and take the deep-red sunset after a windy day. Later, you can go to Urla to unwind in its cosmopolitan restaurants and local bars.


With its extensive Mediterranean coastline, Antalya is famed for having some of the best kitesurfing conditions in the country. Between October and March, there is the best wind for kiteboarding. Additionally, you can improve your riding skills by joining the local kiteboarding groups. You have many options when you get out of the water because Antalya is also the centre of Mediterranean tourism.

Sailing & Blue Voyages

Sailing includes guiding a boat using the strength and direction of the wind. For the brave, it’s a magnificent experience! Go sailing, visit new islands, and explore the Turkish Riviera’s undiscovered regions. With several distinctive Blue Voyage & sailing routes, Göcek, Fethiye, Marmaris, Ceşme, and Bodrum are among the best locations for a beautiful trip. Additionally, Turkey has a long sailing season that runs from April until the beginning of November. It continues to exist even during the winter; take this fantastic trip, and we guarantee you won’t regret it!

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A Brief History of 3 Historical Towers of Istanbul

December 19, 2022

Galata Tower (Galata Kulesi)

The Galata Tower, one of the world’s oldest towers, was built in 507–508 CE to serve as a fire lookout. It has since excelled in becoming one of the symbols of Istanbul’s enduring energy.

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The tower has taken more than 1,500 years to reach its current state, proving the maxim that good things take time. The Genoese constructed the present building in 1348, though it has undergone numerous repairs and even reconstructions. Sultan Mahmud II gave the Galata Tower its current appearance by completing the final two floors and giving it its renowned cone-shaped roof.

The tower has a long history of renewal and restoration, reflected in the wide range of styles on its floors. For instance, the first three floors show features of Genoese architecture, while the final floors show a distinctly Ottoman style.

Several stories have also enhanced the popularity of the Galata Tower.

Hezârfen Ahmet Celebi, for instance, is mentioned in Evliya Celebi’s famous travelogue even though modern historians disagree with him. According to Evliya Celebi, Hezârfen Ahmet Celebi used a pair of wooden wings to fly from the Galata Tower to the area of Üsküdar on Istanbul’s Asian shore.

Another popular myth says that you will wed the person you climb the ancient tower with. Due to this, many couples now stand in line to visit the tower’s famous observation terrace.

Tower of the Maiden (Kiz Kulesi)

You’ll find The Maiden’s Tower on a small islet close to the Bosphorus Strait. Although the tower’s construction date is unknown, the architectural design suggests that it was built in the 300s BCE. The islet, which once served as a customs post for ships, is believed to have been connected to the Asian shore by a defence wall, the remains of which may still be seen underwater.

The Maiden’s Tower is said to have fallen into ruin due to numerous natural calamities, similar to the Galata Tower. During restoration, the glass kiosk and lead-covered dome were added. The tower now has a restaurant on the ground level and a café on the roof. Additionally, there is a museum with free admission.

A few legends have helped the tower generate publicity, but one stands out above the rest to the point where the tower was given the name “Tower of Leandros” in honour of it. Leandros (or Leander), a young man from the other part of the strait, fell in love with Hero, an Aphrodite priestess. He would swim across the Hellespont (Dardanelles) to see her every evening. At the peak of her tower, Hero would light a lamp to serve as a signal for him. Leandros was hurled into the water by the waves one windy winter night, and the wind extinguished Hero’s light. Legend has it that Leandros tragically lost his path and drowned.

Beyazıt Tower (Beyazıt Kulesi)

On the main campus of Istanbul University, there is a fire watchtower called Beyazit Tower, which is 85 metres high. The tower used a particular lighting system created at a precise time in history to inform Istanbul residents of the weather forecast.

The tower gives a beautiful view of Istanbul and is one of the city’s landmarks today. It is situated on one of the seven hills that make up the city. The city’s original name, Constantinople, which preceded its current name Istanbul, is visible when you climb the tower.

Although there are plans to convert the tower into a public museum, it is now solely accessible to students of Istanbul University.

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7 Things to Know Before You Go Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey

December 17, 2022

Kapadokya, in the centre of Turkey, attracts travellers with its stunning volcanic structures and sunrise views. The multicoloured hot air balloons that fly over the rock formations add to the breathtaking scenery! Your outstanding and exciting vacation experiences will be further enhanced by participating in a hot air balloon trip in Kapadokya. Before starting your adventure, a few critical pieces of knowledge are necessary. This article has some crucial advice you should know before travelling.

