Must Try These 5 Turkish Breakfast Dishes

October 22, 2022

Turkish food may be well-known for its kebabs and mezes, but Turkish Breakfast is one aspect of Turkish food culture that never fails to draw the attention of foodies.

Serpme kahvalti, which translates to “breakfast spread,” refers to the sharing plates stretched out from each end of the table to be enjoyed slowly. It is the most typical Turkish breakfast style that a visitor to Türkiye would have. Visit and apply for a Turkish visa online right away.

You’ll find a forenoon feast on a typical Turkish breakfast table, surrounded by a variety of cheeses, olives, jams, vegetables, bread, and little platters of cured meat. Although a Turkish breakfast’s ingredients can change, each serpme kahvalti is always a mouthwatering sight. Try some of these outstanding dishes when you go on your next Turkish breakfast journey.

Sucuklu Yumurta

While cured meats like sausage are frequently found on breakfast tables throughout Europe, the Turkish sucuklu stands above the others. Suzuki, also known as sujuk, is a marinated beef dish containing garlic and other spices for a robust and well-seasoned flavour. Turkish sucuklu yumurta is a delicious, protein-rich main breakfast dish made by cooking sucuklu in a pan with butter and eggs over low heat.


Try menemen if sucuklu yumurta is too hefty to serve as the centre of your Turkish breakfast buffet. Menemen is a typical breakfast dish served in copper pans and traditionally made with eggs, tomatoes, green peppers, and various fragrant spices cooked in oil. For a heartier dish, cured meat is added, but white cheese or kaşar cheese is more frequently. The outcome is a rich, creamy, tomato-flavoured purée that may be spread on toast or simit, Turkish bagels sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds.


çlibir is yet another egg dish frequently found on Turkish breakfast tables. For çlibir, poached eggs are placed on top of a bed of garlic yoghurt and often topped with butter spiced with pepper. Calibre was a favourite of the Ottoman Sultans and, with its thick texture, continues to be a well-liked meal at Turkish breakfasts.


While traditional bread is a must-have at every Turkish breakfast table, pişi has recently emerged as another important starch. Put, pişi is fried dough made from flour, yeast, milk, eggs, butter, salt, and sugar. It may be summarized by calling it a savoury doughnut. Jams (reçel) or hazelnut chocolate spread, when consumed with a range of cheeses, provide the ideal balance of sweet and savoury flavours.


Kuymak, another dish typically served with bread, is a savoury combination of cornmeal, butter, and melted cheese. In the Black Sea region of Turkey, kuymak is a morning dish often served. An adequately prepared kuymak should have lengthy buttery cheese strings extending off your fork—Kuymak, one of the most delicious Turkish meals, may be the ideal filler for an empty stomach.

People are becoming conscious of the allure of the traditional Turkish Breakfast as Turkish cuisine gains popularity worldwide. Turkish Breakfast features a variety of distinctive conventional meals you should not miss when visiting Türkiye, despite being famous for its photogenic table spread of cheeses and fresh produce.

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Turkey in October Travel Guide: best things to do and see in the Country

October 21, 2022

In some areas of Turkey, October is peak season, while in others, it is shoulder season. Outdoor sightseeing and trekking are excellent possibilities for an October trip to this unique Country due to the pleasant weather. But before reading the entire blog, apply for a turkey visa online. Later you can discover more about visiting Turkey in October.


Turkey experiences warm, pleasant weather in October, though there is a chance of rain. In the interior of Cappadocia, the average temperature is roughly 64° F (18° C), whereas in Istanbul and Ankara, it is 68° F (20° C), and in coastal southern Antalya, it is 77° F (25° C). Although the first month of fall, October, isn’t as rainy as the other months, there is still more rain than in the dry summer.

Costs & Crowds

Although Istanbul and Cappadocia are frequently busy in this month, October is generally considered to be Turkey’s shoulder season. The weather is perfect for walking outside and exploring the local cultural and natural landmarks. If you reserve in advance, you may still visit Istanbul and Cappadocia on a tight budget if needed. Rooms fill up quickly, and prices go up.

In contrast, as European tourists return to work and school in October, the coastal regions crowded during the summer are mainly empty. This is a superb time of year to seek a little less expensive beach trip if that’s what you want because the weather is still warm.

Where to Go

For a good reason, Istanbul and Cappadocia are famous in October; both locations have unique cultural and natural features that are best explored on foot and most enjoyable during the cooler months of the year. The stunning white terraces at Pamukkale, the old Roman city of Ephesus, and the surrounding villages of Selcuk and Sirince are also enjoyable when the weather isn’t too hot. Pamukkale’s hot springs are lovely in the cooler months if you travel later in the month.

