Rustem Pasha Mosque – Experience Divinity Like Never Before

May 2, 2022

The Rustem Pasha Mosque in Eminonu is one of the historical mosques in Istanbul with the most magnificent tile designs. While many visitors to Eminonu go to the Yeni Mosque, they are unfortunately unaware of the Rustem Pasha Mosque, one of Mimar Sinan’s most beautiful creations. So, apply for a turkey visa online and book your tour with family and friends to see this beautiful mosque.

Although the mosque in Tahtakale, which is located between businesses, appears modest from the outside, it feels like a tile museum. This magnificent structure was created by the grand vizier Rustem Pasha, the wife of Mihrimah Sultan, Suleiman, the Magnificent’s daughter.

The most advanced and beautiful Iznik tiles of the time may be seen in the Rustem Pasha Mosque, known for its tiles. Tile designs run the length of the mosque, starting at the portico where the main entrance is placed. Tiles in this mosque are unlike any other in terms of colour and pattern density. Tile decorations surround the interior, including the walls, side portions, massive pillars, arches, dome transitions, and mihrab.

The tile patterns within the mosque feature 66 typical tulips and 45 different carnation themes. A tile panel reminiscent of the Garden of Paradise may be seen on the left side of the main entry door on the courtyard side. This panel has a spring tree design with tulips, hyacinths, pomegranate blossoms, bunches, and other flowers in tile decorations around two large tree trunks.

Within the plant motif composition on the tile tiles, a Kaaba tile is on the right side of the main entry door, which appears to have been added after the mosque was built. Constructions in the Masjid al-Haram included Kaaba tiles, which are thought to have been built around 1651 based on their writing.

The mihrab part of the mosque has the most striking tile designs. There are six vases with twin handles and legs on the panels inside the mihrab, with flower designs on the vases.

Aside from the panels, themes are produced by merging several tile tiles in the mosque. These patterns have a soothing harmony that soothes the soul.

Story of Rustem Pasha Mosque

Rustem Pasha, a Balkan immigrant, was raised in Topkapi Palace. He married Mihrimah Sultan and acquired the honour of being a groom while a Beylerbeyi in Diyarbakir. When Prince Mustafa was killed, he was dismissed, but he climbed the ranks to become Grand Vizier again before dying in 1561. The mosque was constructed during Rustem Pasha’s second grand viziership.

Although a small graveyard is located on the Hasircilar Avenue side of the mosque, Rustem Pasha’s grave is located in the Sehzade Mosque, built by Kanuni Sultan Suleyman for his prince Mehmet, who died at a young age.

The structure was constructed during the Ottoman Empire and combined a business area and a mosque. The mosque, located on the ground level, offers a commanding view of the Golden Horn. There are warehouses and businesses on the bottom floor of the building, which is entered by climbing the stairs. Apart from the market, there is a fountain, a large and a small inn within the complex construction.

Features of Rustem Pasha Mosque

Mimar Sinan used his eight-supported dome experiment for the first time at this Rustem Pasha Mosque after failing to follow the plan he used in one mosque in another mosque. In Edirne Selimiye Mosque, a more advanced version of the Rustem Pasha Mosque design was completed.

The dome of the Rustem Paşa Mosque is supported by eight massive pillars and is roughly 16 metres in diameter. By connecting the huge legs with arches, an octagonal space was created.

As at the Uskudar Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, the mosque’s main entrance is roofed and surrounded by a five-domed portico. Under the ceiling, the wooden decorations are lovely.

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