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How to reach Kapadokya

Let’s start by discussing how to go to Kapadokya! Of course, taking a plane is the most convenient solution. Though, there are no direct flights to this unique place because it is not a city or town. It would help if you flew into Nevşehir Kapadokya Airport or Erkilet International Airport in Kayseri. You can take a private vehicle arranged by your tour operator or public transportation. Ankara, the Turkish capital, is a three-hour trip from Kapadokya if you want to travel by car.

The best season for a hot air balloon ride

Kapadokya offers hot air balloon rides all year round. However, spring or fall are the best seasons for taking a ride. Compared to other seasons of the year, the weather is often warm and steady during that time. A new thrill can be had by choosing to get a hot air balloon flight in the winter above rock formations covered in snow.

Prepare to wake up early!

In Kapadokya, hot air balloon trips begin shortly before sunrise. This means that on the day of takeoff, you must rise early. Even though the sunrise time varies depending on the season, you should start getting ready at around 4:00 am because your tour company’s bus will pick you up from your accommodation shortly after this time. A friendly reminder: before taking off, the hot air balloon business will provide you breakfast. Although getting up that early might be difficult, we promise it will be worthwhile!

How long is the ride, and how many people are in the basket?

Standard trips usually take at least an hour, and the basket holds between 14 and 20 passengers. There are four sections in the basket, and a section can only hold up to 5 people. Additionally, there are unique balloons with a capacity of 10–12 passengers. The second option, which lasts between 75 and 90 minutes, provides more room for movement inside the basket, making the tour more comfortable for some tourists. Whichever you choose, we promise you won’t be able to focus on anything but the landscape!

Are hot air balloons safe?

All of the pilots flying the balloons are required to renew their international flying certificates every two years. Additionally, all pilots undergo frequent testing to assess their performance and ability. Further, a regulatory organisation evaluates the weather’s suitability, and all tour operators must follow its findings. The wind speed will decide whether or not flights are possible. Additionally, all passengers on balloon rides are given aviation insurance.

Book your hot air balloon flight for your first morning!

You should reserve your hot air balloon ride in advance because almost everyone visiting Kapadokya desires to go on a hot air balloon excursion. Making reservations in advance is strongly advised, especially during peak season. Additionally, you don’t intend to stay long. In that case, we recommend booking your tour during the first morning of your Kapadokya vacation. Hot air balloon flights can occasionally be rescheduled for one of your remaining days if the weather is terrible. We can confidently state that you won’t want to leave Kapadokya without having experienced this wonderful thing!

Enjoy the landscape

During the flights, the pilots silently and slowly rotate the balloons. This gives each passenger equal time to take in the scenery. The views are incredibly breathtaking, so we advise you to make the best of each moment and remember to take plenty of pictures to show your loved ones! Champagne celebrations and delicious food are waiting for you after the rides!

In the Kapadokya region, there are numerous activities besides hot air ballooning. Visit this page to look at additional worthwhile choices!

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Gift of Nature – 9 Best Canyons in Türkiye

December 16, 2022

Ulubey Canyon

The 2nd largest Canyon in the world, Ulubey Canyon, is located in the districts of Uşak’s Ulubey and Karahalli. It is larger than the Grand Canyon in the United States. The Canyon, a perfect habitat for several animal and plant species, has evolved into a centre for tourism. It is ideal for camping, hiking, and trekking. Several sites close to the Canyon are worth exploring, including Cilandiras Bridge, the Durakli rock-cut tombs, the Hasköy monuments, the ancient cities of Pepuza and Blaundus, and Salma Creek. The Canyon is great for climbing, and Banaz Creek, which lies inside it, provides opportunities for rafting.

A glass viewing platform is also available for viewing the beautiful scenery. A 302 square metre café is also provided to enjoy this amazing Canyon. So, you have a reason to apply for a turkey visa online now.

Valla Canyon

Valla Canyon considered the second-deepest in the world, is situated near Kastamonu’s Pinarbaşi neighbourhood. The Canyon is a fantastic place for outdoor activities because of its unique geography and natural beauty. Visit and experience this incredible natural creation, created when the Devrekani Creek ripped through the Küre Mountains, if you enjoy rock climbing, hiking, or possibly both. The valley is renowned for its diverse biodiversity, which includes many bird predators like eagles and vultures. Due to this, it is prohibited to enter a significant portion of the Canyon without appropriate clothes, and only some areas of the Canyon are acceptable for sports and trekking. Like Ulubey Canyon, this place has an observation deck you must see!