What to Do

October is an excellent month for hiking in addition to regular sightseeing. Families can enjoy the multi-day trip along the Lycian Way, an old coastal trade route. There are numerous trekking opportunities in Cappadocia’s unique landscape. Another challenging mountain trek that combines ancient culture with history is the 7,001-foot (2,134-meter)-high Mt. Nemrut in southeast Turkey, which features 2000-year-old royal tombs at the top.

Events in October

Oct. 29 is Turkish Republic Day. This day is a national holiday honouring the Republic of Turkey’s 1923 proclamation. Many locations host patriotic military shows, concerts, and fireworks shows, with those in Ankara, Istanbul, and Izmir standing out as particularly stunning. Istanbul has the largest firework show in the Country over the Bosphorus.

Over a week in late October, there is the International Bodrum Sailing Cup. This race honours the traditional yachts built in the Bodrum region and is held in combination with other social, artistic, and culinary activities.

The international film festival in Antalya, Turkey, takes October and November. Both documentaries and fiction movies are presented at this renowned film festival.

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Galata, a Beautiful Tower in Istanbul

October 18, 2022

One of the main cities in the world is Istanbul. Additionally, it is Turkey’s largest city. The Ottoman Empire’s then capital was Istanbul. This one is the only other city in the world situated on two continents. Asia and Europe border the country’s eastern and western half, respectively. But Asia makes up the majority of Turkey. Asia and Europe are split apart by Turkey’s Bosphorus Strait. Istanbul is also home to numerous museums, mosques, churches, and buildings in the European style. Visit if you’re considering travelling to Turkey to find the greatest deals on turkey visa Online.


A district of Istanbul’s European side is known as the Beyoglu. Because of the Golden Horn, it is different from the old city. The Golden Horn connects the district’s Galata section and the ancient town. Taksim Square is among the best and most important tourist destinations in Beyoglu. Along with bookshops, theatres, movies, and art galleries, Taksim Square is home to various shops, cafés, patisseries, restaurants, pubs, warehouses, and clubs. In addition to the Galata Tower and Galata Bridge, these locations receive the most tourists.

Golden Horn

The central canal leading to the Bosphorus Strait is the Golden Horn. And this is what divides the ancient city from the Beyoglu. The rest of Istanbul and the city’s centre are divided by this. The Horn measures 750m broad and 7.5km long. The maximum depth is 35 metres as well. Numerous bridges over Istanbul’s Golden Horn connect the city’s districts. First, the Halic Bridge connects Defterdar and Sütlüce. The second is the Eski Galata Bridge, which links Eminönü and Karaköy. The third is the Atatürk Bridge, which connects Unkapani and Kasimpaşa. Fourth, the Golden Horn Metro Bridge crosses the Golden Horn to join the metro. Fifth, the Galata Bridge connects Karakoy and Eminonu. In Golden Horn, these bridges link the city’s centre to the rest of the area.

Galata tower

The giant tower in Istanbul was built in the fourteenth century and was at first called the Tower of Christ. The highest point in Galata is a tower that is 66.9 metres tall. However, it is now a museum. And the view from the tower’s summit is genuinely incredible. The Golden Horn, Seraglio Point, Topkapi Palace, Ayasofya, Blue Mosque, Galata Bridge, and Sirkeci Station can all be seen from the top. These are a few of the most popular and vital locations in Istanbul. Additionally, visitors can see the entire city, including its prime attractions, from the tower’s top.

Panorama Balcony in Galata Tower

On top of the tower in Istanbul is the Panorama Balcony. Around the tallest row of windows is a balcony. In addition, depending on the weather, it is open and narrow. People with acrophobia (fear of heights) are advised not to climb the tower because of its size. Therefore, the sunrise, sunset, and prayer times are the greatest times to visit this tower. 9 am to 5 pm is the tower’s operating hours.

Additionally, it is open from 9 am to 7 pm throughout the summer. Tourists cannot visit this location during sunrise because it is open to visitors starting at 9 am. However, they can view Turkey’s major attractions from this spot. So it is recommended to go to this location if a tourist does not have enough time on his turkey e visa to see everything.

History of Galata Tower

This tower is a structure from mediaeval Europe. Once known as the Christ Tower. The Ottoman empire also took control of this tower in the 14th century. Since then, it has been Turkey’s giant tower. The tower’s top is rebuilt during the Ottoman Empire period. And from 1717 until the 1960s, it served as a fire spotting tower. A storm destroyed the conical top. Therefore, it underwent repairs, although the tower was left without the cone top for a significant period. And today, it serves as both a museum and a popular tourist destination, drawing many visitors. The wooden interiors were replaced with concrete walls during the final renovation.

