Turkey In Summer: A Perfect Guide For A Happy Holiday

August 10, 2022

Turkey In Summer: A Perfect Guide For A Happy Holiday

Are Mediterranean beaches, long sunny days, and beautiful sunsets your vacation idea? If so, you can expect all this and more during your August trip to Turkey. This also indicates that this month is the busiest in Turkey’s tourism season, with various performances, vibrant markets, and exciting entertainment. Continue reading to learn more reasons to plan a trip to Turkey in August and how to apply for a turkey visa online.


In Turkey, the summer season is at its peak in August. Turkey experiences extremely high temperatures in August. The ability to escape the heat results from this. On the plus side, January is also the driest month so you can anticipate a more pleasant atmosphere rather than sweltering heat. Bodrum, as well as other southern coastal cities like Izmir and Antalya, have some of the country’s warmest weather, with lows of 23 °C and highs of 35 °C.

The range of bearable temperatures in Istanbul and the central areas is from the low 20s to about 28°C. However, one must always use caution due to the high UV index. As much of the city is located in a lush valley where temperatures drop a little in the evening, Trabzon, Black Sea coast, experiences moderate temperatures of around 26.7°C.

Turkey’s August weather is generally hot but not uncomfortable, especially if you are near the coast and have exposure to the ocean for a swim. With the help of our month-by-month research, learn how to apply for a turkey e visa.


The month of August is known as “summer,” and Turkey is quickly rising to the top of the list of popular Mediterranean vacation spots. Here are a few reasons for going to Turkey in August.

Bustling beaches: On the country’s Mediterranean shore, feel the energy of summer. In locations like Bodrum and Fethiye, it is not difficult to discover a calm stretch of sand even though tourists crowd most of the famous beaches.

Less-crowded inland: Because people prefer the beach to inland cities at this time of year, the country’s interior is less populated. Visit the indoor attractions of Bursa, Ankara, and Konya to make the most of your visit there.

Istanbul comes alive: Travel to Istanbul during the summer to experience the city’s vibrant street culture, which has outdoor restaurants and nonstop entertainment.


While visiting Turkey in August, you can take advantage of several cultural events and festivals in addition to long, lazy days on the beach. Turkish Victory Day is celebrated countrywide on August 30 with various military activities. The president places wreaths at Antkabir in honour of the brave, leading to the biggest celebration in Ankara. Istanbul also holds a military parade and several cultural events on this day.

August is when Muharram, the second-holiest month in the Muslim calendar, begins. Moreover, Ashura, an Islamic holiday, is held on the tenth day of this month. This is a celebration of two significant events. The first is a remembrance of the day Noah’s Ark landed at Mount Cudi, while the second is a moment of silence in memory of Imam Hussein. Shia Muslims, most of whom reside in the eastern regions of the nation in areas like Kars, value these occasions.

On August 15, a high mass is held in the House of Virgin Mary in Ephesus to celebrate the Virgin Mary’s Assumption. The group, which is open to everyone, is presided over by the catholic archbishop of Izmir. When visiting Turkey in August, you will have the chance to witness a wide range of traditions in action thanks to this unusual blending of eastern and western religions.

The Mediterranean coast’s beach cities are at their busiest during this season, yet the festive spirit is evident and contagious. After a long day at the seaside, go on a beautiful sunset cruise to experience another aspect of the region’s famous turquoise waters.

As tourists try to avoid desert areas in August, Cappadocia is one of the few sites in Turkey where there are few visitors. If you can handle the heat, this is a terrific time to visit some of this destination’s less-frequented attractions. You might also want to go to memorial services honouring the Anatolian mystic Haci Bektaş Veli while in Cappadocia. These gatherings combine local folklore, religion, and culture with various dance performances.

An obvious pull in the air draws visitors to this country from all over the world, despite the hot weather and busy attractions in Turkey in August. This time of year, sunshine, clear waters and nonstop entertainment feel different.

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