Ihlara Valley

Ihlara Valley in Nevşehir, a canyon, is thought to have housed more than 4,000 homes and several cave churches throughout history. It is located close to Mount Hasan and Mount Melendiz. We shouldn’t be surprised by this, considering how well-known the Kapadokya region is for its rock-hewn architecture.

With its vineyards, poplars, and pistachio trees, the valley is excellent for trekking and climbing. The sound of the Melendiz River’s wild waters will calm your mind. The beautiful frescoes adorn each cave church and should not be missed. After exhausting yourself with all the outdoor activities available throughout the valley, you may get lunch at one of the restaurants around Belisirma, one of the valley’s several entrances.

Saklıkent Canyon

The city of Mula in Turkey is home to a canyon that is already popular with tourists. Saklikent, one of the deepest valleys in the earth with a maximum depth of 30 metres, is also home to 16 incredible caves in addition to several cliffs, waterfalls, and rocky terrain. A large, 10-meter-deep crevice will greet you as you cross a bridge into this naturally occurring area, which has been designated a natural park. It will entice you to explore this incredible Canyon. The gorge has little to no light because of its steep cliffs and sculpted walls that climb to enormous heights. Because of this, it is referred to as “Saklikent” in Turkish, which means “hidden city.”

Don’t forget to eat at one of the surrounding restaurants serving fresh trout and see the historic ruins of Tlos. As a result of the restaurants being built on wooden platforms perched above the river’s raging rapids, even a simple meal will make your trip to Saklikent unforgettable.

Köprülü Canyon

The Köprülü Canyon, which spans beside the Köprü River, is a favourite spot for thrill seekers. Home to a national park with the same name, the Canyon is a fantastic site to enjoy rafting in the safest way possible. It’s near the Manavgat district of Antalya and great for camping and rock climbing.

A variety of pine, black pine, cedar, fir, and oak varieties, as well as rare and endangered animal species, can be found in Köprülü Canyon National Park. Additionally, it is home to Asia Minor’s most extensive cypress forest. The historic city of Selge and the St. Paul Trail include sections that are a part of the national park.

Karanlık Canyon

In Turkish, Karanlk Canyon, which translates to “Dark Canyon,” is a narrow canyon close to Erzincan. It is a fantastic place for canyoning, and the Karasu River formed canoeing on what has been referred to as the Munzur Mountains. A water sports magazine listed the “Euphrates Route,” which follows Karanlik Canyon, as one of Europe’s top 10 canoeing routes.

The roads here are challenging due to the Canyon’s rugged terrain, making this the ideal destination for adventurous, exhilarating drivers. Parts of this road are considered to be even more dangerous than China’s famous Guoliang Tunnel.

Arapapıştı Canyon

Arapapşt Canyon is one of the famous tourist places in the Turkish Aegean region, covering a sizable area that lies along the boundaries of the Aydin, Denizli, and Mula provinces in southwestern Turkey. It provides lovely boat rides that are perfect for a city escape and is also known as incegiz Canyon. The Canyon, created by the Akçay River, boosts the local economy. The Canyon’s rare wildlife, which includes eagles, wild goats, and boars, is also noteworthy.

Sapadere Canyon

A waterfall and crystal-clear swimming holes can be found at Sapadere Canyon, a rough canyon 40 kilometres east of Antalya’s Alanya district. Its various green hues and granite formations are alluring.

If you ever find yourself at this idyllic retreat, which is especially favoured by people looking to escape the summer heat, make sure to stroll through the village of Sapadere, take in its lovely water mill and silk-weaving studios, and savour the delightful fresh trout delivered in the nearby restaurants.

Cehennem Deresi Canyon

Cehennem Deresi, one of the few canyon valleys in the world, is probably the most well-known Canyon in Turkey’s Black Sea region. The Artvin city’s Canyon, declared a national park, has wooden stairs that add to the adventure. It is well-known for having the world’s second-highest Canyon, behind Arizona’s Grand Canyon, and is excellent for outdoor activities like hiking and trekking.

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Foodie Cities of the TurkAegean Coast

December 15, 2022

The wealth of the TurkAegean coast’s natural environment alone has produced a site of unparalleled beauty. An area with thriving vineyards, olive groves, and orchards, whereas cities like Izmir and Bodrum have a thriving restaurant culture and every cuisine is influenced by the finest local products. The TurkAegean offers everything, from fine dining in luxury to a simple coastal village experience. So, immediately apply for a turkey visa and enjoy the TurkAegean coast’s beauty.