Topkapi Palace

The Topkapi Palace was constructed in the 14th century. Since the 15th century, it served as the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire’s residence. It has been changed into a museum since the 20th century. And it is one of Turkey’s top tourist destinations. It contains numerous antique things that the sultans of the Ottoman Empire at that time used. Additionally, there are several Turks-related things kept on display for visitors. The architecture and setting of the palace are excellent, as well as the museum.

Galata Bridge

Having been in use since the 6th century, the bridge. Over the Golden Horn, it extends. This bridge connects the Galata district and the Golden Horn. One of the principal bridges in the Golden Horn is this one. Additionally, visitors may see the Eminonu, Galata Bridge, and other vital sites from the Galata Tower.

Other places to visit

Tourists also go to the Golden Horn and Galata Bridge, do sunset cruises, and participate in various activities over the Golden Horn and the Galata Tower. Additionally, there are a lot of restaurants and cafes around. Additionally, there are a few wine bars and art galleries. These are some of the additional activities that tourists can engage in.

The majority of a tourist’s stay in Turkey is spent in Istanbul. Istanbul is one of the limited places where visitors can engage in various activities. Therefore, even if visitors stay in Istanbul for more than seven nights, they will still learn something new daily. Istanbul is home to several exciting locations, including the Blue Mosque, Ayasofya, Topkapi Palace, Golden Horn, and Galata Tower. There are many other sights, including the Grand Bazaar and Eminonu Square, and these popular tourist destinations. Therefore, be sure to visit the locations mentioned above while in Turkey. to enjoy the satisfaction of travelling to a new country. Additionally, go to to choose the top Turkish Visa Online deals.


Best Places to visit in October in Turkey

October 15, 2022

Turkey is the ideal location if you enjoy a late-summer vacation. Many of Turkey’s cities are still warm in October, but the number has dropped as tourists have started to return home. Therefore, extend your summer vacation by making travel plans to one of the places on our list.

If you have a turkey visa online and want to visit a beach, historical sites, or a large metropolis, October is an excellent time to travel to a few locations in Turkey. Turkey’s October weather is often warm and sunny, with temperatures averaging between 18°C and 30°C (depending on where you go).

Turkey has spectacular natural features, including beaches, secret coves, waterfalls, and lovely hiking trails, but it also has a distinct culture, friendly locals, and affordable rates, especially in late October.


Istanbul is a great place to travel to for cultural experiences in October. On average, Istanbul has occasional rain and temperatures ranging from 13 to 25 degrees Celsius in October.

This romantic period is perfect for culture vultures and their partners. Whether searching for traditional options or their favourite cuisines, food enthusiasts will find unique gems throughout the city. You can arrange quick excursions to beaches like Kilyos or sile. However, you should visit events and well-liked districts on Istanbul’s European and Asian sides if you want to blend in.


Visiting Kaş and Antalya is generally better done in late October. Kaş won’t disappoint you if you’re looking for good weather and a peaceful atmosphere.

Patara Beach, the Lycian Way, and Antiphellos Ancient City are just a few natural treasures and must-see locations in Kaş. Both domestic and foreign tourists use this area of Antalya for hiking. The 540-kilometre Lycian Way is one of the best long hiking paths in the world, with spectacular ancient sites (precisely 19) and bird’s-eye views. Visit the Greek Island Meis/Kastellorizo to make the most of your trip and achieve two aims simultaneously.

The Mediterranean Coast experiences its warmest weather in August, which allows you to enjoy the sea without getting burned by the summer sun. The sea receives lukewarm during the summer. October is an excellent time to visit Kas than the summer.

Assos – Bozcaada

If you wish to visit Istanbul, spend some time on the beach, and take in the tranquilly of a summer town, Bozcaada is the ideal location. Bozcaada is an island renowned for its vineyards, and September marks the beginning of the grape harvest. Wine lovers can go to Bozcaada at the start of September to participate in the celebration enjoying the harvest of the vines.

As the crowds start to narrow out and the sea temperature rises to 25°C on average in October, Bozcaada is also an excellent time to come. Bozcaada is vibrant, filled with shops and cafés, and it’s also not too far from Assos.

There are many historical sites in Assos that you can visit if you have the time. Athena’s Temple, an Amphitheatre, and more can be seen in the Ancient City of Assos. When visiting Bozcaada or Assos, don’t forget to try anything with mastic flavour!


Cappadocia, one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations, is extraordinary due to its natural beauty, including fairy chimneys, cave hotels, and rock formations. Cappadocia’s temperatures fall in October, although the sea and land are still warm. When it comes to seeing underground cities, historic sites, and hot air ballooning, October is a great month. The most excellent way to view Cappadocia’s landscape is this.

In October, Cappadocia’s weather starts to fall off, but the sea and land are still warm, giving the region spring-like conditions. In Cappadocia, the typical temperature at this time is 10-15°C.


Datça is an island close to some of the most stunning coves, situated between the Mediterranean Coast and the Aegean Sea. Datça is pretty congested in the summer. Therefore, an excellent time to visit is in September or October.

Datça, a peaceful little seaside town across from the Greek island of Simi, still has unexplored areas. The two most acceptable ways to experience it are by boat ride and gület rides, which are easily accessible at the marina. In October, the sea in Datça is about 24–26 °C.

Visit Datça’s lovely old town, Palamutbükü Plaj, Ovabükü Plaj, and the Ancient City of Knidos while you’re there.


The Black Sea region of Turkey is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and those who enjoy pleasant, breezy summers. In the Black Sea region, October weather ranges from 18 to 24 °C. The natural landscapes of Artvin, including its valleys, canyons, rivers, mountains, and woods, are well-known. Awe-inspiring sights include the Murgul Deliklikaya waterfalls, Borçka lake, and Cehennem Deresi Canyon. You can rent a cabin in a mountain village as most of the accommodation options are rather basic. The ideal location to disconnect from the outside world and completely immerse oneself in nature is Artvin.

Mount Ida

Mount Ida (Kaz Daglari), where thousands of different varieties of flowers grow, is another place rich in natural beauty. Since Mount Ida is one of the most oxygen-rich places on earth, the only thing we need to warn you about is that you might find yourself yawning and sleeping more. When you are at Mount Ida, you must go to Yeşilyurt village, Altinoluk, Adatepe, and Küçükkuyu. Sardines, fish, or gözleme on vine leaves are some of the must-try local dishes here.

Family vacations have always been trendy in Turkey. In addition, with the October half-term coming up, we’re here to discuss why applying for a turkey e visa online in advance for Turkey is a good idea.


Enter Into Turkey Without a Hassle And Enjoy Your Stay All Through!

October 10, 2022

Europe and Asia are the only two continents that Turkey shares with other countries. Thus, it comes as no wonder that the government continues to get a sizable number of tourists each year. During the tourist seasons, more of them are drawn in by the country’s rich history and culture every year.

Basic requirements for e-visa Turkey

Frequent tourists from both continents and even further away come for various reasons, including trade. To get the most out of each tour, business people typically require an e-visa to Turkey. The officials have made the application process incredibly hassle-free, considering Turkey’s enormous demand for e-visas. Applying for a visa can be done online, and provided all the required documents are on hand, the process shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

One can also visit the official website to learn more about the necessary documentation and to acquire reliable details regarding an online Turkish e-visa. While there are a few unique features, the documents are essentially the same as those needed in other countries. A passport that will be valid after six months from entry is required to travel to Turkey. One must also have a sufficient bank balance, set at USD 50 every day spent in Turkey, and one must provide a financial statement to the authorities to verify this.

A credit card, preferably a Master or Visa card, is needed to make an online payment. Only credit cards are allowed as payment, and those must be made in the name of the traveller requesting the e-visa to Turkey. Some countries with a wealthy population benefit from numerous advantages. If a person has a Schengen visa, entering Turkey is more accessible from an OECD member country. People from the OECD countries may join with any other valid visa, excluding electronic visas.

Are there special offers included?

Travellers can also take advantage of special deals if they use Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines, though the latter is only available to a limited number of countries. These deals include round-trip airline tickets to Ataturk Airport in Istanbul.

For what purposes do they give e-visa?

The e-visa Turkey facility is exclusively usable for travel-related purposes. The same visa facility is available for trade as well. However, one cannot use this service for diplomatic or other reasons; instead, one must follow a longer route with extra formalities.

Other mandatory documents

When applying for a turkey visa online, applicants must have copies of their air tickets into and out of the country and the above-mentioned essential documents.

The departure date from Turkey must be stated, and a ticket out of Turkey that reflects this is essential. Additionally, proof of hotel reservations or other forms of accommodation must be provided at the time of application.

E-visa for cruise

It is possible to get an e-visa for Turkey for travellers arriving by ship as well. However, in these situations, they must apply for an e-visa to Turkey through the specific cruise line planning their trip.