The two cities that best represent the Aegean lifestyle in Türkiye are Izmir and Bodrum. A place where the best ingredients are cultivated and sourced locally by passionate growers, inspiring the recipes of famous chefs. In regions where endemic grape types are being revived, winning global recognition and serving the freshest daily fish directly by the ocean where it was caught. These are two areas with olive groves, orchards, five-star resorts hidden away in the countryside, and vacation homes behind bougainvillaea bushes. The two main cities of the TurkAegean are local and international, old and contemporary, traditional and youthfully adventurous. They are more than just places with lovely beaches and secret harbours.

The city of Izmir is renowned for its fish restaurants that overlook the ocean and feed their discerning clients grilled fish and an unlimited variety of meze dishes. The third-largest city in Turkey, Izmir, sparkles not only with the Aegean’s turquoise beauty but also with its busy seaside Kordon (promenade). With its colourful stalls offering everything from fresh produce to pickled vegetables and homemade bread, Kemeralti Bazaar, which dates to the 17th century, is just as vibrant. The province of Izmir stretches along the TurkAegean coast, and areas like Cesme and Urla act as culinary magnets that tempt travellers to leave the city and explore the surroundings. One of the most well-known villages in Ceşme is Alaçati, where cafes inside old stone homes serve typical Turkish breakfasts packed with local specialties, including fresh herbs, olives, cheeses and spreads. The bounty of its lands, where everything thrives in abundance, encouraged by the sun and the sea, is a well-known source of gastronomic excellence in the province of Izmir. Since 2010, Alaçati has held an annual Ot Festivali (Alaçati Herb Festival), where vendors sell more than 45 different species of edible Aegean plants and traditional herb cuisines.

It is hardly surprising that the province of Teos, home to the ancient marble Temple of Dionysus, devoted to the deity of wine, has developed into a hub of Turkish viticulture. Young winemakers are creating award-winning wines, bringing back native varieties, and continuing a centuries-old tradition. In addition to other top Anatolian grape varieties like Oküzgözü, Bogazkere, and Kalecik Karasi, which are all served in fine dining restaurants in Türkiye and abroad, it is here that the regional Bornova Misketi and Urla Karasi revived. Additionally, a specially marked path linking these vineyards was created, enabling guests to take part in wine-tasting tours on foot or by bicycle. The Urla Grape Harvest Festival brings guests to the Malgaca Bazaar every August so they can meet winemakers and learn about their prized harvest while enjoying live music. The Urla Enginar Festivali (Urla Artichoke Festival) honours the local sakiz artichoke and all of its dedicated growers, the region’s other famous harvest.

Young chefs who completed their training at renowned restaurants and quit the fast-paced city life also chose to settle down and launch their restaurants in Urla. Their simple dining rooms serve the finest of what Zamir has to offer with an experimental touch, defining TurkAegean cuisine, a culture all its own, right in the middle of the countryside, where their ingredients come.

The province of Mula, which has the city of Bodrum as one of its key attractions, appears further down the coast. Bodrum, a bustling tourist destination, maintains its strength with its many seaside restaurants and cafes and the majestic Bodrum Castle in the background. The summer province of Bodrum is also a luxury centre, with numerous international hotels offering excellent cuisine complemented by the abundance of local foods, including fish, fruit, olives, and olive oil. The hills are sprinkled with the famous white vacation homes decorated with bougainvillaea shrubs. Some of the most famous restaurants, bars and pubs from the world’s culinary capitals, like Istanbul, open their summer locations inside these opulent hotels, bringing the city to the beach flavour.

For luxury yachts on a blue voyage along the Turkish Riviera, excellent marinas like those in Yalikavak Bay make ideal stopovers. Numerous dining establishments enjoy the beauty of Bodrum at night when the moon is reflected in the tranquil sea. Charming seafood restaurants also profit from their proximity to the sea in little seaside towns like Gümüşlük, sometimes even placing their tables and chairs right by the water. So near that while enjoying their freshly grilled fish and traditional meze, Turkish cold and hot snacks served on small plates, one might as well take off their sandals and dip their feet in the calm sea. This is one of the timeless experiences that make the TurkAegean region so remarkable; here, nature opens the door for upscale delicacies to be savoured while taking in views of the region’s olive trees, vineyards, secret bays, and the infinite expanse of the blue sea.

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