Rani Sharma writes about travel-related and Turkish e-visa-related topics. She has travel and visa experience. I recently wrote an article about applying for an E visa for Turkey.


Applying For Turkish Visa Online and Other Requirements

October 7, 2022

New technology is changing how we travel, including the requirements for Turkish visas. Travelling is becoming faster and less difficult for global travellers due to significant developments and nations finally hopping into these jumps. Before, there was snail mail, fighting with the government, and not knowing where to find information. Everything is now immediately available thanks to the search for one, and we’ve also got on the data train.

Turkish visa applications online have spread like a quickly spreading fire. All country entry points are currently online and accept related international identification documents. If you successfully converted to e-visas, you are ready as a traveller. However, if you still depend on paper products and the traditional method for obtaining a visa, you will find it difficult. Visa stamps are currently being phased out and won’t be issued or accepted in the future.

Turkey visa online has benefits and a few ruins but is generally vibrant. You end up keeping a substantial amount of time. Now, something that used to take weeks is obtained immediately. Make sure your travel dates are unavoidable when applying for an e-visa. You should submit a new e-visa application in the unlikely event that such dates change. This is applicable if your visa expires before you leave. Three months after it is issued, your visa confirmation is valid. Remember that if you are a citizen of certain countries, you can choose a visa on arrival if you decide not to apply for an e-visa before travelling.

When you get to Turkey, you’ll need to figure out how to move from one location to the next. Whatever option you choose—rental car or otherwise—remember that Turkey has excellent open transport across the board. Urban places are more accessible because you can get on a bus and ride it anywhere you need. Be cautious of the times you travel because rush hours for locals may make the journey a little more complicated. Transports are a unique way to travel, but depending on how long your trip is, they might not be the most excellent choice. For a faster and more open adventure, consider domestic planes or ships. There are also taxis, although they are more expensive, especially if the taxi driver takes advantage of the fact that you are a visitor.

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Quench Your Cravings: 7 Most Iconic Turkish Food What and Where to Eat in İstanbul

October 5, 2022

Istanbul is a social melting pot with a delicious food culture influencing all its guests. They are all unique joys to enjoy, from individual and traditional drinks like Boza to timeless foods like Sultanahmet meatballs with irresistible flavour. But with so many different food choices available, where do you even start? It’s time to appease your appetite and learn what and where to eat in the famous city of Istanbul! To taste this delicious and unique food, you must reach Istanbul on a tourist turkey e visa.

Kanlıca’s Yoghurt 

Since the 17th century, the Bosphorus district of Kanlica has become renowned throughout the country for its delicious yoghurt. Its yoghurt is distinctive and its unmatched flavour is produced from the ideal blend of fresh, well-fed goat, cow, and sheep milk varieties. The famous Kanlica Yoghurt can be found in the area of Kanlica’s historic restaurants and coffee shops. This tasty snack is covered with icing sugar to give it a unique texture and flavour. Take a relaxing vacation to Bosphorus and taste this local delicacy there!

Taksim’s Islak Hamburger

Islak Hamburger, which translates to “wet burger,” is a well-known street snack typically eaten at buffets near Taksim Square. After a hard night out or whenever you need a fast snack, you can enjoy this tempting treat. The taste is highly addictive, so use it carefully! It’s unlikely that you can get by with just one piece. Islak Hamburger chunks are kept waiting to warm up inside a steam box before being served. Do not worry; these burgers are so well-liked that they are never left in the box for an overly long period, especially late at night.

Ortaköy’s Kumpir 

Since Kumpir is just a baked potato, you’re probably wondering what makes a baked potato special. Inside the baked potato, the delicious ingredients tussle, pile up together and generally have a good time with one another. And Ortaköy is the best place to enjoy this in Kumpir of all the places to eat this dish. In Istanbul, it’s a must-try street snack. Before cutting into the smooth, creamy, buttery potato, choose your toppings, and order a plate of different sauces to give your Kumpir more flavour!

Sütlüce’s Uykuluk 

The soft meat cut taken from a calf’s neck is known by its original Turkish name, uykuluk. It is enjoyed around the nation, but naturally, Sütlüce in Istanbul is the most popular location. You can eat uykuluk without much bread and still feel satisfied because it is excellent and affordable. Uykuluk is a sweet dish, so that you will love this unique experience. You can enjoy it on a platter with some salad or between two slices of lavash bread topped with onions and spices. For the best Uykuluk expertise, choose the sandwich style and serve it with a large glass of Ayran beverage.

Beşiktaş’s Turkish Breakfast

Are you trying to find a healthy and satisfying breakfast? Go to the Kahvalticilar Sokagi now! This means “breakfast street” is lined with stylish, upscale restaurants that primarily serve whatever breakfast dish you desire. This location is immensely well-liked, especially among young people and students, so make sure you go early to find empty seats because it tends to be very packed on weekends. It is time to go on this fantastic brunch adventure in Istanbul’s rewinding streets!

Sultanahmet’s Meatballs

Sultanahmet, which gave this distinct flavour its name, is the best location to enjoy Sultanahmet Köftesi. Pul Biber (pepper flakes) can be used to season the meatballs, but be careful—it could get hot! A refreshing drink of Ayran pairs nicely with this outstanding lunch. Sultanahmet meatballs offer more than just the traditional meatball flavour because of its long history of tradition and culture. Sultanahmet’s central location in Istanbul also makes it possible to easily explore the other mysteries of the area following your delicious lunch or dinner!

Vefa’s Boza Drink

The fabled Vefa Bozasi is a dish from the Vefa district of Istanbul. The saltiness of fermented millet grain and the sweet flavour of sugar released during fermentation give it its unique taste. It is served in glasses with roasted chickpeas and ground cinnamon on big trays. It is also very nutritious. Go to the Vefa area to taste a Boza drink and experience this classic Turkish beverage from older times.

Finally, you have a turkey visa online and are in the city where East and West meet. What do you eat, though? If you want a shortcut to the kitchen, here are seven recognisable and well-liked meals to try in Istanbul. You may be amazed that a decade in Istanbul wouldn’t expose you to all the unique treats the Turkish cuisine holds. Bring your camera if you can since you’ll want to capture this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Places To Go In Turkey This Summer If You Love Wine And The Beach

October 4, 2022

You might be asking why you visit Turkey for wine tasting when you can visit France or Italy. You should be aware, too, that Turkey’s stunning Aegean coast is also home to some fantastic vineyards so that you can taste a variety of delicious and rich Turkish wines. After all, Greeks and Romans once occupied these regions and often drank wine. If you are a wine lover, kindly apply for a turkey visa online and visit once in a lifetime here.

Currently, Turkey harvests about 20 varieties of grapes, including well-known varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, and Merlot, as well as several indigenous to Turkey.

Turkish Wines’ Grape Varieties

Bornova Misketi, Emir, Narince, Sultaniye, Calkarasi, Kalecik Karasi, Okuzgozu, and Bogazkere are indigenous grape varieties in Turkey.

If you have a Turkey e visa and appreciate wine and travel, you will enjoy mixing your summer vacation with a wine-tasting trip to Turkey. We included a list of the top wine-tasting routes across the nation and the typically family-owned fair-trade vineyards.

The Urla Wine Route offers wine tasting close to the best resort towns.

Suppose you want to spend your vacation learning Turkish wines and winemaking while taking in the sun and the sea; go to Urla. The Urla Wine Route is home to many small vineyards ready to welcome you, and Urla is only an hour’s drive from Izmir.

The 1700 BC-dated oldest winemaking artefacts were discovered in the Izmir region. Today, the site is instead buried among Ceşme’s backstreets. While Alaçati, ceşme, Kuşadasi, and Didim are nearby tourist sites, Urla is a quiet town; however, you might choose to stay at a resort in ceşme and visit Urla for the day.

If you decide to stay at a resort, we advise you to rent a car to get to Urla. There are many other things for foodies, such as the “ot” festival in Alaçati if you’re going to Izmir around April. This festival honours the region’s fantastic cuisine with native herbs and delicious local olive oil.

The following wineries are in Urla: Mozaik Winery, Urla Winery, Urlice Winery, USCA Winery, MMG Winery, and Limantepe Winery.

A place well-known among locals for its vineyards and jazz festival: Bozcaada

Bozcaada is the place for you if you appreciate blending in with the locals and prefer tranquil vacation spots over resort towns. Bozcaada’s history of wine production dates back many years; in fact, the ancient island is mentioned by both Homer and the renowned Ottoman explorer Evliya Celebi. While touring the Bozcaada wine route, you can see UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Troy, Ephesus, Aphrodisias, Pamukkale, and Hierapolis.

Even the locals in Bozcaada have learnt how to make wine, and vineyards cover half of the island. In Bozcaada, people live a high life; once you arrive, you’ll quickly feel like a part of it. According to Heriot, the son of the Greek god Poseidon, “God created Bozcaada so people visiting would enjoy a long life.”

If you enjoy jazz music, we advise you to visit Bozcaada in July since the Bozcaada Jazz Festival is held in the second part of the month, immediately following the Wine Tasting Festival.

Corvus Wine&Bite, Amadeus Mozart Café Wine House, Talay Winery, Camlibag Tenedion Winehouse, Ataol Winery, Gülerada Winery, Talay Winery, and Yunatçilar Winery are the wineries in Bozcaada.

Best wine tasting spot near Istanbul: Thrace Wine Route, Tekirdağ

If you love wine and food and are visiting Istanbul, you should take a day trip to explore the Thrace Wine Route. Tekirdag is close to the Greek and Bulgarian borders. Tekirdag is a beautiful green region with loads of nature, and numerous villages here are well-known for creating wine.

Because the Marmara Sea, Aegean Sea, and the Black Sea surround this region, you may expect to travel through mountains, woods, and microclimates while on the Thrace Wine Route. It’s a relaxing get-away from the city, and local cuisine is available to taste, including “Tekirdag Köfte,” a dish of meatballs served with wine.

The following wineries are in Tekirda: Arcadia Vineyards, Chateau Nuzun, Suvla Vineyards, Barbare Vineyards, Umurbey Vineyards, Chateau Kalpak Vineyards, and Suvla Vineyards.

Turkish Wines You Should Try 

The boutique vineyards will undoubtedly have a wide selection of Turkish wines for you to choose from. In case you’d like to taste some before travelling to Turkey, we’ve included some of the best Turkish wines you might be able to locate outside of Turkey.

Here’s our list, in no particular order: 

– Nero D’Avola Urla Karası (Red wine)

– Kayra Buzbağ Rezerv Öküzgözü (Red wine)

– Kayra Kalecik Karası (Red wine)

– Paşaeli, Çalkarası Rosé (Rosé wine)

– Kav Narince (White wine)

– Urla Vourla (Red wine)

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What Makes Turkey In October Perfect For A Vacation In 2022

October 3, 2022

Are you looking to travel to Turkey when the weather is ideal, and the crowds at the resorts are shrinking? Then you might love travelling to Turkey in October. So, please apply for a turkey visa online. It is a perfect time to experience everything Turkey offers without the summer heat that frequently comes with the summer season because of the low rainfall and pleasantly warm temperatures.

October offers ideal conditions for outdoor activities like hiking, riding, or trekking coupled with more affordable prices because it is the fall travel season in Turkey. Also, this month is bursting at the seams with fascinating things to see and do if you’re seeking cultural highlights and festivals.


Turkey experiences nice weather in October, with daily average temperatures of 18 °C. If you travel to Ankara, which is outside the reach of sea breezes, the temperature climbs anywhere between 22°C and 28°C. As a result, October is a great time to visit Istanbul’s cultural highlights, like the Grand Bazaar.

In addition, on average, Turkey only experiences 30mm of rain during October, making it a convenient time to enjoy the outdoors or relax at one of the many world-class beaches that populate the country’s coastline.

Why not check out our season overview for the ideal time to visit Turkey if you’re unclear if October is the perfect month for you? It includes the weather, busy times, activities, and more!


Suppose you have a turkey e visa, so there are many good reasons to travel to Turkey in October, including uncrowded attractions, outdoor activities, and cultural festivals. Let’s get started and learn more.

Better rates: Since October falls during the country’s shoulder season, many accommodations, tours, and flights outside the popular tourist destinations of Istanbul and Cappadocia offer lower prices. This enables you to spend your money more wisely or visit this lovely country for a more extended period.

Less-crowded beaches: Bodrum, one of the most significant locations to visit in Turkey in October, is just one of the fantastic beaches and resorts that Turkey has to offer. Given this, finding a location that is not crowded is rare. However, the country experienced a decline in tourism in October, primarily due to falling temperatures.

Explore outdoors: If living in a metropolis is not your thing, consider a Turkey adventure tour. October in Turkey offers a wealth of stunning and challenging hikes to enjoy. The Lycian Way, one of the most well-known, provides spectacular views of the country’s blue coastline.

Turkish Republic Day: Turkey observes a public holiday on the 29th of the month. The country bursts into patriotic displays, fireworks, and other events during this time. On this day, there are celebrations all around the country, but the ones in the big cities are most impressive.

Hot springs in Pamukkale: Pamukkale often bustles with tourists as one of Turkey’s top tourist destinations. October, though, is an exception. It is better to travel to Pamukkale at the end of the month when the weather begins to cool off, and you may rest in peace at its hot springs.


Want a lovely beverage in your hand? Visit Cappadocia during the International Wine Festival at the end of October. Turkey could not be the first place that springs to mind when thinking about wine, yet vineyards and wineries have been here for thousands of years. Grab up a ticket and a glass, then enjoy a variety of wines from artisanal vineyards. You might discover a brand-new drink that you like.

When visiting Istanbul, check out the Rock Off festival if you’re looking for a little rowdier. It begins in October and features the most influential and best rock bands in Turkey. This event has some powerful guitar solos and bass riffs that will make any rock music enthusiast bounce around to their heart’s content, even if you are not familiar with the performers themselves.

Do you intend to visit the Bodrum coast? The International Bodrum Sailing Cup, which takes place around the month’s end, is something you must see. The boats on display during the show were built in the local area using traditional methods, making this regatta as much a cultural event as a sport one.

October is a great time to travel to Turkey if you’re searching for a pleasant, dry month without crowds of visitors crowding the beaches and excessive pricing. It is understandable why the month is regarded as one of the most significant times to visit this lovely country when you consider all the events and festivities that take place throughout it.

Not sure how to apply for a Turkish visa online? You are fortunate. Our visa experts will explain everything based on the number of days you wish to spend in Turkey.


İstanbul is the New Crisp!

October 1, 2022

Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, is known for its beautiful architecture, regional food, and hospitable residents. This uniqueness gives the town a unique personality that identifies it as a global hub for the arts and culture. Let’s find out! But first, apply for a turkey visa online to see this beautiful Architecture.

A thriving scene of arts, design, and culture

There are many outstanding young designers and painters in Istanbul. Here, incredible arts, fashion, and product design are heavily influenced by urban legacy and the union of Asia and Europe. The city’s hip, modern side also presents outstanding performances and artwork.

The best site to visit to see some significant works by modern Turkish artists is Istanbul Modern. You can follow Istanbul’s fantastic year-round calendar of events and festivals, which includes movies, concerts, jazz performances, performing arts, and much more if you prefer one-time events. The events vary from jazz improvisations and symphonic concerts to plays in cathedrals with a thousand-year history. First, apply for a turkey e visa. Later you can check out the list of events before you leave and choose the one you want to attend.

Private ventures have also been offering certain boutique, themed venues and galleries for various temporary exhibitions in addition to the traditional top museums like Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahçe Palace, and Istanbul Archaeological Museums, etc.

The prestigious but free Istanbul Biennial attracts thousands of spectators to various locations throughout the city, making it the ideal gathering place for artists and art lovers.

At Contemporary Istanbul, the primary art market in the city, enthusiasts and professionals in the field of art come together each year. For those who enjoy art, there are a variety of additional activities they can attend, from glamorous parties to exhibitions of works by established and up-and-coming artists in former Ottoman power plants.

Big guns of the art scene

The main art galleries are located in Nişantaşi, a district with modern European architecture. They exhibit cutting-edge modern and contemporary art pieces by both local and foreign artists. In addition, a few galleries that specialise in selling works by traditional Turkish artists exist, as do a lot of auction houses. There are also a few classy designer boutiques, charming foreign shops, and premium restaurants in Nişantaşi. Thus, it is ideal for a chic day or a luxurious evening.

Some small-scale hip galleries and local artists’ spaces in the districts of Karaköy, Galata, and Cukurcuma, next to the spectacular and newly constructed Galata Port facility, strive to foster the next generation of Turkish by solely focusing on up-and-coming artists. They aim to showcase emerging artists working in various media, such as sculpture, photography, and painting, who are still in the early phases of their careers. These areas are ideal for exploring the Turkish modern art scene by wandering through backstreets since they overflow with antique shops, creative souvenir shops, and street food. Aiming to build an alternative discourse on all aspects of art through projects like holding panels, debate sessions, developing an archive, making exhibitions, and contributing to new literature, some of these galleries and events provide artworks that reach beyond the usual cliques.

Neighborhood dynamism

Istanbul is a megapolis with many artistically inclined neighbourhoods. Older, historic districts like Balat and Fener are full of colourful homes and religious and architectural landmarks, while younger hotspots like Yeldegirmeni and Bomonti are exploding with new excellent venues to explore while displaying architectural neighbourhood characteristics. Visit the primary market and look around the vintage, design, and antique boutiques and craft studios. Traditional coffee shops serving Turkish coffee and tea and ultra-hip, modern micro coffee roasters where you may get a cup of flat white or different cold brews are also options.

These many Istanbul neighborhoods are like a treasure map for the urban arts explorer. In terms of the arts, Istanbul is the new chic! Join us for fresh artistic challenges! But apply for a Turkish visa online first because doors are not open without a tourist visa.